Sad News As A Woman Dies…

A woman named marinna rollins had charge of a handsome little pit bull named Huey whom she was looking after whilst her estranged husband was stationed in Korea. Huey had been adopted from an animal shelter in Cumberland County, North Carolina, so one can imagine that he had already experienced the arse end of humanity.

She and her boyfriend jerren heng took Huey to a wooded park, tied him to a tree and shot him multiple times whilst recording the event and laughing. heng can be heard asking to shoot the dog also. A friend of theirs posted the video on Facebook in the hopes that it would highlight their actions and lead to punishment.

I was very saddened to hear that the woman was found dead in her home on Sunday.

It was suicide and not payback.

25 thoughts on “Sad News As A Woman Dies…

  1. I vaguely remember seeing this or something very similar to this about the dog Huey of Facebook. I have seen your final picture somewhere before. I was not aware of the suicide of the woman.

    All around this is sad news and such a tragedy and a waste. Hopefully something good will come out of all of this!

  2. Since trump became president I’ve become very mean and unforgiving. So here’s what I’m thinking: why in the hell did she not shoot her boyfriend as well.

    1. It’s always sad news when a total innocent dies especially in these sorts of all too common circumstances – I was actually trying to be clever. When I read the story originally it said ‘she was found dead’ and I thought ‘ah justice for once’ then I read that she did it to herself and I though ‘oh …how sad she wasn’t taken out by someone who felt for Huey.’

  3. This is atrocious.. what sort of people would do this to a anumal..

    And if a dog attacks a human it is out down immediately.. So why not the humans who do the same towards an animal..

  4. That’s good news as far as I can tell… I’m just waiting for the sequel when we find out what happens to the boyfriend… Maybe balls chomped off by a friend of Huey’s. That would be awesome!

    1. hahaha The Teacher…I agree, hopefully some hectic pitbull attacks him and munches his balls off…oh wait….he HAS no balls!! would be SO awesome, I think I’d hold a party!

  5. OK Madam E, you know how I’m going to react right? So I’ll go ahead and just say it.
    I’M GLAD THE BITCH IS DEAD!! Now WHEN will the asshole boyfriend die too? or hopefully, get tortured, very slowly and painfully, till he kicks the bucket!!

    This story not only horrifies me, saddens me to the point of tears coupled with severe anger, but it’s also a strong reminder of how inhumane, how SAVAGE the human race is! There is NOTHING human about HER or HER sick boyfriend.

    I’m not sad she’s dead. Now she can’t torture or kill anymore animals, the savage bitch.
    Whew, that was a load off!

    1. Hi Gary, I think that if she killed herself, it’s the LEAST she could’ve done, after what she inflicted on a helpless animal, who posed no threat to her. At least she had the guts to cut her miserable, selfish, mean life! yay, for other animals. Another savage human bites the dust!

  6. That is sad. Obviously she was a very mixed up person who needed professional help. Her actions are inexcusable but I strongly believe that something must be very wrong for a person to over-ride their natural survival instinct and take their own life.

    Also, none of the names of the people are capitalised. Was that a conscious choice to make them less significant?

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