WARNING: Video Contains Sicko Stuff!

If You Can’t Watch

I don’t like posting this stuff, but it really isn’t about me and my own discomfort.

If you are shocked by profanity move along. Where the bullied and vulnerable are concerned I speak as I feel.

The video contains hundreds of pigs being buried alive using a large digger….you know the ones you use for land fills?

They are thrown with zero regard on top of each other into a massive ditch, no doubt breaking necks and bones so they can’t even try to escape and are vocally beyond frightened, screaming at the top their lungs for some one to stop being an absolute shit eating cunt and save them.


No one does. Instead they stand and film. It’s theatre.

You will not be surprised to hear that this footage comes from China. (Who is shocked?…Anyone?)


I have questions, so school me:

Why do YOU think people behave this way? It isn’t just the Chinese. Lots of, (most) nations who claim civilization have very little decency when it comes to animals.

However the Chinese have a way of topping the worse thing you ever think you could ever see regarding animals…and children – this isn’t even remotely the worst thing I have seen from that country.

If this appalls you what are you going to do about it, if anything?

If this does not appall you please explain.

Any Chinese or South East Asians care to share some insight on the mindset? I have my theory, wanna know if it’s right.

Any other input? Bring it on. ‘Cos I’m baffled.



62 thoughts on “WARNING: Video Contains Sicko Stuff!

  1. Not an easy video to watch Theed, but it is reality and I appreciate you for sharing. It brought to think of the Sir Paul McCartney quote which says “You can judge a man’s true character by the way he treats his fellow animals”. A similiar quote from James Miles says “You can easily judge the character of a man, by how he treats those who can do nothing for him”.

    However, sometimes there are animal lovers who lavish an excessive amount of affection on pets, but are cruel to fellow human beings. Putting ourselves in the shoes (or feet) of fellow humans and animals and showing dignity and respect to all would make the world a much better place.

    1. Pretty much Carl. I have always been on the side of the bullied whichever species they happen to belong to.
      Regarding the non human animal however, it would be nice if we all stopped with the hypocrisy and treated others (whatever species) how we wish to be treated ourselves, can’t see that happening on the most part though. See you soon. πŸ™‚

  2. People behave this way because no one really cares. It’s all lip service and petitions that not many people follow up on and likes and shares. None of which really does anything much fast enough so people behave this way because there is not enough being done to stop it.

  3. *Sigh* it just goes on and on. I’ve just this minute signed a petition because somebody used a hard ball to crack the head open of a possum. People are pitiful. I’ll tweet this too.

    1. I could have sworn I replied to you already but …ah technology….
      People are beneath….but there’s always the little lights in amongst the garbage such as yourself to balance things.

  4. I don’t know if it’s a China thing as much as human thing. But then I haven’t seen any of these terrible videos and even if I were to come across them like this one I couldn’t watch it. Your description is enough. It is just terrible what we do to animals and as I say it’s a human thing where we attack the weakest as normal behaviour.

    1. Yes. The mature civilized approach would be to look after them not torture them. But mature and civilized is a very big ask these day…at every level.

  5. This is so disgusting. I also agree with you that its not just China its everywhere. We must do something to make the changes as slow as they may be, obvs faster is better.

  6. It is so disgusting. I think some people treat animals this way because for some reason that can’t see them as a living thing with feelings etc. All they see is food or whatever depending on the animal and kind of torture. I understand certain animals provide us with food but that doesn’t mean we have to treat them like this. Even in the wild animals treat their prey better than this (until the prey is caught but still).

    1. It really is that isn’t it because if we are to say ALL life is important I have often thought then how do we justify the way we treat say lambs?

      Do they have less entitlement to live than the cutest widdle puppy with the cutest widdle paunch belly? Or rats? Some people have them as pets and yet we get the exterminator out to kill them in horrendous ways because they encroach on our sacred properties.

      I would suggest that dog and cat eaters see them as a lot of people in the west see lambs – babies that they are happy to wrench from their baying mothers for a sandwich.

