PARENTS! Would You Build This For Your Children!!!

I don’t ask this lightly! This home is pretty amazing …and I feel I have to prepare you for it…

Don’t be fooled by the pic below…that’s just part of of it. πŸ˜€ All I’m saying is that if you want your kids to say they love you AND ACTUALLY MEAN IT, you need to be calling these architects pronto!

Take a look here and come back and let me know what you think.


If money was no object, would you build this home for your kiddos?!


31 thoughts on “PARENTS! Would You Build This For Your Children!!!

  1. Heck yeah!!!! Plus it’ll give them things to do other than bug me haha! Also, the other kids in the neighborhood will be jealous. My son has a playhouse in our backyard, complete with tv, fridge, sofa, and all his games. When the kids visit they all stay there and feel so cool they are away from the adults! They play games, eat snack, etc. But I suspect the kids visit us because of the playhouse. 😊

    Btw, this was my son’s wish that he asked from make-a-wish foundation. He got it when he was 6, and he’s now almost 13!

  2. Nope. It looks like Le Corbusier’s nightmare for kids. Cold. A concrete cube. I haven’t seen a garden? better build – in wood – a trapper’s cabin with a slide, and a swing. πŸ™‚
    (Bon week-end my dear)

      1. Are you referring to Anatoly Vassilievitch or Anatoly Borissovitch? The latter was thrice removed, but never understood the removal concept and always came back. A bore at family reunions. πŸ˜‰

      2. No I was referring to Bogdan Arzamastsev sevsevsevsevsevsevsevovich whose name was so long he was forcibly removed from most social functions because of the extra cost of the RSVP’s. Not only a crashing bore but a drunk Horace.

      3. Maybe you haven’t heard about the Earthquake in Mexico? Not quite as bad as in ’85. But many buildings collapsed. People, children are trapped, and progress is slow. So it is chaos…

      4. Omigawd! Goodness me! I have been taking a sabbatical from ‘news’ platforms lately so a lot is passing me by currently. Wowsa! Are you okay? And Family?

        ‘Chaos’…I see what you mean!

      5. Dear Edith, you do very well taking a sabbatical from news. I think I am about to embark on one. (After the German elections maybe?) Yes, we are all ok. Just “shook up” a bit. And sad. But one has to move on. A bientΓ΄t.

  3. I’m not going to lie, the slide is cool as. But everything else about the house is cold and ugly. And where’s the garden? Where’s the places to play hide and seek? Where’s the comfy chair where you snuggle up with mum and dad for a story? After you stop saying, ‘wow, a slide’, where’s the heart?

    1. Yeah I wasn’t keen on the rest of the house either,PLUS I love your prerequisite for a property ‘must have hide and seek features!’ πŸ˜€
      PLUS look at you with your smiley avatar! Welcome to the blogosphere smiley avatar!

  4. Definitely not. The kids WILL be bored after ten–no five minutes. The rest of the house looks very neat. Kids won’t like that. They’ll have those white walls trashed in no time. The kids won’t love you because you’ll be getting angry at them for bugging you to hang out with them and color together (kill me now) while you’re scrubbing jam off the walls. I’ve had way too many kids (as you’ve probably guessed) to ever move into a “fun” house. πŸ™‚

  5. If money was no object? No. While it was good to see books the house seemed to be more about play than preparing children for life. It’s why amusement parks exist. For occasional fun and rewarding entertainment.
    I’m not suggesting homelife for a child should not be fun but it shouldn’t rely on having an architect designed home which will be out of reach for most of their friends and everyone else in their community. It will become an extraordinary lived experience rather than a home and place for them and their friends.

      1. In my mind a backyard swimming pool is also about getting some decent exercise. I’m biased, I grew up with a swimming pool and I swam laps in it as well as having fun and games too.

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