News Alert! April Is Giving Birth!! #AprilTheGiraffe

For those of you who have been following the world’s favourite giraffe. Get your cigars ready!


april inspects

April inspects her baby’s hooves peeking out from her behind.


Shocking Video

the insanity of humanity lg


The video depicts what appears to be a re-occurring theme of the typical treatment of African maids who are forced to work in the Gulf States.


The video can be seen here.


When / if you view it, let me know what it makes you think or feel, because whilst it’s shocking I’m not surprised by it…which is not a good thing.

And just so you know, the dialogue is something along the lines of

‘Help me! Help me!’

‘Get up you crazy woman.’

What Say You?

Where do we file this one?

Elephant Sentenced To Death For Murder – True Story!

the insanity of humanity lg


An almost unbelievable story of human idiocy.

Get a cup of tea and I’ll begin…


Charlie Sparks was the owner of Sparks World famous Shows circa 1916 Tennessee. The son of English music hall performers he knew all there was to know about giving the audience what they wanted. Without doubt the star of his show was a large Asian elephant called Mary, billed as ‘The Largest Living Land Animal On Earth.’

Mary would perform tricks like standing on her head, playing musical instruments and pitching a baseball. Indeed despite what we know about circus and the training of animals Charlie Sparks was said to have loved Mary and he and his childless wife treated her like the child they never had. With that mindset he did not use whips and such on her.

Unfortunately when they hired a new elephant trainer he forgot this and use a bull whip on Mary during a procession through the streets. Much has been debated about the exact turn of events since, but basically Mary was said to have grabbed the trainer with her trunk and threw him. Then according to eye witnesses marched over to the fallen man and stomped on his head.

The audience scattered in fear screaming. Their screams brought Charlie Sparks over to calm the elephant. Once she was calmed the crowds fear turned to anger and they yelled for Mary to be killed.

The 100 ton derrick

The 100 ton derrick

What happened next is a story that happens even today with scary regularity across our oh so modern social networks and press.

Firstly Mary was arrested. (Yup….I know!) Whilst languishing in ‘jail’ the news of the hands death caught fire. She was labelled ‘Murderous Mary’ and stories began to spread that she had killed before. The circus’s next stop Johnson City made it clear that the low down ‘murderer’ and her cohorts (the circus) were no longer welcome in their city and more and more bookings fell apart.

Then a rumour went round that a lynch mob was on it’s way with to Kingsport Tennessee to kill Mary. Charlie Sparks began to feel the impact of it all on his business. He knew that if he did not mollify the mob and give them what they wanted he would be ruined.

He decided to put Mary to death publicly.

Having dismissed other methods to kill her like shooting, poison and electrocution he came to the conclusion that hanging would be the most ‘humane’ method to dispatch Mary the elephant.

To have access to the specialist heavy duty 100 ton derricks used for uplifting railroad cars, the whole circus had to move to the city of Erwin where they could be hired. And so it was a grey, drizzly, utterly bizarre day of September 13 1916 that the circus pulled into town.

Mary is hanged

Mary is hanged

The crowds had gathered from all over. Residents of Erwin had traveled down to watch the killing. Witnesses said that Mary felt that something was amiss and was reluctant to participate trumpeting her unease. They decided to procession her as normal to her death with the other elephants to calm her down, then the others were hastily taken out of eye sight and Mary was quickly set upon by the roustabouts. They threw the derricks thick chain around her neck before she had time to object and the signal was made to lift her.

As the chain tightened and Mary was lifted off the ground she struggled. Eye witnesses say that the roustabouts had forgotten to release her ankle chains and they could hear the sickening noise of Mary’s tendons being torn.

Suddenly the chain snapped! Poor Mary fell heavily onto the ground. The crowd shrieked and ran away in fear that Murderous Mary would rise up and seek retribution. But she was stunned by the fall and obviously in great pain from the sustained injuries.

When the ‘murderer’ did not get up shooting from the hip Hollywood-style, the crowd regained it’s cockiness and a roustabout climbed onto Mary’s back to attach a heavier chain. Unsurprisingly Mary struggled less this time as she was hoisted up again and in the grim, grey rainy surroundings the great creature hanging with all

Job done.

Job done.

her weight trained on her neck fell limp and died.

The exact spot Mary was hanged remains a mystery. There is no marker or memorial as later Erwin residents did not enjoy the association with the historical embarrassing event and preferred not to refer to it, although judging the event by today’s treatment of animals I would suggest they should not feel too isolated.




What Say You?

Simple question today… Are people nuts?!


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Images: Martha Erwin asst curator Unicoi County Heritage Museum.

Oscars Race Row

cwt edt

So this Oscars thing huh? It’s hard to decide whether it is a genuine concern (for the academy), or great modern-day PR, or both.

