Where Women Today Go Wrong!…(Cough!)

poss sella

This is a darn classic and deserves a second airing it’s so magical!  So here goes….

I have had this for sometime in my files…today it must be unleashed!

For clearer reading the full transcript is below:


This is an actual extract from a sex education text book for girls, printed in the early ’60’s in the UK and explains quite a lot….


When retiring to the bedroom, prepare yourself for bed as promptly as possible. Whilst feminine hygiene is of the utmost importance, your tired husband does not want to queue for the bathroom as he would for his train. But remember to look your best when going to bed.

Try to achieve a look that is welcoming without being obvious. If you need to apply face-cream or hair rollers wait until he is asleep as this can be shocking to a man last thing at night. When it comes to the possibility of intimate relations with your husband it is important to remember your marriage vows and in particular your commitment to obey him.

If he feels that he needs to sleep immediately then so be it. In all things be led by your husbands wishes; do not pressure him in any way to stimulate intimacy. Should your husband suggest congress then agree humbly all the while being mindful that a man’s satisfaction is more important than a woman’s. 

When he reaches his moment of fulfillment a small moan from yourself is encouraging to him and quite sufficient to indicate any enjoyment that you may have had.


Should your husband suggest any of the more unusual practices be obedient and uncomplaining but register any reluctance by remaining silent. It is likely your husband will then fall promptly to sleep so adjust your clothing, freshen up and apply your night-time face and hair care products.

You may then set the alarm so that you can arise shortly before him in the morning. This will enable you to have his morning cup of tea ready when he awakes. 


In Conclusion:

As ever the problem has always been women followed by any choice of brown people (Mexicans are currently en vogue I hear) and then Meghan Markle. I do wish these sectors would freshen up and await their masters bidding without so much fuss! 😂






305 thoughts on “Where Women Today Go Wrong!…(Cough!)

  1. Wow… I’m sure this couldn’t have been mainstream? The 60s were the times of my grandparents youth, and that was definitely not their reality (but of course, they were very far from the UK).

  2. I just can’t. Imagine what the world would be like today if these thought processes hadn’t existed. You can file that in ‘the world is flat’ file.

  3. Just. Wow! They were printing this crap during my early lifetime and now the USA’s GOP wants to return to these “good old days”… is it any wonder so many women here are fighting tooth and nail to get these Neanderthals out of office?

    1. No. really? They specifically mentioned this type of thing or they are referring to the good ol’ days in general? Plus how far back do they want to go – slavery perhaps? 😀

      Now, school me please, what do you mean by ‘out of office’ I get the general gist of US government, but never grasped it’s full working bits – do you mean in Congress or am I barking up the wrong tree? And why do they call themselves the Grand Old Party?

      1. Oh trust me, you do not want to get me started on the GOP issues on this side of the pond, I could go on for days or weeks. I will try to be brief but explicit. Between their trying to reverse women rights to seek abortion even in cases of incest or rape (http://www.addictinginfo.org/2013/07/16/the-party-of-rape-culture-40-republican-rape-quotes-everyone-should-remember/ if you have the stomach for reading their vulgar tripe), defunding Planned Parenthood which provides low cost pre-natal vitamins, contraceptives and breast cancer screenings to the poorest of our citizens as well as abortion, adoption and basic health information, trying to refuse renewal of the Violence Against Women Act which funds community outreach for battered women and their children, drastically cut funding for WIC (women infants children) program which helps supply healthy foods and formula for small children, infants and women who are pregnant. They are trying trying to have “abstinence only” sex education in schools and refusing to teach about contraception at all, they have even passed laws in some states and are trying in others to prevent parents from being able to sue doctors who fail to warn parents of wrongful birth scenarios, which cause excited coupes to carry to term a child which is not truly viable, but who will have long term severe birth defects, drastically shortened lifespans due to the abnormalities in the fetus or run the family into lifelong debt because many of these wrongful birth children, suffer horribly and require constant supervision (keeping one or more parents from having time to earn a living in some cases) and sometimes must remain hospitalized for their terribly short and horrifically pain-filed lives. When we say they are “waging a war on women” we are simply stating facts though they love to claim it is otherwise. All this while cutting spending AGAIN on the Medicare and food stamps programs which the poorest families must use because the GOP has voted down a living wage increase dozens of times in the past few years alone. Some of them even want to do away with a minimum wage and let companies drop pay rates to whatever they please. *putting away soapbox now*

      2. Okay. Wow!
        It’s not like we don’t have problems like this in countries all over the world but wow! And thank you for your detailed run down of your GOP.
        It’s both fascinating and sad and always just highlights the growing chasm between the rich and the poor.

      3. Sorry, yes Congress is up for the vote this November. President is every 4 years, Senators every six, but they are staggered so the entire Senate is never fully replaced at one time. The House of Representatives (where he majority of this mess is being discussed, written up and passed up to the next level) is replaced every two years. I am hoping this time people are wise enough to vote out of office every single Repugnican and Tea Party Candidate in office and refuse entry to those seeing to replace the Independents, and Democrats already in the House.

