Dog Versus Roomba!

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Is this the future?!! Robots take over and the pets are in command!!??

Sounds better already! πŸ˜€

Beautiful fella / miss – can’t work out if it’s Chasta or Chester…beautiful home too!



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20 thoughts on “Dog Versus Roomba!

      1. It looked big enough for Chester, but that would be cruel, unless it was a travel cage. She may have a small pet lion or tiger, but that seems unlikely. If she has small children she could be one of those sort of people that does time out in a cage. I’d report her to the police. The possibilities are endless. She may have a fetish for cages too.

      2. It’s a little dominant in the room for a fetish cage! But hey each to their own! No, I just don’t get why people get a dog and leave them chained up outside or put them in cages. Just don’t get a dog if you can’t be bothered to train it.
        A travel cage? Fair enough.

      3. I agree. Hopefully Chester has a happy life there. I hope he’s not too troubled by a rebotic vacuum cleaner making loud annoying noise. It must be awful for pets to be left alone with one of those. At least he’s smart enough to turn it off. It would be unbearable locked in a cage if that vacuum was roaming around.

  1. What a beautiful dog! Of course he keeps turning that swirly noisy thingy off. He’s only showing how clever he is, which his mummy is having nothing to do with! Lol….imagine being an animal. Alive, and functioning, and then some awful noisy little thingy that is just an object, comes to invade your space! Humph, I’d turn the thing off too! Clever little sweetie. β€οΈβ€οΈπŸ€—

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