Striking Design

It always amazes me that when you think that they have probably done all they can with design in certain areas, someone always flips the script and says, ‘Hey! What if we…?’ Ellinor Ericsson an upcoming designer hailing from Sweden has done that with seating and her tactile giant cross stitch furniture. It’s conversation piece… Read More Striking Design

Fashion Meets Art Meets Food! :)

Artist Gretchen Röehrs completes her beautiful fashion sketches with food items. She plays with colours and shapes and different food types to create the flow and curves of the body shape and dresses. Beyond cool. What do you think? Favourites? _____________________________________________________________________________________ Gretchen Röehrs  

Crap Ideas

Joey Tempest had written a song. He played the demo to his Bandmates Europe (remember them?) and it was laughed out of the room. They thought it was ridiculous. The song was The Final Countdown which went on to be number one across the globe in 25 countries and can still be heard today cropping… Read More Crap Ideas