Hi Folks, One Of The Fam Needs Help!

The Mexican earthquake has seen approximately 230 die and a rescue operation mounted to extricate children trapped in the rubble of their schools. 500 army members and 200 police officers are working to free people they can see with thermal scanners still trapped under collapsed buildings. It is said to be Mexico’s worst earthquake in 30 years.

Some of you might have seen or chatted to Equinoxio, (Brian) on The Editor’s Journal, a deeply cool guy that I enjoy much silly and equally deep banter with on the regular. He lives in Mexico. He is right smack in the middle of it all with buildings collapsed nearby. Fortunately he appears to be fine along with his family but is no doubt in a weird place owing to the shock of it all and everything is in ‘chaos’ as he describes it. There is still fear of aftershocks, gas leaks, more buildings on the brink of collapse…

He is currently babysitting his 15 month grandson Gonzalo so his rather wonderful daughter who is an MD can be out there at the coal face treating the sick.

If you are able to help:

He has given a link on his blog to send funds if you can here.

Thanks guys.