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It always amazes me that when you think that they have probably done all they can with design in certain areas, someone always flips the script and says, ‘Hey! What if we…?’

Ellinor Ericsson an upcoming designer hailing from Sweden has done that with seating and her tactile giant cross stitch furniture. It’s conversation piece furniture for sure. Cool huh?

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Ellinor Ericsson


Even More Food Art!

Folks meet Mr Carl Warner and prepare to be blown away by his work. He (and a team) create amazing landscapes and art pieces with food which he calls ‘foodscapes.’ Behold I bring you talent! Don’t even hesitate to wander over and see more of his amazing work at Source below.

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Source here.

Megan Hess Interview

Be Inspired!



If you don’t know Megan Hess – you will know her work!

We interviewed mega-talented Ms Megan Hess about her work, the First Lady, Sex In The City and other stuff!

If you are a struggling artist, designer or even blogger – read her inspiring story and why you should never give up HERE!



The Future For Commuters?…Or Moms?!!

This could be the future for commuters! The Commute-Case is a briefcase has 3 distinct modes:

1. an electric scooter

2. a brief case

3. a trolley bag


It is basically an electric vehicle that folds up into a briefcase and can also be used as a trolley bag. The briefcase is also fully functional with enough space to hold your laptop and other office necessities.


This amazingly compact electric scooter weighs only 27 pounds, and has a range of 25 miles. The case can hold up to 275 pounds of weight and has a top speed of 12.5 mph. It’s weatherproof and has a manual handbrake just like the one on conventional bicycles. A cup holder and smartphone dock are also provided so you don’t have to worry about carrying your morning coffee and can easily check your phone on the go.



Still in prototype Green Energy Motor Corp are hoping that pre-sale income will help develop it further.

I love inventors and useful new gadgets but is this viable? Is it attractive? Useful? Crapola? Will it ever catch on? What say you?

And forget commuters…what about Moms?! Could you see yourself doing the school run with sandwiches where the laptop would be or is that one big LOL of an idea?