Is This How You’ll Be Getting To Work Soon?!!

Wecome to the future!

When this first came out a lot of people across the net thought it was fake. It’s very real! The flying hoverboard is designed by Franky Zapata of Zapata Racing (who makes the water based version also). It had been in development for 4 years when he took it out for it’s first test run.

It has 4 x 250 horsepower engines and the intention was to create something that could make a man fly despite being so small. He wanted it to operate without helicoptery bits or a large jet backpack that indeed people would think it was not possible and it was a hoax.

He succeeded.

Next Zapata is talking about flying for longer lengths and flying cloud high. He is musing about  government and safety clearances…so who knows??!!

You thought your car insurance was high? Imagine the insurance on this baby! 😯

Plus I look forward to seeing it scooped up for the next James Bond movie.

Your Thoughts?

Perhaps we’ll see you literally dropping the kids off on the school run? 😯 Shopping?


31 thoughts on “Is This How You’ll Be Getting To Work Soon?!!

    1. Chicken! ‘Boocarp!’ <—that's the noise chickens make if you're wondering.

      Now you've got my silly brain going off …Why are chickens used to make fun of people who are scared of stuff anyways?
      They don't appear more scared than any other bird. Why not pigeon!?
      In fact why 'scaredy cat?' why not 'scaredy dog?' WHAT IS WRONG WITH HUMANITY??!!!

  1. The hover board as a means of transport has been illustrated in the Back To The Future movie trilogy. it’s a fun concept and hopefully, it’ll be a much improved version for use by folks of all ages.

      1. LOL. You never know.Aside from wearing a helmet and shoe straps over the hover board,who knows? It might even have a nailed-in chair to sit on as well.It’ll be senior friendly as well.

  2. Doomed to be a novelty item. People have enough trouble navigating skate boards. Even with advanced automatic stability controls I foresee problems. Then there is the noise pollution aspect and fuel runtime issues.

    Still – VERY VERY COOL !

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