Father Makes Son Jog In Pouring Rain For Bullying


My latest steal from Tinterwebs.com is a story about a father who made his ‘bully’ son jog a mile in the rain.

Bryan Thonhill fromย  Roanoke Virginia said that his son was suspended from the school bus for 3 days as a result of his behaviour and rather than drive the boy to school he made him jog…in front of the car…with his back pack on!


People have been divided about this one. Some have accused him of ‘exposing his son to illness’ (snurfle), some think it’s good old fashioned parenting.

So I’m dying to see what my insightful visitors think of this one!

What Say You?!!

a) The man is a potential murderer – his son could DIEEEE!!!!!!

b) Good old fashioned parenting at last. Nothing to see here. Next.

c) Other. I have another view!




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69 thoughts on “Father Makes Son Jog In Pouring Rain For Bullying

  1. My goodness, how painful to watch this abuse!! The father is a bully himself and even filming it! What is the reason his son bullies in the first place?!

    To the father, how are your raising your son that he had to bully on the bus? Kids ALWAYS pass on what they experience and witness at home! If the wife of this man won’t interfere, then Social Services should get involved in this. I hope the boy somehow finds a mentor to heal from this abuse and grow up a better person than his dad!

    Disgusting parenting.

      1. Anytime a strong and hrown person like te father is using harsh and military style measures on a weak and younger person like this, it’s abuse. The son allegedly bullied a kid on the bus,the son bullied someone of hisown age and physical statue. The father should mentor and discipline his son accirding to what the son can phusically and mentally handle and “carry”, not bully the son from the too down in return.
        Fathers like this are cowards and bullies themselves.

      2. It takes intelligence to discipline and teach with a firm but fair hand which is why so many get it wrong LNG. Be over to visit soon …get the tea on. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I may not do teh San style of discipline since itโ€™s a bit extreme for my taste but I agree with the message. Perhaps the boy wonโ€™t bully anyone anymore.

      1. Yes *sigh* although the onboard cuisine needs looking into…don’t know if I’ve mentioned this once or a hundred times before…

      2. We haven’t been gassed yet so yes, all is fine lol. That will be the new greeting of the times. ๐Ÿ˜€

        PS you can also use ‘We haven’t been cooked in a thermo-nuclear explosion…’ that works also.
        And yourself Harold?

      3. Glad to hear that Berenice.
        As for us, I’ve been keeping track of the winds. 99.9 % blow from south to north. So we should be spared nuclear fall-out.
        Yours ever so truly, Sigfried.

  3. Hmmm, I’m honestly not sure. If I hadn’t watched the video and heard the father speaking, I would have thought, yeah, this is a good idea — particularly since the kid seems to have changed his behavior as a result. Not a bad thing. However, does it seem a little like the bully kid is in turn being bullied by the father? I don’t know. The father just came off that way to me in his commentary. I do agree about the exercise and am not really concerned about the rain. It’ll be something the two of them might laugh about in the future. Who knows.

    1. Surely the son may have learned a lesson and never bully another school kid again, because he is powerless against his “giant” father. But he may grow up with bottled up anger that he couldn’t release against the bullying behaviour of his father, and later in life let this out at his wife and/or kids. Especially boys who are reluctant to express feelings and anger will turn into a ticking time bomb and let it out on those, at least physically weaker than them.
      If I was a neighbour or colleague of this father seeing a video like this, this man would be reported to social services in no time.

  4. First of all, good job dad. The kid needs to get to school… Jog? Walking would have been fine too. Nice. But why wait until he’s been “in trouble so often he was kicked off the bus”? Clearly its an issue, I would have dealt with it sooner if it was me (I’m also assuming the parent knew about the continuing issues that got him kicked off the bus of course)

    1. I don’t know. I could imagine he sorta said something casually about it that didn’t hit home with the son until he decided to take drastic action. Who knows? I appreciate that parents are probably juggling lots of other things at the same time and can’t always jump at the first misdemeanour. But either way he certainly dealt with it in the end lol.

      1. Yep, sure did… I agree… Lots going on and as I am learning with my kids, they sometimes need to see how far things can go before I take the action I promised would happen…. I think its just part of becoming who we are. I sure pushed a lot of boundaries and had lots of consiquenses I thought would never happen (and at the time made my parents the worst monsters on the planet!! Haha)

      2. That reminds me of a funny meme I saw where a dad was saying ‘I’m not going to repeat myself…’ but I can’t remember the rest. ๐Ÿ˜€ Hope you enjoyed my non story. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜‚

  5. This happened in my own backyard, near where I live. I have known families who were generational bullies, unaware of their inhumane nature, and their bullying moved from one generation to the next ad naseum. That this man saw this in his son and acted on it. It shows to me that the father was very concerned about his sonโ€™s bullying behavior, concerned that he might just lack a conscience for what he was on about. So does making him run give him an opportunity to gain a conscience, least of all a little shame? The real problem in bringing up children is when children lack the moral compass that will guide them onward. We don’t need a single more bully in this world. Time will tell. How about following up with the boy when he is a man of age 30 to see how he has turned out.

    1. Woah! That’s a big ask! We generally only have the attention span for one comment then we move on to the next viral thing! But I hear what you are saying. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I’m fine with it as long as he accompanied it with a thorough talk about the kid’s behavior, what’s expected, and what he wants his kid to learn from the situation. Also hope he made his kid apologize to whomever he was bullying, and help him figure out better ways of acting.

    Who knows, maybe the kid will like running and start doing it for fun! The kid’s reaction will depend a lot on the dad’s attitude.

  7. B) all the way… nothing to see here folks! If you ever did competitive sports as a kid or are the parent of one, getting up to train at 5am daily is normal. And it’s usually for a lot longer than a 25 min/ mile jog to school. I think all the people crying out there need to chill.

  8. In a similar incident in Canada, the parent self-reported to Children’s Aid. That agency had no problem with the actual punishment (which was a seven kilometre walk to school after being rude to the bus driver) but was concerned about the social media shaming of the child.

    I think that is a valid point – when we were younger our misdemeanours were known in a small circle but not reveled to the world.

    1. Hi Lorne, that’s an interesting thing to do…the self reporting bit. And yes, I do wonder what impact these internet fame hungry parents are having on their children long term…if anything?

  9. Get sick? Is he made of fairy floss? I don’t have a problem with a kid walking to school in the rain. His behaviour got him kicked off the bus, so this is the consequence. No different to my son breaking his headphones, so he had to pay for new ones from his pocket money.

    But, after watching the video, the apple clearly doesn’t fall far from the tree. For a start, why does he have to jog? And anyone who disagrees with Dad is a ‘lousy piece of shit’ who ‘needs to get off the couch’. Gee, I wonder where his boy learnt to be a bully.

    1. Ha ha! Well spotted! He didn’t take the criticism too well did he? But then…who does? If you don’t want public opinion keep it to yourself.

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