Introduce Yourself Here To Other Bloggers And Grow Your Audience!

So I’d been thinking since I began 11 months ago about how I could help other bloggers grow their audience as quickly as I did. Y’all know how passionate I am about making a proper living from blogging already.

I started doing Blogging Tips and then I wanted to offer online events that could help boost folks’ audiences. I had quite a few in mind but a busy schedule and some tough periods put paid to getting them up and running last year. But now…here is the first! Feel free to use this post to say hi and introduce yourself to other bloggers. Add links to your books, your poems, your enterprises.

Promote Yourself!

Tell folks who you are and what you blog about so people will want to check you out. Also go say hi to others. It is all key to growing your audience.

Frankly I got tired of seeing talented, warm folk like Deborah (go check her out, she’s cool people – tell her I sent you!) trying to get their first audience members to trickle in (or seeing really good bloggers even just give up! 8-O )  And then I saw a good online friend OM was already doing something similar. Great stuff! You can never have enough busy platforms to leave your calling card and those multi-connections are how the internet helps build your reputation and drive traffic.


Have at it!   If you have a social network, share this post as each share shares YOUR story one more time!

get this lft

Oscars Race Row

cwt edt

So this Oscars thing huh? It’s hard to decide whether it is a genuine concern (for the academy), or great modern-day PR, or both.

I’m sure you must be aware of the fuss and threatened boycotts surrounding the lack of black actor nominations.

Some say there is a lack of diversity in the giving of awards…and of course they are right.

Some say ‘Whadd’ya want, quotas? That would be ridiculous!’…and of course they are right.

But surely with just a minor bit of tweaking backstage it could reflect the people watching and acting in the films more. If the voters were 90% Hispanic I’m guessing the nominations would be an awful lot different this year. If the voters were 90% feminists I’m guessing that Halle Berry could have won her Oscar in an equally good film with her clothes ON…you know…like the majority of male actors who consistently manage to have screen sex with their clothes intact?

I think it is asking a lot for people to see life through every race, gender or disability. How is a rich white, comfortable 70 year old man going to have more of the feels for ‘Beasts Of No Nation’ than a black person?…Or indeed vice versa. How is someone from the hard streets of Compton going to have more feels for a gentle film about middle class white issues than someone with middle class white issues?

Therefore, much like having a jury of one’s peers the voting academy has to come out of the 1950’s and reflect those watching and making the films.

Surely it’s not more complicated than that?

And while they’re at it, throw in some ‘real’ people who have no affiliations to anyone and just love film. And chuck in some folks who aren’t too busy or jaded to actually watch most of the nominated films and therefore just throw their vote to whichever film is buying the most attention in the press.


What say you??!!

Have I missed the point?


Have I covered everything?


N***a This! N***a That!

kanye bx

Warning: I use obscenities in this piece. If you are faint of heart leave this discussion to the big boys and girls.

Isn’t it funny how we let words direct our lives and behaviours? Isn’t it funny how we tiptoe around some word made up by some person decades ago and make it so significant that we can get really upset about it or even get arrested for it if enough pressure is drummed up, usually these days via social media?

This ‘nigga’ ‘nigger’ thing has been doing the rounds for decades and we have been dancing the hot floor dance around it for just as long. Kanye West’s mother in law tweeted about him celebrating his song ‘Niggas In Paris’ but couldn’t quite bring herself to use the actual title of the song. That’s okay. There’s no finger pointing. I’m just highlighting the discomfort that it’s usage still brings and that people are still either divided on it or are unsure of how to, or if they are allowed to use it.

I wondered if we are any closer to seeing it as just another word yet?

In the 1955 black and white war film The Dam Busters we met Nigger the dog. I snickered every time they called or spoke to Nigger because of the complete innocence and casualness of it’s usage. This was of course way before our pc times and many black dogs in the UK were called Nigger in those days with a sort of coy, slightly disingenuous ignorance about how the name came to be.

Kanye West questions that if his fellow hip hoppers have transmuted the ‘nigger’ word into a softer meaning via ‘nigga’ and it’s all fine and good to use now, could they accept their fathers being called ‘nigga’ or why the sensitivity still when white people use it?

The power of words is always an interesting conversation but when you add a bit of race to it there is always more frisson and adjusting of suddenly tight neck ties.


What say you?

