Blogging Tips: Quick Traffic Booster

The best blogging for me is about community. The people you meet yadda yadda…

It’s always that little bit cold when you are blogging away and getting very little feedback isn’t it? We’ve all been there! So when you meet generous sharers you would be bonkers not to make them your bestest blogging friend.

A Momma’s View is one of those people and here is why what she does is great:


Most weeks she does a round-up of sites that have entertained her. This is fab because you get to meet a bunch of new people and if you’re a shy blogger when you reach out to some of them your opening gambit can be A Momma’s View sent me…’ to break the ice.HNTSO edit top image

It’s also clever because when she links to other people in her round up lists they see it in their blogging accounts (as a pingback) and go to check out who is linking to them and why.

Win win.
Apart from that it’s just a nice blogger-y community-y type thing to do.

For her lists she picks gems. All killer, no filler! So you get to discover great new blogs.

All of these things I have said in multiple tutorials before and in my Blogging Caucus Group which you can access below. Also highlighting AMV in this post gave me a nice way to say thanks for her listing yours truly and return the props…again all about community, give and take and building our little empires together!
Apart from that I get to go over to her blog and catch up with some great stuff which is always a reward.


Make your own round-up of your favourite blogs, tell your readers why you like them and link to them.


You’ll be sending traffic to those people and they will be bringing traffic to you.



Drop it in the comments.

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42 thoughts on “Blogging Tips: Quick Traffic Booster

    1. Any would work, that really is a personal decision dependent on many variables such as do you want people to be able to know so much about you (with your real name) or don’t you mind?

      The name, unless it’s a really bad one shouldn’t affect the success of a blog!

    1. Just a straight link will do the job, the choice is yours. Both reblog and a simple back link will show up in the ‘linkees’ profile area and indicate to them who was kind enough to link to them.

      If you were doing a piece along the lines of what this post was referring to, it makes more sense to use simple back links within the post. If you were recommending a number of people in the post multiple reblogging can look very messy in my opinion.

  1. When I read “The best blogging for me is about community. The people you meet yadda yadda…” my first realization is “the blogger is female.” Since many in the blogging world seem to be focused on “spreading your reach” I wondered whether this could be broken down on a male female axis, with the females looking to build and support community and the males competing with others for “followers” and “likes”. I get the feeling that blogging will become a greater subject of acadmeic studies in the future.

    I am possibly an outlier in that I blog to get things off of my chest. I occasionally look at my blog’s statistics, but I have never tried to do anything to enhance those; they are merely interesting (Reach, smeach, I guess).

      1. True, most of us are hobby bloggers and not making money. We do it for fun. Well, I do it for fun. More views and visits are always nice but for me, I like that I can convert thoughts and things I do into something to share and some people seem to like to engage with me in the comments ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

      2. Yeah I like to comment on your blog! Yay! ๐Ÿ˜€ But I’m a bit blokey in that I also like to use blogging as a tool I can control to do all sorts of things ….dunno if that’s sexist (cos of course women think like that too) …but you get my drift.
        Someone pointed out to me yesterday that he observed that blokes are more competitive with their blogging. He might be right. I found that quite interesting and I’ll be looking for ancedotal evidence from now on. Of course you’ve ruined that! ๐Ÿ˜€

      3. I think for me and some others in Canberra because we work for the government of the day, and we have a defined code of conduct that includes social media, we find blogging as an expressive outlet which we might not otherwise have. Some choose to anonymise but I’ve never subscribed to anonymity.
        I’ve mellowed so much as I age, competition is something that I’ve left behind. Life is too short ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ‘

      4. Which opens up another area that I find interesting, someone’s work place defining what one can do OUTSIDE of work.
        If I were hiring someone yes I would check out their character online- but it’s still a bit ‘1984’ for me.
        Anyhoo, thanks for that.

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