Introduce Yourself Here To Other Bloggers And Grow Your Audience!

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So I’d been thinking since I began 11 months agoΒ about how I could help ‘serious’ bloggers grow their audience as quickly as I did. Y’all know how passionate I am about making a good living from blogging already. Hobby bloggers are most welcome but I do love my ‘hustle’ bloggers and people who believe in community building with their fellow bloggers.

I started doing Blogging Tips and then I wanted to offer online events that could help boost folks’ audiences. I had quite a few in mind but a busy schedule put paid to getting them up and running last year. But now…here is the first! Feel free to use this post to say hi and introduce yourself to other bloggers. Add links to your books, your poems, your enterprises.

This Post Is Yours!

Have at it! If you have a social network, share this post as now you are on the list, each share spreads (Y)OUR reach even further!

Watering A Plant Once Won’t Keep It Alive!

And remember, like any living, growing thing, your network requires a number of elements all working together. This is only one part of it. No one (who is sane) feeds a baby once or intermittently and says, ‘Right that’s me done for 18 years!’ Or feeds a toddler engine oil and expects it to walk better. Do the right things at the right frequencies repeatedly and let the magic happen! You’re already on the best blogging platform, WordPress and you can also join my Bloggers Caucus and open yourself up to a host of things that can make a real difference to your blogging: Tips, earning, networking, social shares…and most of all FUN… if it’s not fun, why bother? πŸ™‚

957 thoughts on “Introduce Yourself Here To Other Bloggers And Grow Your Audience!

  1. Hello! This is the sweetest idea ever :’)

    I run a poetry/short story/writing blog that has work based on real life experiences and I’d really love for you’ll to check it out πŸ™‚

  2. Hi everyone. I’m here basically on a tip from my friend OM. I’ve been on a sabbatical of sorts and I’m glad to be back in the saddle. Come on over to my place and have a look around. I’m anxious to head out and look around for new followers as well as new folks to follow… so, here I go………

  3. I’m visiting at OM’s suggestion and because I’ve also been looking for new blogs, different from mine. Call me whatchoolike, but I’m interested in stuff more than what I write about…. Glad to have found you. Perhaps you want to check out

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. Gosh, I came to this party late, oops. I’ve just come back to my blog this week after a kind of haitus (uni and all). Big love to The Editor’s Journal though!

    The title of my blog kind of explains it’s content really. Girl in her twenties writing about anything and everything that concerns her. If that’s something you’d like to read, hit me up πŸ™‚

  5. Hello!! πŸ‘‹πŸ» Nice to meet you. 😊 I blog as pinkpearbear about the joys & triumphs of parenting! Ok ok fine, there is a lot of the snot, tantrums & wine drinking in there too! Although my blog is generally humour based, I do have a serious side too & cover less amusing topics as well. Oh and of course, all types of cake also play a big part! 🍰

      1. Oh how strange! I’m not sure why, I don’t think I have any privacy settings, my other account however, The Caked Crusader, is top secret. Whoops! πŸ˜‰ (That is actually a brilliant name, I may have to use that for my helping posts! πŸ˜€ )

      1. Sorry…Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center) I can make just about any size you want. Just tell me the size and I get back to you with a quote πŸ™‚ There’s a funny story that goes with the Sedona tree.

      2. Traveling way up in the hills of Sedona on a very narrow 2 lane road in a rental car when I spot an area I want to photograph. Spouse had to drive along a bit and find a place to turn around, then find a place to safely park and wait for me as I bounded off into unknown (for me anyway) nature to find this tree. He had no idea where I was; just hoped I wasn’t doing anything to get myself in trouble πŸ™‚

  6. Hello everyone! I’m Bryanna, and I have been slowly (very slowly) been building up my travel blog! I have two main goals for my page: to provide advice/answer questions about studying and traveling abroad, and to document my own adventures! πŸ™‚ If anyone has the time to swing by, I would love some feedback, and I will be sure to return the favor! Cheers x

  7. Hi Everyone! I am RollingBlogger!!! I have been blogging for a little over a year now and my site has been improving over time. I have a lot of inspirational, some comical, some opinionated posts on my site. Feel free to drop in any time and see what I am up to. Leave a comment on something and I will come check out your site as well.

  8. Thanks for all the tips and thank you so much for the recent Follow! I’m Marina, my blog is called Confessions of a 20-Something. The title pretty much explains the content, just another 20-something girl trying to navigate post-grad life.

