Simone And The Rescued Baby Squirrel

Firstly Happy New Year one and all!

So I’m getting straight to it! Want to introduce you to Simone Serfontein from South Africa.

In 2016 she found a little baby squizza (squirrel to you!) who had fallen out of tree. Mom was nowhere to be found and the little mite was screaming blue murder for her.

So Simone took her in. She was around 5 days old with a pink belly and no hair. (I’ll let those jokes write themselves in your head!)

For the first few weeks Simone fed her every hour setting an alarm to get up and feed and bathroom the squizza which was eventually named Dingetjie.

Little Dingetjie hardly left Simone’s side. She was taken to work and could be found sleeping somewhere in Simone’s clothes huddling in the neck area or in a pocket for warmth.


Simone had tried making a little shoebox bed for Dingetjie but she much preferred sleeping with her new mother.

When Dingetjie became old enough Simone decided it was time to release her, but Dingetjie had other ideas. So whilst she would spend time outside, she would still come back home at night to snooze, (so…like most teenagers!). When Dingetjie became pregnant, rather than use a tree she made a little toilet roll nest in a drawer in her human home for her baby.

Whilst giving birth Dingetjie would keep dozing off! Who knows if this contributed to the baby’s demise, but unfortunately it was stillborn.

Dingetjie had another baby who got to use the same toilet roll nest as her stillborn sibling. This one made it through the birth and was named Tinkie. Unfortunately Tinkie also succumbed after only a few months.

And then came little Mistie…

…Who has been thriving since with her mother….

…and stepmother!



Aww! Never mind all of that other rubbish, this is a nice start to the year eh?

You can see more of Simone, Dingetjie and Mistie






16 thoughts on “Simone And The Rescued Baby Squirrel

      1. I have decided that it will be. Yours too!

        Where’s your photography stuff kept Gazza? I see the list of Gazza things incluing photography but no link, plus I only just worked out where the name Yummy Lummy comes from.

      2. Hehe, as a kid one of my brothers was nicknamed Yummy because he was the pretty brother 😂 A friend thought it would be good to combine with my school nickname which was Lummy.

        Most of my photographs of late have been food, but I post weekly at and I try to share some nonfood photographs there. Please feel free to visit.

        I’m looking forward to 2019 being full of fun and excitement and if that doesn’t happen, more nights of high quality sleep will do me 😃👍

      3. Lol. Sleep. Love it but it gets in the way sometimes! The thing is I don’t recall even knowing that your surname was Lum. But then I do have the memory of …erm…that…er that thing with no memory…can’t remember…

      4. Haha, blogging and reading blogs fills our brains with so much information, it’s difficult to recall it all. I’m just grateful we comment on each other’s blogs and enjoy each other’s on-line company 😃

      5. Amen to that sir! Plus I love this new blog. I think I’ve been to 2 of yours, no 3 the medical one. This is probably my favourite because i like stories …Although I very much enjoyed reading your blog on medical issues. The food one has super gorgeous hunger inducing pics but I prefer veggies if I’m honest so this is my favourite…. unless you got 100 more hiding somewhere!

      6. Hehe, no it’s only the two now after I stopped the medical one. When I retire though that one will come back.
        One of the things I wanted to do this year was more meat-free posts on Yummy Lummy. I have many friends who are vegetarian or vegan or raw food fans and it would be good to explore some more options.

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