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What To Do With Rhianna’s Bottom?


When I saw the pictures of artist Rhianna at the CDFA awards I was a little taken aback. Beautiful girl. Beautiful dress but so…explicit.

Her practically bare bottom sashaying boldly up the steps held a deeper, even socio-political meaning I think.

For whilst we can still remember Madonna pushing sexual and nudity boundaries I don’t recall her going this far…as in walking around in public basically with her underpants on. Pics and videos yes.

I’ve held off on this story just…pondering


Help me out here!

Tell me what YOU make of it all. Can you answer the questions of a pondering mind?


  • What does this mean in terms of a woman’s right to wear what she wants whether that is a burka or this dress?
  • Is the next step just straight up nudity at celebrity events?
  • She was receiving a fashion award. Is this really the emperors new clothes or indeed the empress un-clothed?
  • What if a man turned up with his arse out and schlong barely hidden behind mesh netting, would that be okay too?
  • Would you know where to look if she offered you an olive at the after party?
  • Is this a sign of society becoming more chilled, artistic, blind, stupid, or going to hell in a hand basket?
  • What if Rhianna was 22 stone with less of a pert posterior…would the fashionistas still be clapping?
  • How on earth will Miley Cyrus top this one?!!


For those not sure what the fuss is about,

the NSFW Pics are here!