Arrogant Cow!

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Women are not allowed to state that they are beautiful. Fact. ‘How dare she say she is beautiful!’  ‘Arrogant cow!’That’s someone else’s job.’
You can acknowledge that you are tall, fat, Irish, an architect, jobless, useless, even ugly, but there is an unwritten rule that says women (in particular) cannot admit to being beautiful.

To be fair, I don’t know that many men would be praised for saying that they are good looking either, however, it is women who have been lambasted recently for daring to suggest that they might consider themselves attractive. And I mean people got really angry at them. You also get people annoyed if you wear an expression on your face that suggests that you think you are attractive. ‘That one thinks she is God’s gift.’ Oh the crime!

I should add that this phenomenon is a western disease, as I have heard African and Brazilian women state categorically that they are beautiful with no punchline or false self deprecation and the people surrounding them simply nod in agreement.


Why is a (western) woman not allowed to say she is beautiful? Straight face. No irony. No narcissism. No punchline,  just truth. Is this just other people reflecting their own insecurities?

Is it indeed just plain arrogant to suggest that you are beautiful?

Why do women bother with make up and all that gear if the aim is not to be beautiful at the end of it?

Would you like your daughter to be able to state confidently that as well as being well educated, she is also beautiful…or does that sound weird?

How comes you can be beautiful inside without annoying anyone but not beautiful outside?

Is coyly waiting for someone else to acknowledge your beauty a bit like asking for permission to be accepted as beautiful by someone else’s standards?


Are You Beautiful Or Average?…Don’t Lie!


So Dove are at it again. They come up with these really thought provoking campaigns which frankly I sometimes feel are at odds with some of their advertising… but I digress.


This Is The Deal

They put up signs on entrances. One marked ‘Average,’ the other ‘Beautiful’. And people – oh who are we kidding – women – were spied on to see which entrance they chose to use.

All very nice, wild flowers, bunny rabbits and huggy-ness. Now, let’s assume they are referring to physical beauty (as they never clarify)…what is wrong in admitting you are average – if you are?


Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder and possibly nearly every mother, like some of the mothers featured in the video, would supportively shove their daughters through the ‘Beautiful’ door.

But if YOU yourself think you are average looking and it is FACT – why lie? We can’t all be ravishing beauties.

Sitting here, chowing down cave-woman style on some bread I made 2 days ago, I feel distinctly average. That’s okay. I’ll live.



Am I wrong? Is this more PC nonsense where we cannot call a spade a spade these days?
Must we force women to walk unconfidently and uncertainly through the Beautiful door, even if their gut feeling is telling them they shouldn’t be there? You wouldn’t wolf whistle at Margaret Thatcher, but she was still a remarkable woman.


Why Are You Married??!!!

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Andy Rooney once said:

‘For every stunning, smart, hot woman over 40, there is a bald, paunchy relic in yellow pants making a fool of himself with some 22-year old waitress. Ladies, I apologize. For all those men who say, “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?” here’s an update for you. Nowadays 80% of women are against marriage. Why? Because women realize it’s not worth buying an entire pig just to get a little sausage!’


What say you??!!

Single ladies, is marriage an important future must-have for you?

Wives, does Any Rooney’s words strike a chord? Is the traditional marriage dying a death and do you recommend it for your daughters?

Guys…what can I say? (Snurffle!) Do you agree with Andy Rooney’s reason for the diminishing appeal of marriage or no? Do you wish it for your sons?


Mrs B

Victoria Beckham

For our American and worldwide friends there is a woman called Katie Hopkins who is positioning her career to be the most hated woman in Britain. I would say she missed the boat on that one. It appears we have someone already…

 Mrs Victoria Beckham.


Check out some of her ‘fan mail’ below:

Mrs B comments2

Click for a better view of the daily barrage.


Ms Victoria Beckham only has to be caught breathing to draw the most blistering venom from her anti-fans. Granted that a lot of these complainants are merely skulking keyboard warriors and one can imagine them twinkling around her orbit with big blushy-smiley faces if they were to happen upon her in person, not to mention the obligatory outstretched selfie arm ready for action the minute she nodded permission to take one.

But still yet the absolute bile for this woman behind said keyboard is still astonishing and reflects the continuing anti-female madness that is engrained into religions, cultures and society generally. In other words folks, men don’t get this sh*t!…At least, not at these levels.


As an example of the above statement, let me give you a reminder for those who don’t recall.
When her husband was said to have strayed into the arms of a shameless opportunist it was not he that was blamed by the majority, but her! She was attacked for having the nerve to want to bring up her then 3 boys and also have a career. With the blamers logic this was why he strayed. Apparently Mr Beckham was allowed to continue his career, but how dare she desire one also.

Then when pictured literally clinging to him like a limpet for the first time after the cheating scandal was printed, she was slated for…wait for it…hanging onto her husband and trying to make the marriage work despite their troubles, as this was seen as desperate rather than common sense.


Miserable B*itch!