1. It’s just a motherfucking word? (As are obscenities). Why are people so bloody uptight? 8-O

2. The struggle is still there, so shut your pie hole The Ed! You cannot use the word unless you are black and even then, just…no!

New Years Resolutions! How They Began And How To Achieve Them!

boffin moment

So some 4000 years ago the Babylonians would have an 11 day festival in March. However, in 46 BC the Roman emperor Julius Caesar decided to move the first day of the year to January in honour of the Roman god of beginnings Janus.

It was a difficult sell and took some time to catch on but the campaign was assisted not by increased advertising spend and a pretend online viral sensation story, but simply by Pope Gregory XIII really going for it in 1582 and solidifying the concept of January the 1st with the Gregorian calendar….

The rest you know about, the ‘I-really-mean-it-this-time’ diets that last for 2 weeks, the committed jogging sessions that last for 7 cold January days before giving up, yadda yadda…

So How To Stick With The Annual Resolution Let Down?

  • Well, as I said (last year…remember?!!!!) :D The secret is to tell folks about it so that they can either laugh when you give up in 2 days or encourage you when you don’t. Feel free to place your resolution in the comments again this year…so we can laugh or indeed fingers crossed 2encourage you.
  • Make the goal do-able. Don’t build Everest on Jan 1, just add a few bricks, dirt and stones to get started.
  • Do little bits that become habit. The forceful immediate STOP or START of something rarely works for most people.
  • Plan your check points out during the coming year. Let your I Calender or diary thingy keep asking you every month ‘So how’s the stopping bitching going?’ Or ‘How much smoking have you cut down this month?’

So What Say You?

Will you be doing it (again) this year? How did you get on last year? Would it be hideously smug to say that I more or less stuck to my last year resolution? :P (Gold star for The Ed!)

Add your resolution in the comments if it helps and I might check back with you some time mid year…like I did last year!

Merry Chrimble! Ho! Ho! Bleugh!

Sorry! Couldn’t resist with the ‘bleugh’ – bearing in mind the previous post! Just to wish all my fellow bloggers a healthy and happy one this year and an entirely ridiculously good New Year. I am chilling for a bit because…well, why not? Got a big year ahead in 2016, so preparing and relaxing. Plus it gives me breathing space to do my rounds and visit some of my favourite bloggers, see what they’re up to and trouble their comment boxes. Ho! Ho! Ho!

See y’all soon!

The Ed.

Bah Humbug!

bah humbug imgOh joy of joys! It’s that time of year again! Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack frost nipping at your nose…Or perhaps it’s the Christmas dinner getting burnt beyond recognition on a gas fire and your nephews new Christmas toy gun bullets zinging past your nose?

Let’s face it Christmas ain’t what it used to be:

  • The unwanted stocking filler rubbish finding their way unceremoniously onto Ebay within 24 hours.
  • The enforced ‘happy family’ get together and lets be honest just because they share the same family tree doesn’t mean you necessarily want to hang out with some of them!
  • The abysmal TV schedules.
  • The pressure on the cook (usually, but not exclusively Mom).
  • Getting what is clearly the cheapest, nastiest card in the Christmas card selection box anonymously hand delivered on December 24th and knowing that basically they forgot you!
  • The drunken office party.
  • The pressure on parents purses to buy every viral toy for their kids because that Christmas tangerine and loving hug doesn’t quite cut it anymore.
  • The annual Christmas and New Year punch up…I mean Sales Days, where people go out to embarrass mankind with their stampeding herd-like behaviour, braying, moo-ing and elbowing for some cooking pots they’ll never use and a large screen plasma TV.

And here’s another thing…who says that Ebeneezer Scrooge didn’t have a point? Why did all those poor folk keep having children they could ill afford? He practiced restraint, why couldn’t they? 5 children, 8 children 10, 12. Was it some kind of competition to see just how many children one could expose to unremitting disease, extreme poverty and hardship? If his beliefs, practices and behaviours were so wrong why were people always knocking on his door to share his ‘ill gotten’ gains? ‘What an evil greedy man you are…oh by the way, can you spare a shilling?..Yes you know from that money you accumulated by NOT behaving like the rest of us.’ BAH HUMBUG!


Is there anything really left to love about Christmas?

1. Woah! Ed…or should I say Edeneezer, (see what I did there?) Take a chill pill, it’s just a happy family get-together.
2. Too right Ed. Christmas is a joke that has had all the traditional significance squeezed out of it.