      4. Sorry ‘Repugnican’ that made me chuckle. Sorry to go all Beavis and Butthead and seemingly ignore the other bits, but it did.

        …And thank you for the other bits. I’ve learnt a few new things today.

  4. I’ve read a lot of excerpts like this one, but this is definitely the worst so far. Complete submission…
    This could be a factor in why so much rape within relationships goes undealt with; the idea still lies in society’s conscience that it’s not REAL rape because the partner has a right to take pleasure from his wife/girlfriend because they’re committed to each other.

  5. I am happy, I live in 21th century and when I go to bed, there is a woman, who would respect hair-rollers, if I had to use them 😀

  6. Reading this was like watching a scary movie with my eyes open. Must now go eat something to ease the nausea.

  7. […] Today I came across an excerpt from an early 1960′s sex education manual for (hopefully, dear Lord hopefully) older girls.  Shockingly… it addressed sex exclusively in the context of marriage.  ACK!  And then said terrible, terrible things! […]

  8. Huh. Thank you for the fascinating article.
    From the commentary so far a different interpretation of it would seem to be an attempt to swim with sharks covered in bacon grease.
    I’m going to go ponder this somewhere else.

    But really, really fascinating article. Some of it is so very wrong. Some of it is simply so not modern.

    My inner history nerd is geeking out.

  9. Yeah things have changed but for the better? I don’t think so. Many more families were stable places in those days to be brought up in. I don’t agree with a woman having no input in the bedroom but as long as hubby loved her and looked after her I don’t think her respect did any harm.

    1. I don’t think it was as much a more “stable” set up back then, as it was just a more repressive overall society at the time and things went unreported. Women were still suffering, just nothing was done about it by law enforcement and social services as it is now. I know what my mom, several aunts and many older cousins suffered. Being the youngest of 7 from a dad who was the youngest of 15, fortunately by the time I married in my 30s (twenty years ago this year) things were vastly improved. Plus I got an amazing man to boot, so I was one of the luckiest ones!

      1. Care to elaborate on your lady relatives experience? Dom violence or something else?

        And I DO find your site intriguing! Gonna have more of a poke around later. Fascinating.

      2. Oops, apparently I have to reply to myself to answer your question, as your message does not give a reply button. Odd?

        General oppression was common among women of the small town south all the way into the mid 70s, add to it two aunts whose husbands had a habit of coming home drunk and beating them. Another whose husband belittled his wife in front of all and sundry in town, so she retired to her home one day and stayed there for years, refusing to leave it even after he died in the late 60s. She finally sold the house several years later and fled. One cousin who shot her husband in the head with a .22 after her beat her (one too many times) badly enough to be hospitalized. He survived, she felt guilty and let him return. He made her regret it one more time before she finally took her kids and fled. Top it off with my middle sister who called the police on her husband only to have his little brother, the police officer, show up. So she kept the door locked and barricaded and called my dad who arrived 20 minutes later, gun in hand to retrieve her from the house along with her clothing. The rest she left behind with the note advising that a lawyer handling her end of the divorce would follow with instructions.

        Then again, what would one expect of a country in turmoil as ouors was in the 60s and a southern state which did not allow girls to wear anything other than skirts and dresses to school until the late 60s/early 70s. I was in 3rd grade when the notice came from the school board that slacks and shorts (to the knee, no shorter) would be allowed on female students.

        As for the site, I am new to blogging so bear with me, please, whilst I find my footing, but thank you for the kind word.

      3. Amazing stories. Shocking stories.

        As for the site, (if you are referring to my latest comment there), nothing wrong with it. It’s visually very nice was my first impression. I was merely trying to understand who this group of people you identify with are (there’s plenty of who you are not) and thought I had missed the key post that explains it. No biggie.

  10. – Showing each-other care and consideration for the needs of the other should be natural for a couple in love with each-other.
    – A husband should be in love with his wife, not her make-up or hair-do. To put physical artificially altered looks ahead of love for one’s partner would be shallow and superficial.
    – Marriage is not owning another (taking), it is freely “giving” one-self out of love for another. The marriage vows are more like a commercial contract than a declaration of love.
    – Everyone has needs and the need for sleep is necessary as long as it is sincere, as a healthy relationship has all sorts of needs that lovers should want to fulfil.
    – Faking it is just not honest and will eventually lead to another sort of moaning.
    – Unconditional Obedience is just plain stupid. There are limitations to freedom that if crossed could be harmful and no decent partner would assert harm on his or her loved one.
    – My man enjoys his independence and so do my children (do varying degrees). Surely the men back then knew how to boil a jug of water, or did women have superior minds back then too? [ha ha]

  11. Hilarious and ridiculous. Thanks for brining it out of storage. 🙂 And women were being instructed on when to moan? Sounds like the title to a song. And where’s the birth control information, should any woman be concerned about such things….