She is a woman. How dare she not smile because some nobody behind a keyboard demands it of her! One of the popular arguments against Beckham is that she has every material thing in the world but she does not smile. Let those same people tap Mike Tyson on the shoulder and request a gold toothed grin from his scowling thunder. Or how about from a tatted-up, weed-eyed gangster rapper. Not so appealing?


Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I put it to you that there are pedophiles who are not on the receiving end of so much continuous, illogical hatred.

Question: How many equally successful male celebrities are there, (think famous singers) who have pointedly neglected ownership of children they have made and yet…where are their abusers?

If a male celebrity is caught out doing something very wrong he is sometimes bashed or mocked for that wrong doing and then it is pretty much forgotten. Remember a certain golfer? The gross detail of his philandering was on fire for a while, but who mentions it today? Mrs Beckham’s picture only has to appear in a blog or newspaper to constantly re-ignite deeply un-hinged disapprobation of the most irrational order. I am struggling to come up with a man in a similar position i.e Successful. Hated. Loathed.

I put it to you dear audience that this is merely a recognition of not only people who are deeply dissatisfied with their own lives and are looking for someone to take it out on – which is normal…kinda. But the interesting part is how successful or visible women are always the preferred target of their failure and not men, in other words #WomanHate.


Woman hating is fueled predominantly by women

By far the comments listed above are mainly from women, the same women who will decry female bashing, (stoning, covering up, impregnating pre-teens, domestic violence) in any other culture. This thing is so ingrained and normal now I would wager that people don’t even know they are doing it.

Of course there are people who just niggle us, sometimes for no explicable reason and we love to hate them, (come ahn! It’s fun sometimes no?) but this is sooo much more than that.

Woman-hate today is verging on psychotic. It’s wild-eyed rabid. Mrs. Beckham is just front of queue along with the usual suspects, e.g Kim Kardashian, Madonna and a growing collection of unusual suspects e.g 60 year old historian Mary Beard.

I’m looking for explanations why.

Mothers, what on earth are you teaching your sons?
Fathers, what on earth are you teaching your daughters?



Is it fair to blame the parents – at least in part?

Am I missing the point? Is Mrs Beckham so irritating that she is to blame for the venom she attracts?

What do you think drives this woman-hate which includes Mrs Beckham but is SO much bigger than her?

What can be done about it?

Can you see it escalating to offline behaviour or has that ship already sailed?

NSFW! – Moms! Christians! Black Commentators! Feminists…we need to talk!


This is the new cover of Paper magazine. As with the post on Rhianna’s bottom, a woman’s exposed bottom is never just a woman’s exposed bottom.

There are so many thoughts on this one:

1. Our Queen?

Without doubt Ms Kardashian is reigning supreme as everything that represents a GENERAL modern mindset and the zeitgeist. – Like it or not. If aliens came down to earth today they’d ask to speak to our Queen Apparent, the person that millions appear to idolize and talk about the most – Ms Kardashian West. Are we all going to hell for allowing this to happen or should a girl be allowed to make her money in peace and buy shoes?

2. The Black Community

Will the black community appreciate more appropriation of their imagery and culture whilst a white person gets the credit (and the loot) for what they have been lambasted and denigrated for throughout the centuries?

3. The Feminists

Will feminists love this shot? (Cough! Sorry just choked on my own ridiculous words!) But hey, some feminists may interpret this as a woman’s freedom and choice? And then there’s the photoshopping…

4. The Artists

I love me some Jean Paul Goude who created this and some fantastic iconic imagery especially with Grace Jones, but is this something only artistic people can get behind? (Yep just noticed the pun!)



5. The Moms (and Pops)

Mothers may be up in arms with the ‘bad role models of our society’ angle, are you a Mom? What do you think? Is Ms Kardashian’s world stage and influence a concern for you?

6. The Bloggers

To my blogging pupils, forget the purposefully controversial image for a minute, the idea of ‘breaking the internet’ is a perfect analogy of how you should approach your articles if you wish to get (tons of) readers. Is it one you might follow?

7. The Christians

And then my Jesus loving Christians! How does this fireball conversation-starter image sit with you? Would Jesus in jeans today be mad or would He be at the shoot hanging with Ms Kardashian…’member the Bible and who Jesus chose to hang with there?


What say you?!

I’ve put the kettle on and filled the cookie jar… Bring it!


The NSFW pics can be seen here.

Ladies!..(And Gents) Is This Harassment?

This woman walked through the streets of NYC for 10 hours to document what most women have to put up with whilst going about their business. Ladies, we’ve all been there right?


So School Me!

I’ve had this in many countries around the world…in different ways.

In Africa you get catcalls but mostly unblinking stares from one end of the street to the other. In London, similar to the video but slightly more restrained. In Scandinavia, polite questions. In Paris, stares and a few cat calls – but not a lot. NYC has to be the loudest and most opinionated about one’s shape, butt and what they would like to do with you as in the video and in LA you get stopped so men can tell you their resume and about the ads they’ve appeared in! (I’m only partly joking!)

