60 thoughts on “Men, Men, Men!

  1. Haha… Oh my, you crack me up. Yes, it is a bit different, but isn’t it catchy?? Ha… Enjoy, I hope it doesn’t interfere too much with your work today… *snicker, snicker* I’m off to find more good “Tune Finds” πŸ˜‰

    1. So here’s another. Your tentacles are everywhere. I wake up sometimes and go ‘Play the track? Nooooo I daren’t, the schedule’s crazy today.’

      Been doing that for a few days. So what happens? I click on an innocent looking link and an Ed Sheeran ad comes on ‘Shape of You!’…Aaaaagh! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!
      And I notice that it’s not even the Sheeran version you have put forth so I have THREE vids to watch now as I haven’t even heard HIS version (apart from the few seconds!)
      Aaaaagh! Set me free from these chains! πŸ˜€

  2. I would not have laughed at this a couple of decades ago, but now in the 4th decade, I also laugh at the concept (that is still promoted in the wider media) of women being made to feel as though they need to define themselves via their marriages/relationships/status as sex objects.

  3. Second once asked me if being a phone man is a good paying job. I replied, “It bought my ex a beautiful house and expensive car.” Men… Are we stupid or what?

      1. I meant to type Someone once asked me.. Clumsy fingers and texting while driving… Sorry

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