      As for the extra topping of cruelty, again an apparent learned mindset that meat killed with torture tastes better (yup, go figure!) and in the case of the pigs …I’d guess at both financial and entertainment reasons.

      In all cases they are not seen as creatures that matter or feel or warrant any empathy.

    1. It looks like a mountain but here are million of good folk taking one step at at time everyday to pull down the walls of pretense and ignorance and make those changes. You just have to join them if you care enough.

  7. Saw this on TipjarStories.com and came over but I can’t watch it like all the others. It’s sick and yes I do find that the worse types of animal cruelty come from China. Why? Different culture, different beliefs. Maybe we were like that in the old days too but yes it does appall me. Will I give up bacon and meat? Maybe not tomorrow but quite possibly.

    1. Yup especially in the west where everything is neatly packaged and we don’t have to watch babies being slaughtered in front of their crying mothers…humanely of course. Doesn’t everyone love a bit of humane slaughter Bri?

  8. I think it is a mindset thing – why would you offer comfort or care to an animal when there are so many people in your country experience pain, poverty and humiliation. It’s the old hierarchy of needs thing – your own need for safety and survival need to be met first.

    I didn’t watch the video – your description is enough to sicken me – but as to what I’ll do about it? I just don’t know. I’m a meat eater but I try to buy meant that is humanely farmed, that said I grew up in the country and know that even our milk comes from cows who’s calves are removed from them and who are often coerced with cattle-prods and lengths of poli-pipe. So I don’t know. What is the answer?

    1. Yep. Beautifully said. It’s a hierarchical thing and China has been through so much trying to regain it’s now powerful foothold in capitalism and the world that a lot had to be sacrificed to get there, humans too, especially baby girls.

      That’s my take on it. However, let’s reset the compassion button now ffs!

      The quickie answer is that we have to keep chipping away, not only at abusers but at the lethargy of well fed, comfortable people to change things.

      1. I agree. I think the person I need to chip at most is myself. I’m never going to be a vegetarian and I don’t apologise for that, but I do apologise for being lazy. For not seeking out more humanely kept and slaughtered animal products, for staying quiet when I see abuses and for taking the diplomatic course when I should say what I think, feel and know to be true.

      2. Yeah…we all have a little of that in us (or a lot). Problem is there’s so much to rail against these days. But every little droplet makes an ocean so don’t think whatever you do won’t count.

      3. Yes I would agree. Sign petitions, join movements and people who set up groups to make helping really easy so you don’t have to take it all on your own shoulders and you have people to share your thoughts and ideas with. Tip jar stories as mentioned is a good example

  9. Oh dear, I can’t even watch this. The description was enough. It doesn’t surprise me though. In the West, too many people believe humans are the dominant species on the planet. I deign to disagree. I believe we are all creatures on this planet and we should respect all living things. Though I couldn’t watch the video, I appreciate that you are brave enough to post it here. I want to understand what allows humans to treat another living being with such disregard too. Remember the Holocaust? Just saying.

    1. Jodi, often when people use the holocaust as an example of animal treatment today, people usurp the argument saying it is a disrespectful comparison as humans are far superior than animals.

      I always ask for evidence of this and never get any viable evidence I can work with.

      For one thing, if humans are indeed superior they should understand that the vulnerable should be cared for not taken advantage of.

      I think also in understanding the mindset we can potentially work with it.
      Thanks, Jodi!

  10. I wish there was another choice rather than ‘Like’ to indicate a post has moved us. I could not watch your video. I could not.

    Cruelty to animals has been with us since we first started keeping them, but once, you might have a few pigs, goats, cows – whatever – now we have trillions of them worldwide to supply our food.

    In the 1700’s scientists in the West did experiments on living dogs and other animals because it was believed animals did not feel pain. In fact, science still does experiments on animals. And regulations regarding slaughter of animals in Western countries still does not stop the absolute horrors that happen when slaughtering becomes a ‘factory’ of death. The keeping of animals in ‘factories’ generally, is an abomination. WE are the problem. WE appal me.

