Do You Suffer From Crippling Self-Doubt?

Self Doubt? Welcome To The Club!

The thing about people who write their blogs, or indeed do anything creative and then are flooded with doubt, is it good enough, will people hate my opinion?’ etc is that they are under the misconception that they are the only ones struggling with self doubt.

How about that job interview where you are literally shaking in your shoes about it. Have you ever considered that perhaps 70% of the people actually doing the interviews may feel the same as you? They may have simply been told that interviewing is expected of them as part of their job title but they hate doing it as it makes THEM nervous.


It’s Not Just You!

And if you are wondering whether to press the submit button on the latest blog remember that over half your potential audience will be feeling the same as you.

Somebody recently said that the difference between people who succeed and those that don’t is that the people who succeed have great confidence and just go and get what they want, whilst the others chicken out and give up.

I have to disagree. Having been in the company of many people who are considered accomplished and for ease in seeing the point I’m making, are also well known, I heartily disagree.


WARNING! : Some criminal name dropping ahead!

One of those people – and I feel a little bad about saying this as it was heard first hand…but at the same time daft if I don’t reveal who it is – is the great Stevie Wonder. He expressed…shall we say …‘concerns’ about Michael Jackson (waaaay back in the day) regarding who was getting the most awards and attention at the time. Now, we know he loved his brother Mike, the point is, why would such an entertainment titan be expressing a lack of confidence in this way?

Could it be he is human?!

Could it be it’s not just you?!

I’ve been backstage at events and seen some of the biggest stars literally throwing up before going on, or doing that counting thing where you count yourself into a smile of confidence, so you can snap into it from the nervous wreck that you actually are. I peeked Angelina Jolie do this once. Plus have any of you seen the first live television interview that Prince did where he totally lost it and couldn’t generate any worthwhile sentences?

Like I said you are not alone and if you view your own fear with this knowledge you can see that the majority of your audience will be rooting for you because they know exactly how that fear and lack of confidence feels.

So feel the fear (in plenty of company) and press SUBMIT (or do a million other things you are self-doubting yourself out of) anyway!


So School Me!

Do you suffer from self doubt? If so how do you deal with it?


See Princes’ excrutiating interview below.


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