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So I’d been thinking since I began 11 months ago about how I could help other bloggers grow their audience as quickly as I did. Y’all know how passionate I am about making a proper living from blogging already.

I started doing Blogging Tips and then I wanted to offer online events that could help boost folks’ audiences. I had quite a few in mind but a busy schedule and some tough periods put paid to getting them up and running last year. But now…here is the first! Feel free to use this post to say hi and introduce yourself to other bloggers. Add links to your books, your poems, your enterprises.

Promote Yourself!

Tell folks who you are and what you blog about so people will want to check you out. Also go say hi to others. It is all key to growing your audience.

Frankly I got tired of seeing talented, warm folk like Deborah (go check her out, she’s cool people – tell her I sent you!) trying to get their first audience members to trickle in (or seeing really good bloggers even just give up! 8-O )  And then I saw a good online friend OM was already doing something similar. Great stuff! You can never have enough busy platforms to leave your calling card and those multi-connections are how the internet helps build your reputation and drive traffic.


Have at it!   If you have a social network, share this post as each share shares YOUR story one more time!


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I am the enthused editor of the lifestyle, culture, art and interiors magazine The Home Style Directory. This journal is a smorgasbord of things that fascinate my tiny brain! Home, life, culture, business, blogging, art, people. I was enlightened about the sexiness of wp by Michael a fellow staff member. So now I come to conquer!!…Or indeed play conkers, whichever is most viable.


I’m a stickler. I usually get there!

Bill Cosby. So?


One would have had to be meditating under a rock somewhere to have missed the rape’n roofy allegations levelled at ‘America’s Favourite Dad’ Bill Cosby. I know what I think…

But he is not the focus today.

The question that I would like to ask is so?…And?

As the whispers die out a little, replaced by the next internet hoo-ha, wouldn’t this whole thing be a waste if left merely as salacious gossip and speculation on numerous blogs with likely no outcome either way?


So let me turn the spotlight focus on YOU dear reader!

Since learning about the allegations what have YOU done as a parent, a big sis, a big bro’, an aunty, a god parent?

Parents, what have you chatted about with your daughters? This issue is rife in entertainment. It happened to me quite a few times and in alliance with a lot of the alleged victims regarding the tired, oft repeated, kinda snidey accusation, ‘Why didn’t they speak up sooner?’ I simply got on with life.

But the behaviour under the microscope is not exclusive to the entertainment world.
It can affect your/our kinfolk wherever they are.



So did you read about the accusations, maybe make a comment about how shocked you are and leave it at that…next story?

If you haven’t discussed this with your children…yet, what sage advice WOULD you give your daughter, son and other people’s daughters and sons about the work or social based predators they might meet as they get older and how to prepare for them?


Main Advice

I’d have plenty to tell them but my Main Advice would be to let the child/teen know that I’m open 24/7 to be told about anything.

Nothing is too uncomfortable to discuss with Mom, or me as a favourite aunty, if they choose to offload with me for whatever reason.

Also I’d be there as a parent, not their best friend. As an authority figure they should be able to rely on me to kick some scumbag ass on their behalf.

How about you? What is your Main Advice, one line (or more) of sage knowledge to the young ‘ins today on this issue?


Today, let’s school THEM in the comments below.

Crap Ideas

what a crap idea
Marvin Gaye wanted to move away from sweet innocent love songs and provide commentary on the turmoil happening in the inner cities of the USA in the 1970’s. Marvin_Gaye_in_1973Highly successful record company supremo Berry Gordy wasn’t feeling it.

He refused to back Marvin Gaye’s creative growth and Gaye had to go on strike for creative freedom.

Some of the songs that emerged were ‘What’s Going On’ and ‘Mercy Mercy Me’ plus the album ‘What’s Going On.’

Gordy initially said ‘What’s Going On’ was the ‘Worst thing he had ever heard’, saying ‘Don’t be ridiculous Marvin, that’s taking things too far.’

Because the quality control team at Motown also gave the single the thumbs down the record had to be sneakily released where it became the fastest selling single at Motown at that time.

According to Wiki, the album ‘has been voted one of the landmark recordings in pop music history and is considered to be one of the greatest albums ever made.’

Jus’ saying.

Do your thing!



Have you ever been told you don’t quite cut the mustard and have proven (or are in the process of proving) some ol’ bighead wrong?

 Remind yourself and listen to this CRAP here:

Killing Animals Is Fun!

the insanity of humanity lg

It is hard to make sense of human behaviour sometimes…well, a lot of times…


This beautiful creature was shot inaccurately by hunters and then had to wander about for the best part of 2 weeks with this arrow through it’s head. Alerted by a Ms Susan Darrah who would often be visited by the deer who came to eat the pickings in her back yard, some folks got together to wait for the animal, tranquilize it and remove the arrow. Yay!

The deer was then set ‘free to roam’ where it is once again the permitted target of both competent and incompetent ‘hunters.’ Sigh!

Someone please explain humans? Answers below. Free bow and arrow to best answer. 8-O


Valentines? Pah!…What Is Love?

what is love?

Love means different things to different people.

It can be kind, life affirming and caring or it can be heart breaking, suffocating and used as a battering ram.

Folks say pets don’t love. Yet whatever that voo-doo that they-do, it is often sweeter, truer and more agender-free than the forced thing masquerading as love that blights so many relationships.

So many marriages where ‘love’ turns to bile-filled hate in court.
Surely real, true love never dies…or cheats? Or keeps the kids away from (a loving) dad?

Maybe we’ve all been had and it really is just a fairy tale construct invented to sell things the way diamonds and champagne were cleverly marketed.

Maybe love today is really just physical tingly bits mistaken for love, or it’s ‘you’ll do for now…until something better comes along.’

