Animals That look Like Celebrities!

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This one with Putin is just scary!

As is this Richard Branson one!

Ron Perlman meets his permed doppelganger.

Which one is the dawg?

The Dali Llama…literally!

Taylor Lautner and equally ‘squinchy-faced’ friend

Harrsion Ford’s quizzical expression is doubled.

Madonna. The frog plays a mean guitar and is also a marine biologist.Peyton Manning’s double.

Strut Cat and Leonardo Di Caprio.

Ron Perlman meets yet another doppelganger…no perm.

Mckayla Maroney and Red Rabbit do not approve.


‘Ner ner ner!’

Such beautiful hair. Julia Roberts style is nice too.

Eric Stonestreet.

Rafael Nadal and a capybara getting passionate about tennis.

David Duchovny.

Any favourites? Whack it in the comments below! 🙂


Never Think You Are Not Good Enough…

Whenever I’m silly enough to doubt my ability with anything,

I always take a quick glance at people in the public eye earning millions for their ‘skills’ and back I bounce. Not in an arrogant ‘I’m so much better’ way, but simply in a ‘if they can do it so can I’ way.

Here’s an example:

A music producer friend of mine had the tuning tool that all producers use these days to whack up a note that was either slightly sharp or flat whilst mixing or producing in the studio. It’s called Auto-Tune.

For good singers it was a tool used merely to sustain a great ‘take’ or performance where everything else was great bar a few dodgy notes or unexpected voice cracks.

So for those it was a quick job – half hour, if that.

My friend once worked on an international star from one of the biggest bands of the decade. He had the unfortunate task of auto-tuning their vocal. When I popped into the studio he gave me a weary look.
I’ve been here for weeks!’ He wailed.
He told me he literally had to auto tune not just words but right down to syllables. The poor guy literally had to re-tune every breath from this multi-million selling ‘singer.’

What this reminds us is that no matter how crappy we feel our contribution to the world might be, there are people who are not quite as bothered about imposing mediocre on the world making a perfectly good living! In other words, of course we should do our best, but remember, there is an audience for everyone. Our job is to find them.




What Say You?!

Are you your worse critic and full of self doubt with any project you take on?


HNY! – Predictions For 2017

1. Someone will comment on the weather, be it hot or cold and blame it on global warming.

2. Someone will plough the depths of wit and originality and accuse someone somewhere of being either a lefty liberal, a feminist, Hitler or a millennial snowflake.

3. A douchebag somewhere will harm an animal and receive zero repercussions for their actions.

4. A celebrity will die.

5. Trump will do something Trump-like. Twitter might just mention it.

6. Somebody will be terribly offended.

7. And a woman will shun those tiresome and wholly inconvenient strips of cloth they have been forced to wear for decades and finally show up at a red carpet event completely naked, citing feminism and freedom, having starved herself for 12 months beforehand.

That’s just what we see happening. We could be wrong! Flippant or serious, personal or world changing, what are YOUR predictions for 2017?

The Dust Has Settled…

drumpfSo the dust has settled, (sorta!) and America has a new president. Far from having a favourite in the run up to the election, I watched with amazement at the choices, the behaviours, the immaturity and the mud slinging and not for the first (or last) time I was ass-clenchingly embarrassed to be human.

That aside I had a few questions that kept running though my mind. See if you can help answer them:

  • Why is it that everyone else is thrown on the scrap heap by at least 50 these days and yet, if you are (usually) male and white you are deemed capable of starting the most powerful job in America…or in the world at the age of 70? Winston Churchill retired at 80 for goodness sake.


  •  Why was Hilary repeatedly taken to task for the wrong doings of her husband? Highly misogynist no? That’s like going to a job interview and they keep referring to my husband over my little female head.

Her husband shagged lots of women. Not her. What were her accusers suggesting she do? Leave her husband to please them? Why the hell should she, anymore than any woman who stays in a marriage when she knows her husband is an oaf? I found that so strange…as if there wasn’t enough else to be horrified by.

  •  Not so much a question but a thought… The thing that is great about America is also what is kinda crazy about America. ANYone can be president.


  • Just how much stink eye do you imagine is currently being cut in the Clinton household right now, bearing in mind that at least one of the reasons we are not talking about the new President Clinton today is because of the rank behaviour of the previous President Clinton?


  • And to wind up on a positive note, Trump shows that anything is possible. If he had joked about the presidency and then did nothing about it, he’d be watching it on television like everyone else. You have to be in it to win it.

So, crazy, crazy election. Strange week. Strange year. Can you answer any of my questions or sum it up…at all?

What Say You?!


He’s A punk, He’s A Dog, He’s A Pig, He’s A Con…and then De Niro stopped being polite….

What Have I Just Watched?! 😯

Is this the most honest character summation ever?

Regardless of your politrics, have you ever heard anyone famous EVER be so straight up?

Do you agree? Do you disgaree?

Would you like all politicians to be so straight ‘tawking?’

Who would win in a fight, De Niro or Trump??!!! 😯 😀