Changing Family Safety Standards Over The Years!

Just Your Typical Aussie Kid Drinking Beer And Holding A Baby Crocodile truthcrusade   Mother And Grandmother Demonstrating Safety Standards In The 1960s thisisanendtable   California Marijuana Initiative Rally 1972. Baby In The Box. 19blackdog72   Pet Lion Which They Raised For Two Years,1959 ryanb99   Princess Yvonne And Prince Alexander In Germany, 1955 Photo… Read More Changing Family Safety Standards Over The Years!

Animals That look Like Celebrities!

Β  This one with Putin is just scary! As is this Richard Branson one! Ron Perlman meets his permed doppelganger. Which one is the dawg? The Dali Llama…literally! Taylor Lautner and equally ‘squinchy-faced’ friend Harrsion Ford’s quizzical expression is doubled. Madonna. The frog plays a mean guitar and is also a marine biologist.Peyton Manning’s double.… Read More Animals That look Like Celebrities!

Dog Versus Roomba!

Is this the future?!! Robots take over and the pets are in command!!?? Sounds better already! πŸ˜€ Beautiful fella / miss – can’t work out if it’s Chasta or Chester…beautiful home too!   _________________________________________________________________