Striking Design

It always amazes me that when you think that they have probably done all they can with design in certain areas, someone always flips the script and says, ‘Hey! What if we…?’ Ellinor Ericsson an upcoming designer hailing from Sweden has done that with seating and her tactile giant cross stitch furniture. It’s conversation piece… Read More Striking Design

I…We, Bring Gifts!

Our colleagues at The รœ have come bearing gifts for The Journal’s blogging posse. I’m very excited as I enjoy sharing great stuff and they have some really beautiful things. Enjoy and don’t say I never give you nothing! To receive the next letter make sure you are subscribed to it here.

Which Sleb lives Here?!

Clues: They rather like love – as long as it’s continuous! They like babies – as long as they’re pretty! They like a trip in the desert! These are lame clues but if I said anything else it would be waaaaaay tooooooo easy! Question: Any idea folks?! _____________________________________________________________________________________ See who inhabits this really beautiful space… Read More Which Sleb lives Here?!

Kids Bedrooms – Dream Designs!

Oh my word! kids today really have everything don’t they? I would have died and gone to Heaven if my Ma presented me with (could have afforded) a kiddie boudoir like some of these! Both spectacularly imaginative and affordable these days. Would your children love these?

Elegant Mountain Villa

More gazing straight out into the ocean. This time from a magnificent mountain villa! Take a look at this incredible home at the click below.     _____________________________________________________________________________________ See more pics of this stylish home tour here.