Now I’m a pretty down to earth gal. You be polite to me and I’ll return it. I said hallo to whomever said hallo to me, (this did include women I should add). It only took a second to smile and nod and then move on.

Sometimes you would get a persistent pest and you’d have to duck into a shop if they did not get the message that the conversation was over. But should I have had to do this?

Occasionally a man / boy would get aggressive because I did not care to share my phone number with someone I had literally just met…

I have also been followed, not just for 5 minutes as in the video, but all the way home at 3am by some c**t who stopped me from going out again socially until I passed my driving test.


Should I be screaming harassment – or is this just an unfortunate fact of life?

Is the video showing a woman suffering harassment?

Fathers, would you like men to treat your daughters this way on the street and did you do this to other folks daughters?

Moms, is this serious enough for one of those ‘talks’ with your daughters and what street harassment have you experienced?

And does it really warrant a raising money for a non profit dedicated to fighting street harassment?!





Whyyyy Do Women Hate Women?!!!


There’s a new craze in China. A group of women will surround a woman accused of cheating with someone they know and strip her completely naked in the streets whilst kicking slapping, punching and even lobbing great lumps of poo at her!

No judge. No jury.

Just a bunch of vengeful witches. Where is the man she was unfaithful with (allegedly) – Either tucked up at home eating food his wife just made or sleeping with someone else. No justice needed for him apparently.
They even did this in front of a bawling child. No one in 3 video’s I have seen stepped in to help.

The goal? Excessive humiliation.




In the modelling industry, the people maintaining the status quo of photo-shopping women into stick insects and unnecessarily abusing and demoralizing young healthy sized women who want to be models are mostly women, not men.



It is women who uphold the derangement of female genital mutilation and carry it out on younger women to keep them ‘pure’ for men who have no need apparently to also be ‘pure.’



Women against feminism. Feminism to me is a little like religion. It means all different things to all different people. It’s original purpose has long since been bastardized by the passage of time and various groups of people translating it to fit whatever agenda they need it to fit. Today from what I discovered recently, it is WOMEN who are the most vocal against it.

I read one woman’s blog who somehow found every negative thing that happens in life to be the fault of feminism. Men can’t find work? Feminism. Lack of fathers? Feminism. Metrosexual men? Feminism. Bad weather? Feminism. Flat tyre? Feminism.

There is having an opinion about a subject and there is sounding rabid to the point of lunacy. Having read some of their blogs I felt that a few of these women against feminism had crossed that line some time back. What is interesting is that without original feminism these women would not be allowed an opinion, let alone use a computer to vent it.



How are men (on the whole) able to bond at all costs, whatever the weather? – I once read an article about a guy who beat up his wife and the majority of the men also reading it made excuses for him and stood shoulder to shoulder with him regardless – but a woman it seems will take up with her sister’s husband in a blink of an eye?

There was once a guy who wanted to run away with me, your humble Ed(!) leave his wife and two young kids and lavish gifts and travel on me! He was a nice guy, but I stopped seeing him even as a friend. I did this because:

1. I was a religious nut at the time, so morals and all that stuff.

2. His wife.

3. His children.

4. Why would I want to hang with a prick who leaves his young children?


Am I in the minority here?!!

Why don’t women have an equivalent to ‘Bro’s before ho’s?’

Will it ever change?

What are you doing about it as a mother or do you think it is not an issue?


I Got Hacked! I Was Stupid!

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jennifer lawrence

Ms Jennifer Lawrence

I’m stupid because:

Anyone with half a brain knows that any electronic device is hackable. iCloud is not a locked box in my bedroom, it is a public forum with password protection that can be hacked at any point. I should not put highly personal information or images in a public forum, especially one I do not control. Frankly I’m a dumb broad because where are all the men’s nudey pictures? Durr!


No, I’m a victim because:

I was given the impression by a trusted company that my iCloud account was secure. If they had broken into my home and stolen my pictures would you still be saying that I’m stupid? They are MY pictures and no one has a right to use them without my permission, end of. Durr back!


Ms Kate Upton

Ms Kate Upton

School Me People!

I’m sure by now we have all heard about several female celebrity’s iCloud accounts being hacked and highly sensitive and personal images and film have been stolen and disseminated around the web for all to see and without permission of course. Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton are just two of a fairly generous list of names. There are 2 sides of an argument emerging as depicted above. I see both sides…kinda…sorta, but I can’t help leaning more to one of them…

What say you?



Bad Ass Women: May Savidge

ba women 2


the-tp-btFolks, you are not going to believe this woman’s story! You see, I  rather like doing this whole Bad Ass Women bit because there is this continuing historical stench of suggestion that women are the weaker sex because they lack the physique of men. Well…sometimes, it isn’t just about God-given physique and more what you do with what you’ve got. Read her story at the click. Her single-minded, hard boiled determination will blow your mind!

Click HERE and be inspired!