Perhaps Not Everyone Is Truly Trying To Help You!


I once had a ‘pal’ who would sabotage opportunities whilst telling me how much they wanted my success.

What they were saying with their mouth did not match the chaos and distraction they would create every time I needed to concentrate on something that would push me further up the ladder and perhaps further away from them.

How ‘Bout Choo?

Got any of your own personal examples of the image above?

If this happened to you what would you do about it?

Let me know below and we’ll sob silently together across the blogosphere…



47 thoughts on “Perhaps Not Everyone Is Truly Trying To Help You!

  1. Lol I made a comment but can’t find it now. I’ve had something along those lines & seeing odd behaviour with few I never expected. Quite annoying actually. Nothing shocks me no more

  2. Sorry clicked send by mistake. Promoted for free, the other I attended her birthday and we laughed a lot. So unawares as to their sudden attitude quite annoying actually.

      1. Apologies for the delay, you appear to have gotten lost in the comments! Firstly, although your template was a bit slow to open up I loved the first impression I had of your site, I only had a quick look. Very appealing! And I honestly can’t say that about a lot of sites I visit. My suggestion is you turn up for a Blog Surgery where I have set aside more time to help folks in this manner. Details are on the top post at The Editors Journal, but yes, good stuff so far!

  3. Madam Ed, sometimes the worst offenders are family members! My mom’s family inherited a huge portion of real estate in northern Philippines and oh boy the fights that came out of this were like out of a movie. Pretty incredible how money and jealousy could influence people to become so evil. My mom has a business and her relatives are making her life a living hell just so she won’t succeed. But the joke’s on them because she is very successful 😜

  4. Yep, I had a friend that routinely tried to hold me back. The bad thing was that he denied it, or chose to pretend that he didn’t see it. It was part of his personality. I just learned not to give him the opportunity.

    1. Yeah, mine too! But of course few are going to admit it unless you catch them in an impassioned outburst and it all comes out as mine did!
      You are right too Freds that it’s up to us not to allow in-roads to these people.

  5. I’m in the fortunate situation of not being aware of anyone knowingly doing that to me.
    That is just nasty behaviour. Why are people mean when being nice can be so much more fun and enjoyable.

  6. It’s difficult isn’t it. You want to believe the best of people, especially a friend, but time and again their actions suggest that they’re not really a good friend. I have had friends like that and I hate confrontation so I took the cowards way out and just spent less and less time with them until they moved on to someone else. I know, I’m a coward.

    1. I don’t think withdrawing makes you a coward. Sometimes its best to quietly get such people out of your life. You don’t need the extra stress of confrontation… Such persons will end up playing the misunderstood victim part.

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