Arrogant Cow!

Women are not allowed to state that they are beautiful. Fact. ‘How dare she say she is beautiful!’  ‘Arrogant cow!’ ‘That’s someone else’s job.’ You can acknowledge that you are tall, fat, Irish, an architect, jobless, useless, even ugly, but there is an unwritten rule that says women (in particular) cannot admit to being beautiful.… Read More Arrogant Cow!

Rape Simplified

I thought these illustrations from Everyday Feminism might be somewhat too simplified to make the point, but actually…no. What say you??!! Am I missing something here or are these really quite good. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Everyday Feminism

Mrs B

For our American and worldwide friends there is a woman called Katie Hopkins who is positioning her career to be the most hated woman in Britain. I would say she missed the boat on that one. It appears we have someone already…  Mrs Victoria Beckham.   Check out some of her ‘fan mail’ below:  … Read More Mrs B

NSFW! – Moms! Christians! Black Commentators! Feminists…we need to talk!

This is the new cover of Paper magazine. As with the post on Rhianna’s bottom, a woman’s exposed bottom is never just a woman’s exposed bottom. There are so many thoughts on this one: 1. Our Queen? Without doubt Ms Kardashian is reigning supreme as everything that represents a GENERAL modern mindset and the zeitgeist.… Read More NSFW! – Moms! Christians! Black Commentators! Feminists…we need to talk!