Don’t Tell…




Have you noticed that usually the people who talk the most do the least? I often watch out for this when choosing potential people to work with. I once worked with a guy who could put an insomniac to sleep with his continuous verbal diarrhoea. Not only was he incompetent he killed a few major deals to boot.

How ‘Bout Choo?

Have you any examples where you worked or hung out with someone who could do or had done everything, but only with his mouth and not his actions?

Or are you a ‘I’m gonna do this… I’m gonna do that…’ person who looks back every year and yet again nothing has been done?

12 thoughts on “Don’t Tell…

  1. I talk a mean talk but lately I’ve been lacking motivation. So I just need to DO what I said I was going to do. That being said, I don’t think I have ever worked with anyone who talks the talk but never walks the walk… hmm…

    1. Ha! Don’t we all talk a mean talk. Did you know I’m going to be an astronaut? 🙂

      Have you tried not looking at what you would like to do as this HUUUUUUGE thing with so many busy, exhausting parts to it and just focusing on the first tiny weeny step and just doing that bit?

  2. OMG Madam Ed, don’t even get me started. OK, you did…LOL…I know this woman, who is so utterly consumed with herself and her ‘grandiose’ ideas of ‘what she’s going to do next, what car she’s going to buy ad nauseum’, never shuts up, ever! and yet, she gets bugger all done, and is a struggling, poor, had it, useless idiot, without 2 brain cells to rub together. Yet still, she banters on about ‘WHEN I….’ I must say, that on one occasion, when she was babbling about ‘the new car she’s going to buy’, I told her that ‘I’m not into materialism, it doesn’t interest me’. That shut her up quickly…

  3. I’ve heard that it’s better not to tell your goals to too many people. I tend to not share much of my business plans(art stuff, as in what I plan to come out with) with others. Yeah I’ll tell my best friend when I visit her and my journal. I think for me if I share prematurely it adds unnecessary pressure to perform.

    1. Agreed. The alternative is that for some people they thrive on the pressure of announcing a goal publicly and then absolutely having to achieve it to avoid the shame! Horses for courses! 🙂

      I think I’m more with you on that one!

  4. I once worked with a guy who was all about the vision and never had any practical follow through. He could tell you all the great things we should do, show you the research, but never had any solid plans to implement anything. It was alright when he work with people who were could at implementation, not so good on his own.

    Personally, if I’ve set my eyes on a goal, I work to achieve it. I think the sticking point for a lot of people is that the work you need to do and the time it takes is always longer than you expect.

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