      1. It is interesting that “sovereign rights” of men be raised.
        I therefore present for consideration:

        SOVEREIGN. A person, body, or state in which independent and supreme authority is vested ; a chief ruler with supreme power; a king or other ruler with limited power.

        Source: http://thelawdictionary.org/sovereign/

        SOVEREIGN RIGHT. A right which the state alone, or some of its governmental agencies, can
        possess, and which it possesses in the character of a sovereign, for the common benefit, and to enable it to carry out its proper functions ; distinguished from such “proprietary” rights as a
        state, like any private person, may have in property or demands which it owns.
        – St. Paul V. Chicago, etc., R. Co., 45 Minn. 387, 48 N.W. 17.

        Source: http://thelawdictionary.org/sovereign-right/ (slightly different to the printed source)

        As you can see the common man is not a sovereign and therefore does not have sovereign rights, Sovereignty is actually a position of trustee (sovereign) for the beneficiaries (people) which in the commonwealth countries is by means of a constitution (like a contract) that limits the function of ‘government’.

        Sovereigns are responsible for the provision of services and protection of the people and their property [security of persons] such as maintaining an effective defense force, police and emergency services etc….

        The actual status of the people as beneficiaries are “Suveran”, which is superior to a sovereign (trustee). The people are Suveran as it is by virtue of breathing life into the entities ‘state’ and ‘federation’ [government] through their consentual participation, such as voting into office a member of parliament to represent their will.

        SUV’ERAN, n. A supreme lord or ruler; one who possesses the highest authority without control. Some kings are suverans in their dominions; the authority of others is limited. The Creator is the suveran of all that he has made.
        1. A supreme magistrate, lord or king.
        O let my suv’ran turn away his face.
        source: http://sorabji.com/1828/words/s/suveran.html

        I am not a lawyer and do not give legal advice, only present my own opinion based on sources I cite.

  12. No, not so long ago. I once had a mother-in-law who followed this sort of nonsense to the T. So ingrained. She still had good little housewife books they gave to the little girls in school when they were about 6 years old.
    I’m grateful every day that I was brought up in a different time, with different values, with the ability to choose without expectation. Thank you Mamma and Da!

    1. In life I have noticed that certain types of people, to varying degrees need something to cling to. Even if it is detrimental or makes no sense, it is SOMEthing…a bedrock of principles they can always refer back to. This is what your mother in law reminds me of, as you have described her.

  13. Thanks for sharing !
    F*%¨ ! Shocking ! but not so long ago !! And on the way to change but not quite there! I’m 34 from a “non-conventional family”and I started my love life (as a teenager) with some of those behaviors… (like waking up first to control the appearance) probably subconsciously given to me from my mother and grandmother before her. I found a note book from my mother’s school.” life’s style education”(talking about the 60’s in France) it was exactly like that: keep your mouth shut, your legs available, please and obey. What a great program! 🙂 Fortunately I changed the pattern. But hell I know some young guys strongly sticked with this fantasy !

  14. This extract was really horrifying!! The sad and scary part is that a lot of men expect this from women even today….Thanks for following my blog btw.

  15. As a male bi-pedal hominid, I began my education the first year of the 60’s. This explains my prehistoric concepts regarding how I think women are to be cherished and protected from the dirt in men’s souls. My mother, grand mothers, great grand mothers, and my sisters were tough as forged steel, but were all very attendant to presenting themselves properly, with impeccable manners. I think we somehow began to think dignity and grace in the face of impolite things was a weakness and by the end of the seventies had done much to empower young men and women with the same awful notions men previously held so selfishly in their heart as a grand entitlement. I wish that men and women didn’t need to be equal partners in avarice. We could share equally; dignity, grace, and good manners. Maybe then, all of the other disparities between genders could be resolved. I know, I’m a dinosauer brain with petrified thoughts. Perhaps, equality, in any sense of the word, is just another windmill we should joust with all our heart, and pray not to be unhorsed.

  16. Wow!! this is what is needed today!!! I tell you…world peace is guaranteed…just follow that textbook extract…and make sure to “moan a little” LOL 😛 😀 😀 I can’t decide whether it is more parts unbelievable or hilarious! 🙂

  17. While I was expecting something a little-more up-to-date, jeeze-louize this is only 1 – 1½ generations back! But it seems like right out of the one step out of the dark ages!! That all sounds so messed-up!

      1. It makes me wonder what they’re secretly thinking of us and our values.
        (Which Hitleresque leader said that he’d only need the children for one generation to make a permanent change?) Who really changed us? And was it really for the better – I hear a lot of people saying the education system is pretty-rotten.

  18. OH, thanks for sharing this is great. I am old enough to have known people (male relatives) who would have thought this was “a most accurate account of how it should be.”

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