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Artist Gretchen Röehrs completes her beautiful fashion sketches with food items. She plays with colours and shapes and different food types to create the flow and curves of the body shape and dresses. Beyond cool. What do you think? Favourites?Fashion1

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Gretchen Röehrs



Is Childhood Obesity The Same As Child Cruelty?

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I say this…

Not from a lack of understanding that ‘food’ today is not really food anymore. We are rather like incubated test animals being experimented on by people who aren’t even pretending to have regard for the human condition. So illness and obesity is almost par for the course if you are not super careful and in some cases wealthy enough to have freshly grown healthy food cooked everyday for you and your loved ones.


However, we DO know that the choices of some parents are tantamount to poisoning their children with sugar, fake sugars, fats and all sorts of unidentifiable chemicals shoveled onto the ready-made ‘food’ and sweets they train their children to love.


So, School Me People!

– Come off it Ed, parents have it hard enough trying to raise children and er…whatever else, in some cases.

– You know what Ed, you might have a point. I think we can consider childhood obesity the same as child cruelty.

What say you?



Babies And Their Pals!

erin veyErin Vey

Cuteness overload in fur and nappies!
cute-big-dogs-and-babies-20Elena Shumilova

‘We can do this Brutus! If we start now, we should be in Maine by the morning!’blake gimmerBlake Gimmer

‘Hi ho silver!’brett manipoBrett Manipo

‘Hmmm, son, you’d make a very nice starter! But we cool. We cool.’cute-big-dogs-and-babies-2

‘Just me an’ my pal…shootin’ the breeze!’cute-big-dogs-and-babies-5 cute-big-dogs-and-babies-6

‘I luh ya Papi!’cute-big-dogs-and-babies-12 cute-big-dogs-and-babies-13

‘Whaddya see? Waddya see?’

‘I see cats.’cute-big-dogs-and-babies-17

‘I’m worried about you…you don’t look happy!’cute-big-dogs-and-babies-33

‘Me an’ ma pal gon’ ketch a wave dude…’erin vey 3Erin Vey

‘Git offa ma porch!’erin vey copyErin Veylindsey ockerLindsey Ockerlucu terbaru

‘Every got-damn time she gotta do this!’qGiHbU3

‘I luh ya Papi! 211

 Jen Hendricksbaby and pup copy

The Truth About Your OJ!

How are you today?

How did you start your morning? I used to start my morning with a fresh glass of orange juice, a stretch, a yawn and a new resolve…


That was until I found out that the wholesome orange goodness that I thought I was imbibing was perhaps not as wholesome and authentic as I thought.


The Myth

When I think of fresh orange juice, l have an image of countless fields of oranges on trees and a happy brown person with broken teeth and a worn out sun hat smiling warmly at the camera as he drops another zesty fresh orange into his full basket.

I have this image because that was what was sold to me since I was a nipper. The truth however is somewhat different. The little brown man and his plump happy wife do not spend all day squeezing juice just so that I can have it fresh the next day! Here is the story of your orange juice and how it gets to your table:


The Reality

The reality is that when oranges are picked they are squeezed, the pulp discarded and the juice is stored in huge vats. Oxygen is then removed from the juice to enable it to be able to hang around for up to 1 year (hello?) without going off. This process also strips the juice of all it’s flavors.

When they are ready to use the juice, the flavors are replaced using flavor packs designed by the same people that make perfumes for the big perfume companies. They also use industrial chemical processes to recreate the smell of orange.



Often we don’t reconsider what we are buying once the advertising message has numbed our brain into automatic repetitive purchasing. But it stands to reason that any fresh juice that tastes consistently sweet must have had something done to it as it is near impossible to be able to buy consistently sweet fruit.

It also stands to reason that any fresh product that has an unfeasible shelf life will have had some industrial process intervening between it’s natural, simple state and you. Whilst the orange liquid that ends up on our tables might not be detrimental for you, (jury’s still out), for me it does not remotely resemble what I thought I was buying.

Tell me. Does this surprise you?


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Art With Food

1 Some of this food art is so good I would not want to eat it! Look at that lovely sleeping bear – could you really nibble at this cute little ears?2 3


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