Don’t Give Up!

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never give up


100 thoughts on “Don’t Give Up!

  1. This speaks to me. I was talking to someone today about the unlikelihood of discovery and how we are all singing to the chorus, but this is who we are. We read or write mainly for love. One day we might get engaged. Thank you.

    1. Yes hopefully, but rather than talk about the unlikelihood of discovery (I think you mean for your work) review your goals and the method it will take to get you there.
      Think differently to everyone else and you will find a fresh path that few have used. That has kinda worked a few times in life for me. Good luck.

  2. Reblogged this on littlewritingsblog and commented:
    Even if you are down, don’t forget to look up and keep trying; you never know how close you can be to achieve your dream πŸ™‚
    Have an amazing week
    Little A.

  3. Fantastic. Weird timing. Confirmed something else I read yesterday. Very tempted I’ve been to do what that man on the bottom is doing – except in my case it would look like just going back to the ironing instead of staring at a blank screen and forcing some words onto it. Thanks for the reminder to keep on going

  4. Reblogged this on TGR Worzel the Sixth and commented:
    It’s a very good point being made in this cartoon, but are the diamonds really there to be had…?

    I am not convinced that they are.

    I feel more like a donkey pursuing a carrot being dangled on the end of a stick….

  5. Absolutes, and even when we’ve hit what we think is ‘it’….keep going..there is so much more beauty, joy, love, adventure, plus all that we are seeking, imagining and longing for, just over the horizon. Every time you hit your ‘goal’, keep going……….the joy, the beauty and the adventure of life is never ending………..If I had given up, I’d never have met YOU, and if I’d never met you, I may have lost the hope I have of where I’m taking my business! You are my gem that I continued digging for….:) thank you x x

    1. We’re going to do our best, but the spirit is in you. Business is no joke, I’m sure you know it can be a slog and it can take many, many turns before it matches the dream in your head, so it needs spirit and fight like the man at the top of the pic – Just look at his face! You have it. I hope you hang in there because you want to do so much good.

    1. You can Jessie. I’ve found in life that unless it IS about life and death you CAN do ‘it’ or alter something to help you do it, or ask for help to do it. Or just take a break if needed and return refreshed. But you CAN do it. Whatever your ‘it’ is.

  6. Reblogged this on Align with Nature and commented:
    I have seen this image on Facebook and loved it… now I’ve found it again on a blog, so I decided to reblog it and share it with you and use it as a reminder for myself. The message can’t be better illustrated. Just when you’re about to give up, that’s when you need to make the effort to walk the last mile!

      1. And, so that I make sure it pops up on all of my other social media. A wonderful way to ensure I can’t get away from it.

        Thank you so much for finding/drawing this one. There are days when I really need this to kick me in the pants!

    1. I will hunt you down if you do! You especially are on a mission and in the short time I have know you I have seen the changes and the upgrades and the prep for that mission.
      You are building the take off pad as we speak. It just needs to continue basically.

  7. This is the universal conspiracy. I give up everyday, I take up every other day. I think of stopping to blog and becoming content in keeping a private diary. Just then, a post comes on the reader which says Dont give up.

    1. I admit it! You have discovered the truth of truths! In all seriousness Dhruv’s Mom, (and where have you been by the way – missed ya! πŸ™‚ ) I don’t know what your plans are for your blog – whether it is to conquer or change the world with it’s message or whether it is to simply become a better writer – but the best way of NOT getting there would be to give up.

      It’s a brilliant scheme giving up – I’ve seen it work many times!

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