Warning: Very Distressing Video!

For those who won’t be able to stomach the video, it goes something like this:

Mom waves off child at the elevator. Child is held by nanny / babysitter.

As soon as the elevator doors close nanny starts punching child with full force in the gut.

Child cries and is flung into the pram and bashed over the head. The pram is jiggled with force also presumably to get the child to stop crying!

Post video:

Security guard sees footage and shows parents. Mary Poppins gets arrested.


Folks, tell me…

Is it wrong that I would do time for this bitch?

But blah blah blah…that makes you no better than she is…yadda yadda…

I don’t actually care?

Violence against those that cannot defend themselves is where I detach from polite society.

And surely you should speak to people in the language they understand?



How should I feel about this?

What should be done about this…because it’s happening in countless places as you read this right now.

How do YOU feel about this?



27 thoughts on “Warning: Very Distressing Video!

    1. I know right? Bit of instant justice whoop ass is sometimes needed. The only thing that would stop me is the child who must always come first. I wouldn’t want them to see any more violence.
      Dammit! Why do I always have to be sensible?! 😀

  1. I’m also one of the people who didn’t watch the video because I knew it would be too horrific to deal with. The truly sad thing is, this kind of violence is casual, everyday, and often goes unnoticed.

    1. This is it. This is my / the problem. There seems to be no way to stop this. Just wait for the next one to be reported, never mind the ones that never get reported.
      The perps get all the counseling and human rights bs they need. The kids?…

      1. The nanny? I don’t know. I’ve always condemend Rousseau’s contention that man is naturally good, and that Society makes him “bad”. (I’m a Voltaire fan). I believe it is exactly the opposite. We are savages, wired for survival at all costs, and it is only Society (with a few spankings) that can curb our violence. The minute the Law is broken, all goes down the drain. (And no, I’m not a Republican) 😉

  2. We are adopting a girl who for the first 8 years of her life was starved, neglected and abused in every imaginable way by her mother. Because our soon-to-be daughter and her two sisters were so traumatized they were considered bad witnesses so her mother did absolutely no jail time. We hear she has had two more children who are now in foster care.

    Obviously the woman in the video is a major sicko. I hope she is prevented from ever being around children. I can’t imagine how the child’s mother must feel. Early trauma is the worst kind to heal because the child is left with no words to describe the terror they felt but the brain keeps the traumatic memory.

  3. I’m with you. Filled with rage and the urge to swing a bat at her head hard enough to see blood and brains. I know enough (and so do you) to not act on that impulse, but I think that rage is righteous and necessary. We should never be complacent about such cruelty. If we are present, we should always step in rescue the child, even if that means doing some violence to the perp – whatever is needed to get the child away.

    But in the end, the justice system is the right way to handle this. It’s not safe for society if murderous vigilantes are going after people.

    1. Yeah you nailed it. It’s one thing being a keyboard warrior about it but in reality I mean that if I were present and such a thing happened I could not be held responsible for my actions and neither will I apologise for that or pretend otherwise.
      And my actions would primarily be to remove the victim first by any means necessary and break skulls after.
      I don’t rate the justice system and neither do I believe in wild vigilante groups who more often than not get the wrong person. So there you have it. Nothing is perfect. 🙂

      1. Talk to someone, the parents or a professional. A child that young suffers for years from trauma and people don’t see it, because the child hasn’t the ability to talk about it.

      2. Oh I see. I thought you meant THIS child in particular I was thinking ‘what on earth…?’

        Yes of course I can do a post about what we can do to help children we think may be in this position, you are right.
        But I was being human and my first reaction is seething anger and impotent frustration.
        The measured, thought out post can come later, when I calm down and I’m ready to do measured and thought out.
        But you make a good point. Thank you.

  4. The so-called nanny needs to be incarcerated as part of her punishment. She must never work with children against. This shame must follow her forever each and every time she applies for work. If she cannot find employment a portion of her benefits should go to that child as part of a trust account.

  5. I didn’t watch the video because I know it would be too distressing for me. Especially since having children, I can’t stomach things like that. I makes me feel physically ill and furious that anyone, anywhere, for any reason would hurt a child.

    As to whether you should take your anger out on the perpetrator, I suspect you know the answer to that one. The months and years you’ll rack up in jail won’t do anything to help the children who suffer from abuse and you’ll deserve to be there every bit as much as that sadistic bitch who hurt that child. If you’re that passionate about it, be part of the solution, not the problem. Foster a child in need of a safe home, donate or fund-raise for organisations that help children who are victims of abuse. Self-righteousness doesn’t excuse any of us from our actions.

    1. ‘As to whether you should take your anger out on the perpetrator, I suspect you know the answer to that one.’ ~ Yes?
      To be honest as I said I don’t care. Wanting someone to feel their own brand of justice comes from a very immediate, innate and visceral place and I will not be pc’ing that feeling any time soon. Wanting to deck someone who behaves like this does not mean that I can’t do what I can do to help in other ways. Unconnected.
      I’m fascinated if someone can convince me otherwise though! Doubt it.

      1. I thought we might part company on this one. Besides, that wasn’t your question – is your immediate, innate and visceral reaction wrong. Your question was should you do physical harm to this woman to appease your anger and make her feel the pain that child felt.

        At least the happiest outcome for this child is that they’re safe now.

  6. Im not sure who the police would be arresting… Her for being a sh@t head or me for killing her. My blood is boiling right now! What is wrong with people??!!

  7. I’m glad you put a warning as I would be very upset to see that video. I would get arrested if I said what I thought should happy to that person. Violence to the young, the innocent, the helpless is never okay. What does the bible say: something along the lines eye for an eye – do unto others….

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