Hey Folks! Like To Write For My (Roughly 200K) Audience?

Okay, so recently I have been visiting my favourite bloggers less and blogging less…but *whiney voice!* I’ve been soooooo BUSY! I am coaching folk personally and have also taken up residence on The Überbook.com galleries to coach there too… plus other stuff I am becoming involved with! I am realizing that there are only 24 hours in 1 day…(which frankly seems to me a bit unfair!) and clearly I’m not going to be able to squeeze more from those hours for now. So I decided to do something about it.


I’m offering you my audience! My blog subscribers PLUS my various other projects subscribers!

I’ve never particularly liked the aesthetics of re-blogged posts, so whatever you write will be directly placed here and you can come chat to the folk who will (hopefully) love your content and come to interact with you.

I’ll still be posting but it might be nice to have other voices here too….we’ll see eh?



You can talk about absolutely anything you please.

It is not the subject but the quality that will be judged…and not by me. My colleagues at the farm will be reading your posts. They will filter down the best posts and then I’ll see those.

You will have access to send in your brilliant posts, and you will be given the date of publication so you can come and chat to your new admirers!

You can of course drop your bio and look-at-me! links within your post. 🙂


What We Are Looking For

We are looking for subjects that elicit conversation and have a wide enough appeal.

We are looking for good writing skills, good grammar and please spell check.

Your post can also be a creative submission (of any kind!) that breaks our tiny hearts or blows our socks off!

If it is a creative piece we would like to either belly laugh, clap with glee or be blown away…we don’t ask much do we?


Sign in here and send me the magic!

Once your blog bits and details have been checked and you are given a profile page, go to the menu and choose ‘Submit A Post.’




24 thoughts on “Hey Folks! Like To Write For My (Roughly 200K) Audience?

    1. Thankfully it’s not up to me dear Horatio as I don’t have the time to manage it, but you could certainly try. And what’s with the ‘not in the mood’ thing? Will the mojo return at some point d’you think?!

      1. I’m sure it will. ‘Meantime, there was an “anniversary” that took some toll on my mood. My daughter went back to the site of her fiancé’s demise for his birthday. Shook me up a tad I must say. I’ll get over it. 🙂

      2. Well that would do it! What a shame! I hope you all take the time you need because that is the only medicine for these things. Sorry to hear that.

      3. Thank you. I know it will take time. It’s just been… challenging to say the least. Sometimes a phrase rings in my head: “A sorrow more than Death.” I can’t help it. 🙂
        Be good Edith.

      4. I know right? Whoever came up with this thing where you love someone and then they get taken away needs a word or two.

        Chin up my friend (and other fairly useless bolster words we say with every good intention). 🙂

  1. Ooohhhh…. How exciting … I do miss reading your posts…and you comments on mine. Looking forward to seeing what others will share!! What an awesome opportunity!!

    Happy Wedneday!

    1. And a happy Wedneday to you too she said churlishly leaving out the ‘s’ on purpose 😀

      Ha ha! I’m just getting you back for our rocky past…yunnow with… *whisper* ..the song thing.
      I will come and visit soon just trying to find a new work balance that doesn’t kill me!

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