This Little Guy Dares You Not To Fall In Love With Him…

…So I’m minding my own business surfing on the net when I came across something very special.

It contained tiny balls of fur falling about, rolling, standing in their food, wrassling and scuttling everywhere… I started watching and as time was ticking by I resized the page and stuck it in the right hand corner of the desktop 27 incher…so I could (conceivably) carry on working…that seems like weeks or months ago now…and I’m still watching!

My new addiction is called Kitten Academy. A 24 hour live streaming of a cat foster home where you can watch kittens get born and grow into fine young kitten men and women and ‘graduate’ from the Academy once adopted.
Trust me when I say no description can do it justice. You have to go there for yourself and have your tiny hearts broken by these blessed creatures.

Tell them The Ed sent you! πŸ™‚

You will arrive at a good time where a Superstar Kitten called Charlie was recently adopted (so you missed his graduation – a very beautiful bittersweet affair!) but a Momcat named Angel has just given birth to ‘the fishes.’ Fishes? You’ll understand eventually!

I decided to seek out the headmaster of the scholarly establishment to get some behind the scenes information…

See the whole story HERE.

21 thoughts on “This Little Guy Dares You Not To Fall In Love With Him…

  1. Now who’s the evil one… Sigh… I’m a sucker for these live feed thingys.. I’ve also been watching April the Giraffe, waiting with the rest of the world for her new “Little” bundle to arrive… What’s one more time waster right?? You got me this time!!

  2. Too freaken cute for words! This is real life, love and innocence in it’s truest form…thanks for sharing x x

      1. No, nothing sent to me my darling….no rush, when whomever is ready, I look forward to the info that’s coming! x x

      1. On another, sadder plane of existence, I understand you live not in London, so I assume you are safe. I hope no relations or friends of yours have been affected. (Though, I don’t know why, I feel all casualties suddenly become relations of mine) 😦

      2. Only meaning that probably like you I’ve lived in quite a few places and feel attached to those places emotionally…they were my home. So the 9/11 thing for example was just as jarring for me as any London thing.

      3. Absolutely. I spent months in NY after Grad school. 9/11 hit me like a New Yorker. I’ve been to London many times. I am a Londoner… Honestly: screw those bastards. They remind me 40 years later of the PLO terrorist attacks in Europe, ships, planes, Munich… So easy against civilians. But they can’t face real soldiers. Cowards.

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