Ugh…Get A Room Already!


When you see people slurping, licking and eating each other’s faces in public, do you think ‘Oh how cute!’ Or does it annoy you?
I once had someone who I went to dinner with suddenly reach over the table and stick his tongue right in my mouth…right in there…waking up my napping tonsils! This was a first ‘date’ – the equivalent of trying on a new pair of trousers to see if they fit.

He didn’t.

He had just LOUDLY introduced me to the famous owner of the restaurant and the act seemed to be about showing off his latest arm candy, more than anything remotely spontaneous and sincere and with a lot of PDA instances this also seems to be the case. ‘YOOO HOOO!….LOOK AT US EVERYONE! WE ARE IN A RELATIONSHIIIIIIIIP!’

Personally I found it gross, perhaps because 1. I had zero attraction for this guy, but was open to seeing where things might go 2. I was caught totally unaware (I thought he wanted to whisper something lol!) and 3. folk were eating for Chrissake!

But even if WAS attracted to my dinner date I would still find it completely inappropriate and would tell the hottie to fix up – stick around, yes, but fix up and behave in public ffs!

But when you are in luuuuurve should you care what others think? Especially when you are young and everything is shiny and new. After all, you are hurting no one and Michael Bolton did say that ‘Love Is A Wonderful Thing’.


So School Me!

a) Shut up Theed you ole misery guts! Let people suck face in peace…

b) Couldn’t agree more Theed. I find them equally distracting because…


16 thoughts on “Ugh…Get A Room Already!

  1. This really ages me…lol. Because it does seem so long ago. Looking back I don’t think my dates and I ever did “that” (I am very sorry for you) in public. Or even close. Looking at the last paragraph, we did care what others thought. Perhaps the way I was raised. Hold hands yes, which my wife and I still do 31 years later. Fascinating read and thread. Thank you! 🙂

  2. Is there a C? Lol. Actually I found it inappropriate to do that in a first date especially if he didn’t ask beforehand. (But if I was super attracted to him, maybe….lol!). When I see couples going at it in public I’m not sure how to feel really. Part of me is jealous and part of me feels that they shouldn’t have to do it in public. I’m probably really jealous because I remember my younger days when I was passionately in love and couldn’t get my hands off my boyfriend (whoever that was at the time lolol). But because I’m jealous, it turns into annoyance and don’t really want to see people in PDA because I’m not. Well, as you can tell I’m a touchy feely person and somehow that’s lost now. I’ve too much stress and shit my life now sucks.

    1. I know right? We can bend the rules if they are super attractive and that is our prerogative! And aw I hear you about the stress. I do hope you get some more touchy feely in your life. When we last spoke you had sorted out the physical freedoms bit which was great. I’ll have to catch up…

  3. I think it’s a time and place thing. I really like it when my husband holds my hand in public. And when I see couples holding hands or walking with there arms around each other, I think that’s nice. But, when people are trying to taste each other’s stomach lining, I don’t like that. But then, when you’re young and drunk at in the pub or at a party, that’s different too. Maybe, a good rule of thumb is, if you’d be embarrassed for your parents to do that in front of you, you shouldn’t do it either.

    Also, your situation was weird and that would completely put me off the guy too.

    1. Ha! Love it! Loool! ‘taste each other’s stomach lining..’ :D. And I love the rule of thumb too. Using the parents hits square in the centre of the shoulders lol.

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