Fashion Meets Art Meets Food! :)

Artist Gretchen Röehrs completes her beautiful fashion sketches with food items. She plays with colours and shapes and different food types to create the flow and curves of the body shape and dresses. Beyond cool. What do you think? Favourites? _____________________________________________________________________________________ Gretchen Röehrs  

Amazing Art

Amazing artist Christoph Niemann does these clever little sketches using everyday objects. His day job is sketching for The Times Magazine and the New Yorker. Art with heart. How much do you love this? Do you have a favourite?     _____________________________________________________________________________________ Christophe Neimann  

Even More Art With food!

  More terribly imaginative ideas to try with food! Which are your favourites?!       _____________________________________________________________________________________ Dan Cretu Samantha Lee James Wilson Art Bang

Even More Food Art!

Folks meet Mr Carl Warner and prepare to be blown away by his work. He (and a team) create amazing landscapes and art pieces with food which he calls ‘foodscapes.’ Behold I bring you talent! Don’t even hesitate to wander over and see more of his amazing work at Source below.   _____________________________________________________________________________________ Source here.