Christian Artist Walks Out Of The Grammys

ImageThere must be a God because I never thought I would see the day that I applaud someone taking a religious stance. Artist Natalie Grant and her husband having been fed an eyeful of bare wobbly asses and a menu of gyrating and twerking from artists such as Beyonce and some witchery demon-y stuff from Katie Perry (I didn’t see it myself), opted to vacate the premises.

Whilst I can’t comment on a show that I didn’t watch, I like the dames class. She left and it seems did not make a ballyhoo about it. The sexual, sexist occulty flavour of the music biz was not her shizz but she pointed no fingers in her explanation of her leaving. I like folks with strength of conviction and as a musician it would be great if the music biz was mostly about music.


121 thoughts on “Christian Artist Walks Out Of The Grammys

  1. Each to their own & yet no actress or singer that tries to show off to the public is just lost. They need someone who can relate to their own activities & be able to get past the mask they put on. Otherwise they are just useless & those who are godly have not put their effort into letting them know about others minds.

  2. I don’t blame her for leaving – twerking is unattractive – gross, however walking out of a performance has nothing to do with a brave humanitarian act, it is a personal taste or lack of it. It was not that long ago when women who were stage singers/dancers/actresses were thought of as being of low moral character and “good” Christian women walked out of theaters, denouncing these “harlots” as bad, unholy creatures. So, if this singer denounces this gross performance, she should have the courage to stand up and say something.

  3. I had not hear this, but I’d have to agree with you in applauding her for standing on her convictions without trying to make a massive scene about it. Impressive.

    She has a great voice, btw. Really good.

  4. So, I’m a little late reading this. Glad to see someone with the proverbial spine. If we say we believe but there is no effect on our actions, do we actually believe, or are we just making a claim to clique membership?

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