Mimi Choi ~ Makeup Illusionist!

These are the amazing makeup illusions by Canadian artist Mimi Choi. No Photoshop – all makeup!

Okay…she has a thing about slashed body parts, but pretty cool huh?

Her husbands foot.

This is a less gory aspect to her work, an inventive take on eye makeup.

Wowsa huh?


Which Are Your Favourites?

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Mimi Choi


37 thoughts on “Mimi Choi ~ Makeup Illusionist!

  1. Wow this is really amazing work. I thought its Photoshop at first sight. If its just make up, this is absolutely incredible. Good job Mimi Choi

  2. Incredible. I can’t decide whether I like the first or second one best but they’re all fantastic.I like the ‘kiwi fruit’ one too because if you look at it right you can kind of get an idea of how it’s done. What a talented artist.

    1. If you go to her Instagram Jo (link at the bottom) check out the hand one where it looks cut off at the wrist and when the hand moves ever so slightly the magic disappears and you can see it’s all paintwork. it’s all about the angles as well as her skill!

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