Woops! When Selfies Go Wrong!

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Just lol.2

‘Hair to one side? Check….Sultry smile to camera? Check. Oh I’m really bringing my A-game today…’3

I don’t even know…4

Just why? Even without the butt shot…just why?5

The guy in the other car is feeling us all I think.6

Oh bless. 9

More ‘my girlfriend took this while I was sleeping’ delusion.8Why is this guy walking around with a smiley face on his nether regions? Surely he should just go naked?

9Excuse me ma’am, sir…may I see your drivers license?

Look At Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

lt logo So I’ve seen this lady for some time. Her name is Celeste Barber. She re-interpretes images for ‘everyday people’ from the highly manipulated pictures that whizz around the net featuring the same kind of folk usually in bathrooms taking self-loving selfies. Thought she was amusing but also thought ‘Hey, these are (mostly) young fillies enjoying their youth and beauty and creating their art…let them be.’ Then I came across her again and thought ‘actually in her humour she has a point!’

See what you think. I included some of the best ones including her own image comments. What are your favourites??!


‘When you thought you were amazing and everyone else has real jobs and doesn’t give a shit.’

2 3 4


‘I love support from all my fans when they are behind a fucking barricade.’

6 7

‘My fur isn’t dead yet and there is not enough duct tape in the world.’



‘Get angry, get wet, get your best mate take a photo, call it art.’

10 11

‘The struggle is real.’


‘It’s uncanny.’


‘Just two average girls in a bathroom with lipstick, a phone and a heap of people who seem to give a shit.’

14 15 16


‘How funny is salad!’

18 19

‘Road trippin’. Enjoying the wind in my hair!’


‘My vagina is hilarious!’


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Celeste Barber

Random Human Weirdness!

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The future?924122887

Who even thought this was a good idea? Having said that, the pooch looks up for it.


Okay, the story behind this one was that the mother’s nose job appointment clashed with the photo opp. Why lose her photography booking?




Is this poop alarm so wrong or so right? I can’t decide.


I like a teacher who is open minded.


Why have just one hairstyle on your head when you can have three?


Natural and spontaneous.


Johnny Depp?


Grandpa needs a slap.


The story behind this one is that this future torturer was feeding treats to his stuffed puppy in full view of his real dawg…who was locked outside.


This lady was determined to get an autograph and felt that offering her head would give her an advantage.



This is funny…unless you are car no. 460 in the tailback.


Glad to see that the educational standards of this council is fairly high compared to quite a few.


…And you would use this on a boy??!!


Some pics need no words.

Do you have any favourites?!

Bah Humbug!

bah humbug img scrufOh joy of joys! It’s that time of year again! Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack frost nipping at your nose…Or perhaps it’s the Christmas dinner getting burnt beyond recognition on a gas fire and your nephews new Christmas toy gun bullets zinging past your nose?

Let’s face it Christmas ain’t what it used to be:

  • The unwanted stocking filler rubbish finding their way unceremoniously onto Ebay within 24 hours.
  • The enforced ‘happy family’ get together and lets be honest just because they share the same family tree doesn’t mean you necessarily want to hang out with some of them!
  • The abysmal TV schedules.
  • The pressure on the cook (usually, but not exclusively Mom).
  • Getting what is clearly the cheapest, nastiest card in the Christmas card selection box anonymously hand delivered on December 24th and knowing that basically they forgot you!
  • The drunken office party.
  • The pressure on parents purses to buy every viral toy for their kids because that Christmas tangerine and loving hug doesn’t quite cut it anymore.
  • The annual Christmas and New Year punch up…I mean Sales Days, where people go out to embarrass mankind with their stampeding herd-like behaviour, braying, moo-ing and elbowing for some cooking pots they’ll never use and a large screen plasma TV.

And here’s another thing…who says that Ebeneezer Scrooge didn’t have a point? Why did all those poor folk keep having children they could ill afford? He practiced restraint, why couldn’t they? 5 children, 8 children 10, 12. Was it some kind of competition to see just how many children one could expose to unremitting disease, extreme poverty and hardship? If his beliefs, practices and behaviours were so wrong why were people always knocking on his door to share his ‘ill gotten’ gains? ‘What an evil greedy man you are…oh by the way, can you spare a shilling?..Yes you know from that money you accumulated by NOT behaving like the rest of us.’ BAH HUMBUG!


Is there anything really left to love about Christmas?

1. Woah! Ed…or should I say Edeneezer, (see what I did there?) Take a chill pill, it’s just a happy family get-together.
2. Too right Ed. Christmas is a joke that has had all the traditional significance squeezed out of it.

The Weekly Crazy

weekly crazy goodI love my bat-shit crazy with a cup of camomile and warm cockles in the morning. Octagenarian brothers from Texas Eugene and Corky provide it this week.


The lovely pair take in abandoned dogs. They found that grossoes (my word, feel free to use it) would dump dogs and leave them to starve, so the brothers started feeding them, taking them to the vet for their injections and generally looking after them.

Naturally that developed into the doggy train. But of course! The dogs are taken on a 90 minute tour of the neighbourhood yapping and barking in delight. They go twice a week and have all become quite the local celebrities. Imagine your dog with their head out the car window…yeah that x10!

So School Me

Would you love them as neighours with their furry street gang or hate them as neighbours?!

Meet Another Doodle Bug


Suraj Sirohi adds doodles to everyday pics just for shizz and giggles. Quite fun. Faves? I’m going for dog getting shaved, hypnotised dog having bone stolen and little piglets buffing tomatoes as that is indeed the reality of what happens to your tomatoes. Fact.

Update: Actually every time I look again I have a new favourite! The pineapple taking selfies, or the pencil being mutilated…sigh, can’t decide!

What are YOUR favorites?!

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Siraj Sirohi