This Is Special…

So…this 12 year old girl just ‘helped’ deliver her baby bro – you know…as you do! There was no panicked emergency that necessitated it, just a decision that this was probably the 3rd and last child that mother Zadyn Dellapena would be having, so…why not?!

Her name is Jacee and the doc, Dr Walter Wolfe apparently asked if she wanted to deliver the baby, upon which she was fitted with scrubs and the rest is internet history.

As you will see, she was not just pootling around in the room at the time, as kids might do at a home birth, she was all up in the business end of the delivery and was the first to welcome the newborn sprog Cadyn.

Look at her face though! πŸ™‚

Loving the matching expressions!

Quite amazing huh?!

Well, this is it… It IS amazing, but I’m still not sure how I feel about it. Am I pro or con? I dunno!

Not sure how to articulate exactly what I have a problem with…not even sure I have a problem.

So I have to turn once more to you guys.


It’s natural you fool! It’s the greatest thing since sliced bread and all 12 year olds should be doing this!


Has that child got no homework she should be doing?!


55 thoughts on “This Is Special…

      1. I am not still sure how I feel aburt seeing 12 years old girl watching mother giving brith to her brother

  1. Its is a good thing that is something no one can deny and the pictures ..
    They were so cute!! And yes they had matching expressions that was kinda cute and funny..
    Did you get those shots ? If yes you did a very good job

  2. Childbirth is the most natural thing in the world. I think that children should be given the option to participate with the new baby as much as they want to. It should be up to the child. Some would want to watch, and participate, in the birth process, but some would not.

  3. My kids (the already born ones) said that they wanted to be present at the birth of their youngest brother. The labour ran long, though, and they all fell asleep before he popped out. Which was good as he was born with me sitting on the toilet. The best-laid plans…

  4. I find it gross. I was at both my daughters birth. It was fabulous. Even cut the chord.
    But that is no place for a 12-year old. Case of emergency? Yes. But not in this case.What impact can there be on the emotional maturity of a 12-year old?
    What is next? “Here, Darling, why don’t tie up mummy’s ovaries?” 😦

    1. ‘What impact can there be on the emotional maturity of a 12-year old?’ yep, that’s my question…but equally I don’t know the answer. It’s part of what has me flummoxed. Ultimately mid flummox I think that decisions made by parents should always err on what’s best for the child, so for me, let a child be a child.

      1. Yes. Let a child be a child. One sees too many pre-nubile girls dressed… well like they 16… πŸ™‚
        Flummoxed, Daphne? George! Salts please. On the double!

      2. To be honest the effect of such events on children can’t be predicted on children …
        They can either gain a new sense of maturity or be freaked out for a while…it depends on their
        mentality and upbringing.

        A girl is much more mature than a boy IMO.

        Oh! And look at the bright side …you won’t really have your child
        involuntarily asking you mommy/daddy where do babies come from ?XD (joke )

  5. I’m like you. It’s kind of cool, yet I would never have invited my kids in to see me that way. Yeah, childbirth is natural but… Maybe I’d let my kid do it for a stranger if they were thinking of going into medicine?

    1. Yeah A I’m just a minor bit weirded out I think because childbirth IS such a monumental yet everyday thing and I’m not sure if it’s for kids. I just like kids to be kids, not little adults I guess.
      If a child was crazy for medicine and anatomy etc then yeah maybe.

      1. Ooops sorry AM. Don’t know why this comment was missed! But yes, I’m just waiting for the first 9 year old president…or am I? πŸ˜€ Sorry! That joke wrote itself. I just got out of it’s way and let it live.

  6. Wow, this little girl has been given the privilege of helping bring life into the World! It’ll most likely change her entire thought process, from playing video games or going to the Mall, to much more things of true value. This is an experience that can only enhance her life in every way in my opinion. I know a friend, who’s kids all were present for each birth (at home), and they are SO wise and grounded. All of them. They also have enormous respect and love for life. This is beautiful, thanks Madam Ed x x

  7. At first I was afraid she might have passed out while helping with the delivery but the picture showed she coped well even though it was as a teary experience πŸ˜€ I think it is not an experience she would forget easily… We may have another doctor in the making *wink* That is not to say all 12 year olds should help with taking a birth. Thankfully it was not an eventful delivery

  8. When I was in high school my Dad took me along to a Caesarian section on one of his patients. Dad was a general practitioner. An obstetrician friend was doing the procedure. I had made it clear I wanted to do medicine so Dad was keen to get me to do things. I’d already done procedures on Dad like inject local anaesthetic and remove skin tags. I was also pretty good at dissecting dead things. Anyway, Dad’s patient was happy for me to be there, the obstetrician was happy and I was ecstatic. It was a great experience.

      1. Dad was cool but Mum was better. She was a domestic science teacher and in her day that meant she had to teach zoology and physiology to high school kids. She had all these dissection tools which I used. I made my own wax trays and when I’d find dead things in the bush I’d bring them home and open them up.

      2. Yeah but think 20 years from now are you going to be saying ‘I wish that I knew I could be whatever the hell I wanted to be as an adult instead of following the status quo and being bored to death?’

  9. I agree.. has she not got homework to do.. I am sure 12 is a too young to have first hand experience like this at least that’s what I think.

    Where is all the innocence that kids are supposed to have going these days…πŸ€”

    1. Aha! My first person for the homework section! And I’m totally with you about the loss of innocence in general, not necessarily in this case which is weirdly special for me and I don’t know yet which pocket to put this all in!

  10. Since she obviously wasn’t coerced I think its great! At her age she probably would have said “No thank you!” if it wasn’t something she was comfortable with. Obviously it would be a to each their own type of thing. I think she will have a greater knowledge and respect for birth now! I love it!

  11. I don’t have a problem with it but I definitely wouldn’t do it. I only wanted my husband in the delivery room but then others have their whole families. I wonder if she would have made the same decision if her daughter were her son? My biggest concern would be, what if something goes wrong (not because of her, just because things can happen)? But then I suppose her dad or the medical staff would have ushered her out.

    You know what’s interesting to me? All the gloves and scrubs and stuff. We don’t do that here (unless it’s a c-section). I managed to throw up all over my poor mid-wife the first time round.

  12. What a great bonding experience! I am cool with it since everything appeared to be sanitary and the attending physician is RIGHT THERE leading the delivering. It’s actually kinda awesome!

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