News Alert! April Is Giving Birth!! #AprilTheGiraffe

For those of you who have been following the world’s favourite giraffe. Get your cigars ready!


april inspects

April inspects her baby’s hooves peeking out from her behind.



  1. The kids and I watched it. They laughed and thought it was funny that she was “pooping” out the baby. But in the end they thought it was amazing and watched until baby was up and moving around.

    1. Lol I think a general world consensus was Ewww….aw…..ew….aw!

      April is a feisty old bird. I saw her give Oliver a good face whacking twice the other day – not even sure why. He appeared to be looking at the baby and whilst it’s normally accepted April decided nope…WHACK! Oh you’re still looking?…WHACK! again. 😀

      My kinda gal!

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