Cute Dog Helps Young Boy Find His Swagger!

This is Carter Blanchard from Arkansas USA. He developed vitiligo, a skin condition that gradually makes the skin lose pigment. He is 8 years old and his skin started changing whilst at school. The young ‘in was feeling very bad about himself and had told his mother that he hated his face and hated the way he looked.

That was until he met…Rowdy!

Rowdy was rocking the same look! He developed vitiligo the same year as Carter and the two met up and became the best of buds. Rowdy is a thirteen year old pure black labrador who showed Carter that 1. he was no longer isolated and 2. the vitiligo thing… it ain’t no big deal!

Carter’s mother says that no one else could have got this message through to her son to make him feel better about himself but Rowdy. πŸ™‚

Rowdy for president!

31 thoughts on “Cute Dog Helps Young Boy Find His Swagger!

  1. Wow! He is a cute dog and it’s so nice he can help that little boy (who also looks like a darling) feel more comfortable in his own skin.

      1. Duke. In Cormorant, MInnesota. Had to be Minnesota. (Just checked). If I remember “Fargo”, their brain freezes 8 months out of ten. No offense to Minnesotans, bien sΓ»r. πŸ™‚
        (My ESTA just expired. This type of comment is not going to help renewal) πŸ™‚

      2. Well, if it’s positive, it probably is greatly overstated. If it is negative, likely nowhere near the truth. πŸ™‚ (I am not a person of interest to the IRS, am I?) πŸ˜‰

      3. Well, there was your admission in the starting of a variety of African wars back in the day and now your Minnesotan remark…and now you mention the IRS…anything you want to tell me about this concern, privately of course on a public blog?

      4. Well an intelligent person would hardly stick around would they? How many of the elite send THEIR kids to fight for someone else’s oil or stand there in the front line ready to rumble? No, they’re off playing golf. No…I got your number sir.

        Should you call your solicitor?

      5. Lol! πŸ˜€ I know a guy yes. He’s not strictly a lawyer but he says he can help you. It’s weird though I can only contact him at certain times in a day and for a restricted amount of time. I think he’s in some sort of de-tox camp or something and doesn’t want to take on too much extra work at the moment. The names Bernard Madoff.

      6. I thought orange was? <—Gosh, this is actually a very clever answer if I may say so myself! It has many comeback / reply possibilities. I am most anxious to see which route you might take Stillwell.

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