Blue Pill? Red Pill?

the cunning conundrum 3

Β You can only choose one. What Say You And Why??!!



38 thoughts on “Blue Pill? Red Pill?

  1. Blue pill. No doubt. Put the money into my business and grow it. When I earn good money, I would help her with a part of the cost. But she would have to work for it herself to make her dream come true.

    I worked to pay uni. (weekend, vacations and some evenings.) Reason: work for your future, have dreams and work to make them a reality.

    These days I see so many kids grow up asking and getting everything they want. They no longer understand the value of money and how hard you have to work to be able to buy all these things.

  2. I would tell her about how acting is a part of art, and that the very best art is reflective of the human condition, that a good solid awareness of her own relationship to the human condition is essentially at arts true core. I would ask her to look inside herself as Plato suggested people do — that “The unexamined life is not worth living.” I would emphasis that if she sees these possibilities in herself that other people do not see, that she should be “true to her own vision.”

    When Jim Morrison told his father that he was going to begin a rock band, the admiral told him – by his own video recorded admission – “That is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard in my life.” What was worse was that once The Doors landed a record contract and Admiral Morrison heard the songs, he sent Jim a letter telling him that he sounds so horrible that he should flee the business. It wasn’t until Jim’s father was deciding what to place on Jim’s gravestone that he gave him the respect that he deprived him of in life. After consulting with his old classics professor, he placed this caption on Jim’s grave; “True to his own vision.” Truly a Greek tragedy, I’d say.

    I’d let her know that I have her back whatever she decides, provided she is being honest with herself and true to her own vision. I would also mention what happened to Meryl Streep on her first film audition where the producer told his son in Italian, “This is so ugly. Why did you bring me this?” Meryl knew how to speak Italian.

    So, the moral of the story is that you will be hit with the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and the thousand natural shocks that flesh is hear to,” but if you realize what John Densmore, the drummer for Jim’s band said, you will be prepared as well as possible. “The are four rules for success. 1) Is luck. 2) Is luck. 3) Is talent. 4) Is hard work.

    1. Love it! Loved those stories! πŸ˜€ I hadn’t heard any of them. Wow Meryl! Wow Morrons’s dad!- Probably jealous. (I spelt the name wrong but it seemed to fit so I’ve left it).
      I always say listen to yourself first and do what you need to do to get to your destiny. It’s up to no one but you and if you are deferring to someone else it’s because YOU don’t believe in yourself. If YOU don’t why should anyone else?

      1. If YOU don’t [care about yourself] why should anyone else?
        Because we live in a harsh world where all-too-many people are crushed by it. Allies are precious and few. Nature and Nurture. What nature has done to us (usually unpleasant things, like growing old and dying) we don’t have any control over. Nurture is another issue altogether. Closely-knit family and friends is significant, and the subject of my book, Badlands, found at fine bookstores everywhere – actually, it’s free to read on my site. πŸ˜‰
        The people in it are lonely drifters through life. The hero’s most important accomplishment is not being God’s Hitman, although that is necessary. What is significant is how what he does saves lives, his included.

      2. Sorry about that. It’s my fault.
        I’m trying to strike up a conversation, and this really isn’t the right venue or time. I used to know a lot of people online, and I knew them well enough to be able to talk about anything. I guess I miss those days. I’ll keep my future comments within the constraints that are normally associated with a comment section.
        Thanks for making your site with its useful and insightful advice.

      3. I was free-associating as I wrote. The book seemed relevant to the topic I was commenting on. By stating that it was a main theme in my book, I thought I was illustrating that I had given it more than a casual consideration.
        Nah. If I wanted to do ads, I could do things that I consider unethical and against my philosophy. But I don’t. Out of curiosity one day — because I find them annoying — I looked through the topics list WordPress once had and evidently no longer have. I followed one person’s trail through his journey of clicking every Like button he came across. I hung in there for forty minutes before I gave up on the idea of discovery how far back he began.
        I try to, and hope that I do, use ethical means to meet people.

      4. No problem, I couldn’t see the relevance and thought it was clunky ad. I don’t even mind folk advertising their wares, why not? I’m all for it! But as I said having read it over numerous times I couldn’t see the relevance, so no problem. It wasn’t a ticking off.

      5. Badlands, found at fine bookstores everywhere – actually, it’s free to read on my site.
        I can see how that would seem like an ad. It was an attempt at humor. Anyway, I guess I’m not very good in the comment sections. I don’t want to annoy anyone. Some folks have a knack for commenting. I suspect I don’t.

  3. Blue pill. Even if she were an acting prodigy. You still can’t afford it because you’re going to invest that money in your business. Now if you die and decide to leave her some money and she decides to use that for acting classes, she can go for it, but until then she’s going to have to drive her own dreams. (I’m assuming she’s an adult).

  4. Blue of course. No doubt.
    Question, dear Prudence: are doing some kind of survey under the guise of an innocent question? A new algorithm, perhaps? That will predict election results and the world price of corn? πŸ™‚

      1. I stand corrected. Cake it is. Only Theresa May(be) would say: “I want to have my corn and eat it.” (Junker and Merkel have already said no. They have good interpreters.

  5. Blue pill. If the family business works out then I can put extra towards acting school if she still wants. Either she will understand that its the family’s money or she’s too selfish by half. And needs to be told it, too.

  6. Blue Pill! With oodles of advice to my Daughter. Parenting is not about money, as long as she is taken care of, that’s all she needs. Oh and loved of course.
    If I spent the cash on her dream, seeing as she cannot hope to accomplish that dream, not only will the cash be gone, but she’ll be heartbroken.
    I’d not encourage her to pursue acting anyway, as it’s a very egotistical business to be in. And she’ll never know whether she has friends for who she really is, or to be in the ‘world of groupies, who’ll drop her like a hot cake, when her 15mins are over ‘.
    More….she’ll also believe that if thousands adore her, that is happiness, never knowing or feeling the happiness within. Uh uh, not showbiz. Been there, done it, and thank myself I left!

  7. Blue Pill without a doubt. I don’t think my daughter will make a big fuss if the situation was explained to her – minus the part that she has no talent for acting, of course! Besides, if the business takes off, everyone will benefit, by which time, she may have changed her mind about acting and wants to become an events planner instead.

  8. Haha…now that’s a tough one….can’t really imagine what I would do in such a situation…after all, where emotions get involved, doesn’t logic go outta the window???

  9. Blue Pill. Put the money in the business and grow it. If the daughter’s heart is set on acting, she will find a way to pay for the cost of study. Proving that she has commitment, drive and focus might change your mind, but it doesn’t sound like she’s there yet. Part of becoming an adult is entering into a world where even if the cards are stacked against you or you don’t have the money you need to pursue your dream (right now), you work and save to get what you want. Passion is an amazing force. Plus it’s a better life lesson that will serve in so many more ways than someone just giving you the money. So, definitely Blue Pill.

      1. Hope I’m not seeming overly serious, but I think there are precious few people in life that someone can depend on.
        I like the attitude and approach you expressed on your About page. It strongly conflicts with what you said here, in my opinion.
        Feel free to stop by my weblog and give me some honest feedback. πŸ™‚

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