Is It Right…

…to pierce a baby’s ears? This cute little chubster is about to get her ears pierced. Isn’t she gorgeous and squidgeable? The parents who took her to have it done say; ‘It was suggested to us that we pierce her ears early so that she would not remember the pain.’   Another woman who had… Read More Is It Right…


Dog Versus Roomba!

Is this the future?!! Robots take over and the pets are in command!!?? Sounds better already! 😀 Beautiful fella / miss – can’t work out if it’s Chasta or Chester…beautiful home too!   _________________________________________________________________

YAWN!! Should You Stay Married If It’s Boooooring?!

UK celebrity couple, presenter Zoe Ball and DJ Fatboy Slim broke up recently as part of a spate of recent similar celeb ‘conscious uncouplings.’ This one stands out for the reason given for the separation. Zoe Ball apparently stated that she was bored! Brutal…but honest. Predictably she was lambasted for it online with most of… Read More YAWN!! Should You Stay Married If It’s Boooooring?!