Blue Pill? Red Pill?

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 You can only choose one. What Say You And Why??!!



Cute Dog Helps Young Boy Find His Swagger!

This is Carter Blanchard from Arkansas USA. He developed vitiligo, a skin condition that gradually makes the skin lose pigment. He is 8 years old and his skin started changing whilst at school. The young ‘in was feeling very bad about himself and had told his mother that he hated his face and hated the way he looked.

That was until he met…Rowdy!

Rowdy was rocking the same look! He developed vitiligo the same year as Carter and the two met up and became the best of buds. Rowdy is a thirteen year old pure black labrador who showed Carter that 1. he was no longer isolated and 2. the vitiligo thing… it ain’t no big deal!

Carter’s mother says that no one else could have got this message through to her son to make him feel better about himself but Rowdy. 🙂

Rowdy for president!

Are You Scared Of Xmas??!!!


Here’s the thing. Deck the halls with boughs of holly and all that, but Jeez, that holly and all that decking is expensive! Not to mention the presents you’ve been strong-armed to buy via endless weeks of advertising.

Then there’s the cards for countless relatives that you have or haven’t actually spoken to in the last decade.

The food… did I mention the Xmas food yet?…The drink? Roughly a week of over indulgence has to be paid for by someone and if that someone is you…

Now’s the time to admit it…


Some of us are experiencing a great scarcity of greenbacks for any number of reasons right now, so as you watch the money trickling through your fingers as a result of Crazy Season does it bother you? Or are you one of those people who pretend it’s not happening until the credit card statement arrives in January?

What Say You??

  1. The Ed, have you never heard of saving for Xmas?
  2. The Ed, I’m a turn-a-blind-eye-until-January type. So sue me.
  3. The Ed, the cost is making me feel queasy. Times is hard guv’nor. *Sniff!*
  4. Merry Chrimble one and all! I don’t give a flying turkey. Life is for living. Joy to the world!

YAWN!! Should You Stay Married If It’s Boooooring?!


UK celebrity couple, presenter Zoe Ball and DJ Fatboy Slim broke up recently as part of a spate of recent similar celeb ‘conscious uncouplings.’ This one stands out for the reason given for the separation. Zoe Ball apparently stated that she was bored! Brutal…but honest.


Predictably she was lambasted for it online with most of the internet crowd on Team Fatboy. But I have to ask, should anyone stay in a marriage that they are not happy with? For any reason? Who does that serve? The person who wants to leave? The one who knows the other wants to leave or the children caught in the middle?

Are we still saying that marriages should be kept past their usefulness and the couple should live in misery or indeed boredom for some old fashioned, cultural or societal reason?


  1. Yes The Ed you should do everything possible to keep a marriage together and I’ll tell you why you fool…
  2. No The Ed, folks should end the torture before they want to kill each other.

Hello?…Er No, Buh ‘bye!

profile box pics adelesm

So singer Adele’s father who abandoned her at the age of 3 did the decent thing and came back into her life – once she was rich and successful – to build bridges. In the process of the bridge building he apparently decided to sell a story about her without discussing it with her and now can’t understand why he is no longer welcome in the ‘Hello’ household…and then went back to the press to cry about it!

…And then there was the father of a member of the pop band One Direction who – after his son’s success – decided that he urgently needed to be part of his son’s life and felt that the best way of achieving this was to apparently threaten to go to the press with ‘stories’ if his son continued to refuse to acknowledge him…probably not the best ice breaker!

A similar scenario happened to yours truly. After some national and international exposure (part of another job) my mother bumped into my errant father after decades. She told me that the wasteman had accumulated tons of press cuttings which he carried around in a briefcase and she saw them when he opened it to give her something. How did I feel about that? What an ass! Creepy eh?


If you won the lottery tomorrow or your book did a JK Rowling or the song, blog, cooking, sewing… whatever, afforded you sudden fame and fortune and you had an errant parent or other family member or even friend who you hadn’t heard from for some time come oiling their way back into your lives, what would YOU do or say? How would you handle it? Could you see things from their perspective?

Perhaps you are an ‘errant’ parent that did not bring up your children, perhaps you can help us (poor half-orphan Annie’s! 😛 ) to understand why?

Moms Prefer Their Boys!

boffin moment

moms prefer their boys3In a study carried out in the united Kingdom via Netmums, 9 out of 10 mothers admitted that they treat their sons differently to their daughters. 55% said they had a stronger bond to their sons than their daughters.

When asked to describe their little male bubba’s, the language used overall was more positive for boys. They would use words like ‘funny,’ ‘playful’ and ‘loving’. Girls on the other hand would be described as ‘argumentative,’ ‘serious’ and easily offended.’

That’s not even with remotely taking into account, (with a nod to my friend from India 😉 ) the extremes of ‘honour’ killings reserved on the most part for girls.

So Did You Know That?

As mothers what do you think about that? And as daughters did anyone feeeel the discrimination when young?

Here’s my take: my mother has openly said she prefers my brother. Bam! In your face The Ed! Can you see now why I am a psychological wreck??!!!

And what about you pappy’s?? Are your girls your favourites? With honour killings, misogynist trolling, females hating on females, continuous editorial and advertising stealth attacks, does ANYone love us just that wee bit more?

Those Old A-Wandering Eyes!

cwt edt

I once hung out with a guy whose eyes would always trail after anything in a skirt. Whilst I did not feel remotely threatened by it, I still found it quite annoying. Mainly because I believe he should be free to look at what ever he chooses and yet his eyes never trailed after passing cars or indeed other men out of a general interest in his surroundings. So I found it at best to be quite rude.


I once stood to the side of a man who had dark sunglasses on and was standing next to his wife in a crowded shopping street. From the front he was looking head on, from the side however I could see his eyes swiveling virtually round to his ears, furtively following every female that went by. It was as if he had just been rescued from an all male desert island he’d been on for 40 years. I found it both funny and bizarre that a grown adult would be doing this. Grow some! Either look openly or stop looking. Is she yo’ mama?!

I recall this because someone somewhere recently said that their father’s eyes never trailed after a single other woman in 50 odd years of marriage. Nice.

So is this a first world issue that needs to be urgently resolved by NATO or is this another male bashing pile of poop?
To help answer that question it should be noted that when I decided to aggressively skope out every sexy, muscle-bound young adonis that went by in the company of the above mentioned, with equal relish, shockingly enough he took deep offence. 😯


  • Big deal?
  • Get over it!…And that includes the butt hurt males too when women take to scoping out other men in their presence.
  • I do this all the time and feel it is my manly right.


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