Monday Motivation!


If you need a reason to just keep going….

This is by renowned artist Alex Ross. One was drawn when he was 6 and the other slightly older!

Progress needs time.

They’re both kinda cool huh?


Are you struggling a bit with the old blogging?

Or are you struggling to keep another dream alive?

Firstly, KEEP GOING!.. But let me know below!


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Alex Ross



31 thoughts on “Monday Motivation!

  1. We all wish success would happen over night. The truth is, it does. If you map out short term victories with a bigger long term victory in mind, success can happen every night. Great Post.

  2. What a cool picture. The Spider-Man drawing by Alex Ross as a 6 year old is better than I can ever do. Such an admiration for people’s gifts and the hard work that goes into it to become great. 🙂

  3. Yes and yes…. Hello Ms. Ed… Been a while!! Life has gotten super stressful so I’ve been away from my blog desk. But I’m going to slowly get back at it… Love this little motivation!!

      1. I just feel like I’m not really getting anywhere, I guess. I genuinely like the exercise of blogging and putting ideas and tips online that might be useful to other writers, particularly young writers. And, I don’t blog to make money. But I would like to interact more with people. I often feel I’m talking to myself and you know what they say about people who do that!

      2. I don’t know how. I try to produce the best content I can but if people don’t see it, and the people who do see it don’t comment, then I really don’t know what to do.

      3. Okay a quick lesson if I may? If Madonna made ‘Holiday’ and ‘Borderline’ (all her early hits) and then played them in her bedroom we wouldn’t know who Madonna is today.
        Instead she took herself out there to tell people about her music.

        I’m not suggesting that you are not out there because I don’t know, but if you are and you are not getting the results you want then you are not doing enough.

        It’s not about your content. it deserves an audience, but only you can go and find them, or pay someone to as in advertising, coaching or marketing. You would only pay if this was a prospective business for you.
        If not and it is a side hobby, then you have to work organically, methodically and slowly getting out there and saying howdy doody to people in any number of ways.
        I’m not going to pretend it’s just easy peasy but you will be constantly motivated and re-invigorated by identifying what you want out of it – once you have clarified to yourself what that is.

        Any of this make any sense?

      4. Took a peek at your blog. It looks fab! Love it! And I’m in at the very beginning it seems. Can’t wait to tuck in to some beefy motivational posts on my reading day!
        Excellent stuff!

      1. Oh my god you remember It? I m do honoured. Would you like to form a blogger pyramid with me.. mine is a popular blog with good alexa rank etc…. it ‘ll be great if we could exchange some back links…. I insert your link to my post n you mine? It s extremely good for blogs.

      2. Of course. You have some great posts! Re link swap, I’m a bit swamped at the moment Swapnil. I never find link swaps that inspiring or even truly valuable in terms of SEO, particularly on a no follow blogging platform. Let me get back to you if there’s something I see we could do at a much more useful level.

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