I’m sure you must be aware of the fuss and threatened boycotts surrounding the lack of black actor nominations.

Some say there is a lack of diversity in the giving of awards…and of course they are right.

Some say ‘Whadd’ya want, quotas? That would be ridiculous!’…and of course they are right.

But surely with just a minor bit of tweaking backstage it could reflect the people watching and acting in the films more. If the voters were 90% Hispanic I’m guessing the nominations would be an awful lot different this year. If the voters were 90% feminists I’m guessing that Halle Berry could have won her Oscar in an equally good film with her clothes ON…you know…like the majority of male actors who consistently manage to have screen sex with their clothes intact?

I think it is asking a lot for people to see life through every race, gender or disability. How is a rich white, comfortable 70 year old man going to have more of the feels for ‘Beasts Of No Nation’ than a black person?…Or indeed vice versa. How is someone from the hard streets of Compton going to have more feels for a gentle film about middle class white issues than someone with middle class white issues?

Therefore, much like having a jury of one’s peers the voting academy has to come out of the 1950’s and reflect those watching and making the films.

Surely it’s not more complicated than that?

And while they’re at it, throw in some ‘real’ people who have no affiliations to anyone and just love film. And chuck in some folks who aren’t too busy or jaded to actually watch most of the nominated films and therefore just throw their vote to whichever film is buying the most attention in the press.


What say you??!!

Have I missed the point?


Have I covered everything?


Lingerie For men?

cwt edtHommeMystere-lingerie2-550x366

There is a  company called Homme Mystere who make lingerie for men. There are indeed a few companies dotted about supplying silk, skimpy, frilly undies for a male market.

Soooo…if women can wear trousers, waistcoats and tattoos, i.e things that were previously considered mainly as menswear, is it fine for men to wear things normally associated with women?



Were you familiar with the male lingerie phenom?

Do you have a knee jerk reaction to seeing a man in frillies?

Do you find it unusual or are you in the live and let live camp?




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Source: Homme Mystere

Sh*t Parents!

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Botox Baby

This mother had attention drawn to her a little while back because she would regularly inject her 8 year old with botox. She believed that she was helping her daughter to become a superstar and that later in life with her wrinkle free face she would become a famous singer or actress or celebrity.

The little girl had told the media that she had been crying from the pain at the beginning, but that the pain subsides after a while.

Dangling Baby

In another of our stories, I brought you the woman who tattooed gang insignia on her screaming baby and just a few days ago some parents were in hot water for dangling their baby, (Michael Jackson style) over a cheetah enclosure in Cleveland USA.  Unlike Michael Jackson, they dropped the child!

The cheetahs, having exhibited more class and intelligence than the ‘parents’ (and likely a just-filled stomach), ignored both the toddler and the attempts to climb in and retrieve him.

Boiled Baby

Or maybe I could tell you about the ‘mother’ who boiled her child on the cooker to get back at the father? Or the one who beheaded her toddler for similar reasons? Or how about the one who smothered her baby and put the baby’s corpse picture up on Facebook because her boyfriend had moved on to pastures new? Or how about the hundreds of ‘if I can’t have the kids, you certainly won’t have them’ murdering ‘father’ stories?

It’s not the first time I have thought this and I would like your take on it.


Should there be some kind of IQ / ability / psychological test for parents before they are allowed to breed?

I know! I know! It sounds rude and they have human rights yadda yadda…but…should we care?

Isn’t it time we put the onus of concern back on to the poor kids?

Killing Animals Is Fun!

the insanity of humanity lg

It is hard to make sense of human behaviour sometimes…well, a lot of times…


This beautiful creature was shot inaccurately by hunters and then had to wander about for the best part of 2 weeks with this arrow through it’s head. Alerted by a Ms Susan Darrah who would often be visited by the deer who came to eat the pickings in her back yard, some folks got together to wait for the animal, tranquilize it and remove the arrow. Yay!

The deer was then set ‘free to roam’ where it is once again the permitted target of both competent and incompetent ‘hunters.’ Sigh!

Someone please explain humans? Answers below. Free bow and arrow to best answer. 😯


Mutilating Animals For Profit

the insanity of humanity lg


There’s a new trend in town folks!…In China. Mutilating animals and begging ‘on behalf of the animal’ for money. In this story this camel has been purposely mutilated by having it’s legs cut off by homeless men. They’re homeless…think it was done ‘humanely?’



 Protected Species

Camels are supposedly a protected species in China. The local police said that mutilating people was becoming rather passe and earning less and less money so obviously animals were next. The police also said they could not do anything about this particular once majestic camel or the new trend in general because the people concerned were ‘not breaking the law.’

I however do have a solution – at least for this particular case…it involves 3 bullets.


Mutilated-Camel-1 Mutilated-Camel-2 Mutilated-Camel