Win An Amazon Fire For The Kids!

(Comments closed). First of all apologies for my recent absences. I have had to admit to being part human and requiring things like sleep, having had too much on my plate recently to spend as much time as I would like to keeping up to date with my favourite bloggers or finding new favourites to explore.

As with most things in life all you can do is your best.

So new posts will be coming soon. In the meantime I have teamed up with The Home Style Directory to bring you this rather delightful freebie for your little ones… or a friend’s little ones! It has thousands of age appropriate popular apps, videos and books with content approval from mum and dad! You can manage usage limits, and educational goals while entertaining in a safe kid friendly environment. To participate is fast, fab & free! Just enter your name to win. Worldwide entry. Good luck!

Click HERE to enter.