Some Joy From all The Naziness!

Hello folks! You know I wouldn’t let you down in these WTF?! times.

Here are some great responses when those ‘fine people on both sides’ go out on a walkathon for a day. Enjoy.


  1. See what some folk did in response to a march held every year to celebrate the ‘dead loser’ (Arnold Schwarzeneggers words) Rudolf Hess.


2. See what some folks came up with for another march featuring 2 sets of clowns.

Originally featured on The Good Reverend then Neatorama

3. He he! Possibly my favourite….although the clown one is up there. This guy turned up with a sousaphone to play these fine people along in their march with suitable lumbering music for the slow witted.


What Say You?

Do you have a favourite?

Do you think these are better responses than fighting?

What are your views on Trump’s response to the Charlottesville rally and should the sousaphone man be hired to follow him around the world…or not?


Shocking Video

the insanity of humanity lg


The video depicts what appears to be a re-occurring theme of the typical treatment of African maids who are forced to work in the Gulf States.


The video can be seen here.


When / if you view it, let me know what it makes you think or feel, because whilst it’s shocking I’m not surprised by it…which is not a good thing.

And just so you know, the dialogue is something along the lines of

‘Help me! Help me!’

‘Get up you crazy woman.’

What Say You?

Where do we file this one?

He’s A punk, He’s A Dog, He’s A Pig, He’s A Con…and then De Niro stopped being polite….

What Have I Just Watched?! 😯

Is this the most honest character summation ever?

Regardless of your politrics, have you ever heard anyone famous EVER be so straight up?

Do you agree? Do you disgaree?

Would you like all politicians to be so straight ‘tawking?’

Who would win in a fight, De Niro or Trump??!!! 😯 😀

News Just In!

Lenny Kravitz...Oh my! 😯


If you haven’t heard, (or seen!)  Lenny Kravitz’ audience got a little more than it said on the ticket when his leather pants split in Stockholm.


Quick-Fire Quizz:

If this happened to you and pics of your vitals were being passed around like prohibition oxygen pellets on the moon, how would you recover with style and panache – or would you just run and hide for the rest of the year?

Can’t help thinking Lenny should have let us source 4 him! #penisgate

NSFW! – Moms! Christians! Black Commentators! Feminists…we need to talk!


This is the new cover of Paper magazine. As with the post on Rhianna’s bottom, a woman’s exposed bottom is never just a woman’s exposed bottom.

There are so many thoughts on this one:

1. Our Queen?

Without doubt Ms Kardashian is reigning supreme as everything that represents a GENERAL modern mindset and the zeitgeist. – Like it or not. If aliens came down to earth today they’d ask to speak to our Queen Apparent, the person that millions appear to idolize and talk about the most – Ms Kardashian West. Are we all going to hell for allowing this to happen or should a girl be allowed to make her money in peace and buy shoes?

2. The Black Community

Will the black community appreciate more appropriation of their imagery and culture whilst a white person gets the credit (and the loot) for what they have been lambasted and denigrated for throughout the centuries?

3. The Feminists

Will feminists love this shot? (Cough! Sorry just choked on my own ridiculous words!) But hey, some feminists may interpret this as a woman’s freedom and choice? And then there’s the photoshopping…

4. The Artists

I love me some Jean Paul Goude who created this and some fantastic iconic imagery especially with Grace Jones, but is this something only artistic people can get behind? (Yep just noticed the pun!)



5. The Moms (and Pops)

Mothers may be up in arms with the ‘bad role models of our society’ angle, are you a Mom? What do you think? Is Ms Kardashian’s world stage and influence a concern for you?

6. The Bloggers

To my blogging pupils, forget the purposefully controversial image for a minute, the idea of ‘breaking the internet’ is a perfect analogy of how you should approach your articles if you wish to get (tons of) readers. Is it one you might follow?

7. The Christians

And then my Jesus loving Christians! How does this fireball conversation-starter image sit with you? Would Jesus in jeans today be mad or would He be at the shoot hanging with Ms Kardashian…’member the Bible and who Jesus chose to hang with there?


What say you?!

I’ve put the kettle on and filled the cookie jar… Bring it!


The NSFW pics can be seen here.

I Got Hacked! I Was Stupid!

cwt edt

jennifer lawrence

Ms Jennifer Lawrence

I’m stupid because:

Anyone with half a brain knows that any electronic device is hackable. iCloud is not a locked box in my bedroom, it is a public forum with password protection that can be hacked at any point. I should not put highly personal information or images in a public forum, especially one I do not control. Frankly I’m a dumb broad because where are all the men’s nudey pictures? Durr!


No, I’m a victim because:

I was given the impression by a trusted company that my iCloud account was secure. If they had broken into my home and stolen my pictures would you still be saying that I’m stupid? They are MY pictures and no one has a right to use them without my permission, end of. Durr back!


Ms Kate Upton

Ms Kate Upton

School Me People!

I’m sure by now we have all heard about several female celebrity’s iCloud accounts being hacked and highly sensitive and personal images and film have been stolen and disseminated around the web for all to see and without permission of course. Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton are just two of a fairly generous list of names. There are 2 sides of an argument emerging as depicted above. I see both sides…kinda…sorta, but I can’t help leaning more to one of them…

What say you?



State Murder – Is It Wrong To Laugh?

cwt edt

Joseph WoodOn Wednesday 23rd July Joseph Woods, pictured, took hours to die a slow, choking, extended death for the murder of 2 innocent people in 1989. It took approximately 2 hours to kill him. This is the third time recently that this has happened, (that we know of!)

The killing by lethal injection of an inmate in Ohio went similarly embarrassingly wrong in January. In Oklahoma in April an execution was halted when the inmate appeared to regain consciousness midway through! It seems the IV tube had not been inserted correctly.



Does it make me the devil’s spawn that I laughed when I heard this news?

How do you feel about these ‘mistakes’ and the death penalty in general?


Are you in the ‘2 wrongs don’t make a right’ camp or the ‘Fry the sucker!’ posse?

I’m just an idiot Editor. School me.