But I’m just a dumb editor.


Folks…(poignant stare at screen)… WHAT IS LOVE???!!!


Image:Stanley Dezignus.

Mrs B

Victoria Beckham

For our American and worldwide friends there is a woman called Katie Hopkins who is positioning her career to be the most hated woman in Britain. I would say she missed the boat on that one. It appears we have someone already…

 Mrs Victoria Beckham.


Check out some of her ‘fan mail’ below:

Mrs B comments2

Click for a better view of the daily barrage.


Ms Victoria Beckham only has to be caught breathing to draw the most blistering venom from her anti-fans. Granted that a lot of these complainants are merely skulking keyboard warriors and one can imagine them twinkling around her orbit with big blushy-smiley faces if they were to happen upon her in person, not to mention the obligatory outstretched selfie arm ready for action the minute she nodded permission to take one.

But still yet the absolute bile for this woman behind said keyboard is still astonishing and reflects the continuing anti-female madness that is engrained into religions, cultures and society generally. In other words folks, men don’t get this sh*t!


As an example of the above statement, let me give you a reminder for those who don’t recall.
When her husband was said to have strayed into the arms of a shameless opportunist it was not he that was blamed by the majority, but her! She was attacked for having the nerve to want to bring up her then 3 boys and also have a career. With the blamers logic this was why he strayed. Apparently Mr Beckham was allowed to continue his career, but how dare she desire one also.

Then when pictured literally clinging to him like a limpet for the first time after the cheating scandal was printed, she was slated for…wait for it…hanging onto her husband and trying to make the marriage work despite their troubles, as this was seen as desperate rather than common sense.


Miserable B*itch!

She is a woman. How dare she not smile because some nobody behind a keyboard demands it of her! One of the popular arguments against Beckham is that she has every material thing in the world but she does not smile. Let those same people tap Mike Tyson on the shoulder and request a gold toothed grin from his scowling thunder. Or how about from a tatted-up, weed-eyed gangster rapper. Not so appealing?


Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I put it to you that there are pedophiles who are not on the receiving end of so much continuous, illogical hatred.

Question: How many equally successful male celebrities are there, (think famous singers) who have pointedly neglected ownership of children they have made and yet…where are their abusers?

If a male celebrity is caught out doing something very wrong he is sometimes bashed or mocked for that wrong doing and then it is pretty much forgotten. Remember a certain golfer? The gross detail of his philandering was on fire for a while, but who mentions it today? Mrs Beckham’s picture only has to appear in a blog or newspaper to constantly re-ignite deeply un-hinged disapprobation of the most irrational order. I am struggling to come up with a man in a similar position i.e Successful. Hated. Loathed.

I put it to you dear audience that this is merely a recognition of not only people who are deeply dissatisfied with their own lives and are looking for someone to take it out on – which is normal…kinda. But the interesting part is how successful or visible women are always the preferred target of their failure and not men, in other words #WomanHate.


Woman hating is fueled predominantly by women

By far the comments listed above are mainly from women, the same women who will decry female bashing, (stoning, covering up, impregnating pre-teens, domestic violence) in any other culture. This thing is so ingrained and normal now I would wager that people don’t even know they are doing it.

Of course there are people who just niggle us, sometimes for no explicable reason and we love to hate them, (come ahn! It’s fun sometimes no?) but this is sooo much more than that.

Woman-hate today is verging on psychotic. It’s wild-eyed rabid. Mrs. Beckham is just front of queue along with the usual suspects, e.g Kim Kardashian, Madonna and a growing collection of unusual suspects e.g 60 year old historian Mary Beard.

I’m looking for explanations why.

Mothers, what on earth are you teaching your sons?
Fathers, what on earth are you teaching your daughters?



Is it fair to blame the parents – at least in part?

Am I missing the point? Is Mrs Beckham so irritating that she is to blame for the venom she attracts?

What do you think drives this woman-hate which includes Mrs Beckham but is SO much bigger than her?

What can be done about it?

Can you see it escalating to offline behaviour or has that ship already sailed?

The Sad Downfall Of Snow White!

lt logo
I’m sorry but there is something so ludicrous and yet so delightfully human-crazy about a person in costume being arrested that if I were a judge I would find it hard to give a fitting sentence. I mean, look…apologies if you’ve been mugged recently by a pot smoking ninja turtle or whatever, but just look…

galleryimage-16999902-dec-11-2014-1-600x488 galleryimage-52881298-dec-11-2014-1-600x450

‘I did NOT have relations with that honey.’galleryimage-484798057-dec-11-2014-1-600x445

‘It was PERKY officer!’galleryimage-784825619-dec-11-2014-1-600x500

‘Is it a jungle fever thing man?’galleryimage-1179383507-dec-11-2014-1-600x450

‘You are under arrest sir. You committed the crime.’

‘Nay!’ (Apologies.)galleryimage-1513178500-dec-11-2014-1-600x500galleryimage-1720317275-dec-11-2014-1-600x450 galleryimage-1726262994-dec-11-2014-1-600x500 galleryimage646866771-dec-11-2014-1-600x450

‘I’m a banana. You can’t arrest a banana.’galleryimage726984791-dec-11-2014-1-600x474 galleryimage1200612239-dec-11-2014-1-600x431

‘I wasn’t stealing it! I was throwing it into my head!’galleryimage1271925051-dec-11-2014-1-600x400

Not loving it now huh?galleryimage1390177733-dec-11-2014-1-600x450galleryimage2069382182-dec-11-2014-1-600x450

‘What you’ve told us is web of lies’ …ouch! Apologies again!

Think you can do better? There’s the storm trooper, a beheaded Elmo, the munchkin, the ninja turtle above…knock yourself out! :)