Shocking Video

the insanity of humanity lg


The video depicts what appears to be a re-occurring theme of the typical treatment of African maids who are forced to work in the Gulf States.


The video can be seen here.


When / if you view it, let me know what it makes you think or feel, because whilst it’s shocking I’m not surprised by it…which is not a good thing.

And just so you know, the dialogue is something along the lines of

‘Help me! Help me!’

‘Get up you crazy woman.’

What Say You?

Where do we file this one?

30 thoughts on “Shocking Video

  1. I had read about this incident and did not have the strength to view it till now…and it sent a shudder through my body….
    But, here’s my point…we “(in)humans” have been doing this to people who are weaker than us, for time immemorial…and not just to maids from Africa…I keep reading of enough such incidents here in India…its just that now, thanks to social media, we are getting it to see it on our phones while sipping coffee…So, here’s my question…does this increase awareness and help improve the condition of the downtrodden…or, does it give ideas in the head of similar sadists to try new methods of torture?
    I feel its a mix of both…what do you say, Aunt Ed?

    1. I think it’s both dear nephew. As they say ‘there is nothing new under the sun’ just our ability to watch it whilst sipping coffee as you say. You only have to read the bible for a record of longterm sadism.
      If only Cain and Abel had I-Phones eh?

  2. I understand what you mean by ‘they’ poaching off Africa, taking people who are largely illiterate, so of course, where else to take the ‘slaves’ from…and then the worry of ‘how will these women make money?,,,,.but…I believe that IF the African people were made aware of the fate that awaits them, at the hands of these bastards, they’d go to South Africa (where thousands have already gone), to find work there. It’s the ‘promise of big money’, that lures the unsuspecting African Women to these places. I also don’t feel that any kind of justice is metered out to these evil cruel people, who are, in essence trading in Slavery and unspeakable brutality towards these poor women. So, yes, they should be warned about going anywhere NEAR the Middle East. Less money is better than what they are put through by these barbarians daily. They only have to shown what could happen to them, and they won’t go. I believe there is always an alternative means, always…No one has to accept cruelty.

    1. I totally agree, but who is going to warn them without the income they get from saving them exceeding the income they get from turning a blind eye?
      Slavery, starvation, wars…all down to money.

      1. That’s it. Money, Fear and Greed. I remain with head in sand and butt in air…

  3. Been there, done that. I was at a hotel (in Eilat) which was billed as accessible. 2.5 hours waiting for the lift, when The Husband went and found the freight elevator. I have lots of stories, including sitting out on the sidewalk while people shopped for me inside stores. It’s just the way it is (today). More videos like this one help.

    1. It’s changing slowly but surely over here. I often think about how people with physical disabilities feel about the able bodied world they inhabit, particularly little people who constantly have to ask for help reaching for things or pressing buttons.

  4. It’s so appalling, so evil, so cruel, and yet, it happens to these poor unsuspecting women who come from Africa (mostly Northern African Countries,like Congo etc) who’s families are starving. They are lured there with stories of HUGE paychecks, (which don’t get given in reality), trying to feed their families. I’ve seen videos of the treatment of them, worse than this. I’m continuously shocked and vomit sick over the extreme Violence, hatred and horror in this World. I therefore, remain like an Ostrich. Bum in the Air, head buried. The Americans are worried about TRUMP?? What about the atrocities going on with people who go and work in the Middle East? Vomit….too much actually…May her precious Soul rest in Peace.

      1. whaaat?? Only to go through more of the same horror no doubt! And of course, there’s NO justice. Sickening. There should be huge bill boards warning people of the ‘trade’ of slaves that still goes on….

      2. Then how would certain people make any money? Honestly if ‘they’ were to stop poaching off Africa all round how would ‘they’ continue to make money?

        And yes I thought the same. She survived. Good. …And then?

  5. I’m sorry but I can’t watch it. I know it will make me cry. Unfortunately it is all to common an occurrence in many parts of the world (I say that having not watched the clip but guessing from what you’ve written what happens in it).

    1. I would guess that it would defy your wildest imagination, but yeah don’t watch it, you need a fairly strong stomach. Having watched it myself, you reach a point where there’s nothing to say anymore. You have no words.

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