    So, regarding China being the source of much cruelty, it might be 1700’s mentality still active – that animals do not feel pain. It is quicker and cheaper to simply bury a living animal rather than kill it and then bury it. It the same idea we use here when we mince up living day old chicks, as we do.

    China uses medicinal concoctions – like Rhino Horn and other strange (to us) remedies that have been used culturally for thousands of years. They practice executions of living people without anaesthetic for scientific research in medical facilities, on the grounds that the execution is then scientifically profitable. These ideas baffle the West. On the one hand, the Chinese are the people with the highest IQ’s of all peoples, they are fantastic with technology and innovation, they supply us with almost every Western need, yet they fail in compassion.

    What to do?

    I live in the UK. Maybe ten years ago now, The European Union stopped all imports of Chinese furs to European Countries, because of videos like yours showing animals being skinned alive. EU manufacturers may not use Chinese fur. Has it helped? I don’t know. But someone did something.

    What can we do personally?

    I don’t know.

    If no one ever bought anything made in China until they became ‘civilised’ , they would have no customers, but that’s never going to happen, because WE are not civilised ourselves. WE are the consumers of the Earth and its resources. In the end, the solution might be the time when we have consumed it all, including ourselves. That might be an apt piece of Karma!

    1. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

      You are a Queen.

      And whilst I point the finger at China I am well aware of the sadism of the west, (veal, fur, fois gras, lambs, using live animals for pointless experiments and yes the baby chicks….and much more) having done a bit of work on this subject.

      And you are right about us and our faux outrage as we eat our meat filled sarnies and enjoy our leather sofa’s whilst tweeting our outrage at Yulin.

      Our hypocrisy probably harms more than anyone in China does, because we do hold the power to make changes… but for most of us it’s too much effort.

      But…there are some wonderful folk in China and similar countries who against the general direction are bucking the cultural norms and going out of their way to save animals lined up for live boiling, live dissembling etc.
      This and people as yourself are the hopeful future.

  11. My family comes from China but they settled here in Australia five generations ago. I have no idea why Chinese people let alone any human would think such cruelty is acceptable.
    I get there are times when large numbers of animals have to be culled, especially in an effort to prevent the spread of a communicable disease, however, there are much better, safer and less cruel ways to do it.

    1. It’s interesting Gaz. To write an article like this one runs the risk of people mistaking fact for xenophobia.
      And it’s not because hideous animal cruelty does not exist elsewhere – I have written about that too. It’s that in certain countries like China the worst kind of abuse is state sanctioned as opposed to just single individuals doing heinous things. They don’t pretend like the west does. I don’t know whether that’s better or worse to be fair.
      As well as being bummed out by it I am also fascinated by the mindset that is completely oblivious to another’s pain and fear.
      I also know are ALL capable of that complete narcissism and arrogance.

    1. If you mean general abuse then agreed as mentioned wonky.

      However I don’t need to visit farms to know that the worst abuse I have seen comes from that side of the world.

      There is at least the pretense of ‘humanely’ stunning animals before slaughter in the west, not so in these countries that dissemble, bury, boil and rip animals out of their skins and take out their innards SPECIFICALLY whilst they are alive.

      I therefore observe that it is not about marketing it is about the Chinese (and similar countries) and their prevailing mindset – generally speaking, as I cannot tar every Chinese / South East Asian person with the same brush.

      I also have no gold stars to give any countries in the west regarding animals.

      1. If you picked up ‘battle rattle’ (never heard of that before! πŸ™‚ ) The frustration is not aimed at you, I appreciate your contribution.

        It is aimed at abusers (children, animals). I’ll battle with them all day long, have a rest and come back with a bigger army.

