Pets And Christmas!

This naughty cat decided there was no room at the inn and evicted baby Jesus.

Kate Bottley

‘I hate my present!’


‘It wasn’t me!’


‘Bah Humbug!’


‘Sigh….this happens every year.’


Ah…peace and joy at Christmas! ๐Ÿ™‚


This is Fluffy’s new cat bed. Kids and children are the same…theyย  prefer the box the gift came in!


‘It wasn’t me’ Pt 2


‘You will rue the day…’




‘You will rue the day…2’.

Joy to the world!


Getting into the Christmas spirit.


Not getting into the Christmas spirit.

‘It was the cat!’



Who’s has the best explanation for this pic?!


‘This just mocks our dignity.’


Ho ho ho!


‘I’m drunk already!’


That wraps up the collection. Any favourites in there?

Let me know below!

Share this nonsense and spread some seasonal good cheer! ๐Ÿ™‚


28 thoughts on “Pets And Christmas!

  1. Um yeah… that guy with his dog and a doll!!?? Just strange! But they all made my “Not Quite Friday” day! Love a good laugh with my morning coffee! Thanks!!

  2. Why do people do this to their pets? I love the one with the dog and cat fighting – the look on Santa’s face says it all.

    I can imagine the conversation the man with dog and the dolly had with his family.
    Man: “Are you sure about this?”
    Wife: “Go on. It’ll look so CUTE. There, sit next to the dog. Bit closer. Perfect.”
    Three-year-old Daughter: “Daddy, Daddy. Charlotte wants to be in the picture too.”
    Man: (Oh God, not the doll too.) “OK honey, give it here.”
    Wife: “Your mum is going to love this.”

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