2 Girls Fight Over A Man. Husband Just Watches!

If one must sit through a Nativity play this one I could deal with!

So many questions!

Is that fruity Mary Magadalene up to her tricks again?!

Why didn’t the angel help?

Who thinks on this evidence that Mary is going to be a right little bruiser when she grows up?…She had her in a headlock lol. 😂 😂

Why were the cattle looking over at their parents for help and not lowing?

Shouldn’t we expect more from Joseph??!


Let me know below if you have any answers to these searching queries.

Merry Chrimble one and all! See you on the other side!


13 thoughts on “2 Girls Fight Over A Man. Husband Just Watches!

      1. That is the standard for the orange man. His name must be on each line. Can’t read more that 14 lines. Less than half a page. (Oh, and font has to be Arial 18 bold)

      2. …and his mouth moves whilst he reads it.

        Lol. You are making me say wicked things…at least that is what I’ll tell St Peter when I pop my clogs. ‘It wuz all Bertram’s fault!’

      3. I will take all the credit. (It’s only been recently that my lips have stopped moving while I read…)
        (Oh, silent reading is actually relatively recent. Romans only read out loud. I think it stopped around the middle ages)

  1. Brilliant! That little one wasn’t even in costume, she must have been an interloper. I reckon Mary had probably taken all she could take.

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