Introduce Yourself Here To Other Bloggers And Grow Your Audience!

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So I’d been thinking since I began 11 months ago about how I could help other bloggers grow their audience as quickly as I did. Y’all know how passionate I am about making a proper living from blogging already.

I started doing Blogging Tips and then I wanted to offer online events that could help boost folks’ audiences. I had quite a few in mind but a busy schedule and some tough periods put paid to getting them up and running last year. But now…here is the first! Feel free to use this post to say hi and introduce yourself to other bloggers. Add links to your books, your poems, your enterprises.


This Post Is Yours!

Have at it!   If you have a social network, share this post as now you are on the list, each share spreads YOUR reach even further!


Bloggers Meet & Greet 2!

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Hey folks! Our winner is:


A blog run by Kristine and ably assisted by Bentley the dog.


How about you put Saturday 16th May (tomorrow) in your diary and pop round and say ‘Hiya!’ to Kristine.

If you miss Saturday then just go visit any time and tell her The Ed sent you for Who Shall We Visit!


So This Is How It Works

1. Y’all nominate a generous blogger, generous as in:
a) they are a community regular or newbie here that adds good stuff to the conversations.


b) they are known around the blogosphere for supporting and visiting other bloggers.

2. I’ll announce the most nommed once there’s enough names.

3. We all go visit them on a set date, say howdy and introduce ourselves so it has real traffic impact and of course any time after if you think you like them! If all goes well. We do another..and another…and another…