21 thoughts on “Scuba diver Pulls Knife Out Of Shark’s Head!

  1. Now what sort of idiots would habe done that i fail to understand.. for what they call fun. Yeah a correct word used above in a comment wankers…
    I hope the shark was fine and if it xan remeber and see those who did this maybe a few teeth bites would be more then welcome in them… that would teach who ever did this a big lesson…

      1. I am here only… just trying to get along .. πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for the wishes … Will try to be regular ..

  2. Oh wait! I didn’t see the vid!

    Okay, coming from the land of ‘shark territory’, it’s well known that many uneducated Beings, do this type of thing ‘for fun’. Instead of catching the shark (for no rhyme nor reason, coz they smell and definitely can’t be eaten), it’s ‘fun’ to them. Bit like Jeffrey Dharmas’ gone mad, without the eating bit. Disgusting! The shark will heal though. They’re incredibly strong and resilient.

  3. Poor thing! I hope it heals up OK. It looks like a fairly harmless shark that some idiots decided it would be great to stab in the head and then it’s swum off with the knife still embedded. Luckily this diver could help out. For every wanker there’s at least two awesome people.

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