      2. Certainly the rattle is not aimed at me, but I can hear the beating of tribal war drum. Animal abuses (or child, wife ) are prevalent everywhere. Attack the abusers but not their ethnicity I don”t have the eenrgy to engage in such battle.

      3. Ah my dear wonkywizard, to get a result i.e stop abuse, or even just release frustration over a matter, I will attack with any force, any subject, any tool, any language I deem necessary. I will do it kindly or viciously. That is my choice. I’m a grown adult.

        However I was under the impression that I DID attack the abusers. My crystal clear question was ‘Why do YOU think PEOPLE behave this way? It isn’t just the Chinese….’ and ‘I cannot tar every Chinese person with the same brush.’

        Therefore what you choose to hear is your prerogative as is what I choose to write.

        I have said multiple times that cruelty was not invented by the Chinese but the type of cruelty seen over there is singular and unique to them – even fun judging from a ton of other videos I have seen. That is fact. Deal with it or don’t. Not my problem.

        By ‘them’ I mean the ones partaking in the cruelty, not every Chinese person. There are dickheads and sweethearts in every nation.

        If you think I’m going to dance around someone’s culture and pretend it is not a possible facet of their actions you are on the wrong blog.

        Always good to hear from you wonky but I will no longer reply if you just keep repeating yourself based on incorrect assumptions. I’ve practically written a book here and I’m kinda busy.

        Because your assumption is studiously and stubbornly wrong from the outset I have nowhere to go in a debate with you and I’m suspicious that you may be trolling – which is fine, I like a good troll, but if that’s the case at least entertain me with it.
        Bring me something fresh this is boring.

      4. Well said!

        Trouble is that “Animal abuses (or child, wife ) are prevalent everywhere.” is true, but they are more prevalent in some places than others. There are no other words to describe such places, except by their names! And usually the names to describe places are the names of the countries where they happen…I suspect your “troll” is on the far left being righteous in their own mind.

      5. Quite possibly! πŸ™‚ Gotta call it how I sees it. I can’t invent a new name for a country so as not to hurt someone’s feelings.

        Feelings I could care two piles of dung about compared to needlessly torturing animals.

      6. Thank you for your tirade, and your explanation is accepted in good faith. I have observed a video on NZ farm, about the brutal killing of calves, so that mother cows flow with milk for the market and not their babies. Also watched many similar video in industrialized animal farming in the West where abuses are no better or humane. We are writers, speaking out our conscience, each in our own way. Perhaps at my age, I am less sensational. My apology if I have offended you unintended.

      7. You could not offend me. I very much enjoyed my ‘tirade’ thank you and again with your NZ comment you studiously miss the point.

        I cannot help you wonky. We must stop meeting like this. People will start to talk.

        Plus ‘We are writers, speaking out our conscience, each in our own way…’ sure, but we should also listen. You are clearly not hearing me.

      8. I don’t know how you have the patience. i don’t know how many times you’ve pointed out that this is not aimed directly at China ffs.

      9. I will spend time with anyone who is prepared to actually listen and I will try and open my ears and do them the same.
        This = a worthwhile debate.
        But when we are just going round in circles…it’s not like I don’t have other things to do.

      10. People really see and hear what they want to don’t they? I read you say its not just the chinese a number of times. In any case whoever does it its awful and should stop.

      11. Amen to that Lynne!

        It’s not just the Chinese! It’s not just the Chinese! It’s not just the Chinese! It’s not just the Chinese! It’s not just the Chinese! It’s not just the Chinese! It’s not just the Chinese! It’s not just the Chinese! It’s not just the Chinese!
        I don’t know how else to say it.

      12. I genuinely think I am! Then I think no, it’s just wonky being wonky, (they’ve told me off before and I still have no idea why πŸ˜‚ )

        Then I review and think again, surely I am being trolled, then I think maybe it’s a language thing, then I remember, Jesus! I’ve got a lot on today…and move on.

        Wonky is wonky. I don’t mind wonky. ‘It takes different strokes to move the world’ as the song goes.

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