  9. Hi, seems I too am a tad late commenting on this post, but what the hell.

    I started blogging sporadically many months ago, but never took it seriously until now. I’d like to really develop it into a place people will find homely and interesting.

    It’s a mix of my academic ventures, charity work (soon to be blogged about), photography, beauty. I would say an all round lifestyle blog.

    I’ll be revamping it soon and I’d love to hear opinions (I’ll start a post for it soon).


  10. I may be a little late on this post, but…Hello my name is Julia and I just started blogging a couple weeks ago. I started writing because I recently found a new passion for writing. I’m currently an undergrad student and before changing my major to Journalism, I was a sociology student that found deep interest in writing articles, informing people, and sharing with people what I know and like.

    I hope to soon reach a wide range of audience and get my blog read by hundreds!

    Check out my blog at:



  11. Oh well…let me join in too. Hi Guys/Gals and yes everyone who loves reading and being a part of the bloggers world. I am Savio Paes, Indian…yes. My name is Italian and my surname (originally PAIS) Portuguese ….and myself 100% Indian. I blog about… well…nothing in particular. I blog because I love to write… so basically rambling. I love writing stories (incomplete ones)… where you keep people hanging not knowing what happened next ..those being my favorites. Feedback is always welcome, positive would make me happy, negative…a tad sad but more happier coz that will only help me improve. So do take time to visit the ‘theextraaamile’

  12. I’m Hanna, at I just started this blog (like last week) to give myself an edge after job interviews. Yes, I am on the job hunt! My blog is supposed to let my hiring managers know me better even after I leave the interview.
    Anyways, my blog has things related to the lab, pharmaceuticals, but it shows myself as well. I like funny, I like to laugh. I am NOT a writer, neither do I intend to be. Come by if you want!

  13. Hey everyone,

    This is gonna sound really cliche but I hope i’m not late to post here …First off, i’d like to thank The Journal for giving us underdogs the opportunity to introduce ourselves to other bloggers πŸ˜€

    I started my blog last year, and it has evolved considerably ever since I started….not only has my writing changed but I’ve met some really lovely people…My blog mainly focusses on poetry among other things; i’d like to believe my style of writing is quite different from a lot of poets I know, because that’s what I aim for…originality.

    Give me a visit sometime, i’ll be sure to do the same.

  14. Hi everyone! I’m Coral Swimming from Swimming Without the Manual. It is a blog about going with the flow of raising kids. I started it about a month ago and write about my experience raising kids. Although the events I write about are particular to my family, the topics are common to parenting in general. It is not a “this-is-how-you-should-do-it” blog, but more like this was my experience in this situation, please share yours.

    I thrive on comments and the interaction between reader and writer. Please, come check out my site! I would love to hear your opinion.

    Comment! Like! Share! Thank you!!

  15. Hello all you lovely bloggers,

    I am Devyani and I am an Chartered Accountant in India by profession. Thank you to Editors Journal for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself on this platform. To be honest to you all, I don’t know what made me start writing or rather pouring my emotions into this blog. One fine day I had an idea and started to write. I have rather enjoyed it, my guess is that my head was exploding with various emotions/opinions/feelings and I have found an outlet to free myself of them. I came to this website,saw these many talented bloggers and how wonderfully they express what they do. It’s beautiful and it blew my mind. I want to be one of you all, get to know you πŸ™‚ Hope you let me be a part of your wonderful journey. Check out my blog if you think its worth you time πŸ˜€

    Looking forward to hear(oooopsss..sorry read πŸ™‚ from you all,

  16. Hi! I’m Toni-ann. I just started a blog this week so I really am winging this. I love to babble about all my tv and pop culture obsessions. Always looking for new people to talk about this stuff with!

    Please check me out. And if anyone has suggestions about if I should do anything differently I’d love to hear them πŸ™‚

  17. Hi World!
    I’m Shelby, plain and tall πŸ˜‰
    I just started my blog a month or two ago, so I’m very new to the blogging world. I basically use it as a journal of my life and a place to expand on random thoughts. I’m always looking for ways to make my blog better, so I’m glad I stumbled upon this blog! Great to see what others do with their blogs πŸ™‚ Have a great day, yall!

  18. Love, Grub, and Travel is my mantra. People are always trying to find a reason to believe we are different, but I believe we are more alike than we all realize. I like to try to blog about human interest stories that highlights how are various cultures are connected through; HISTORY, ART, and FOOD.

    Im new to the blog world, but I hope I can stick around for a bit and connect with you all.

  19. Hi everyone. Nice to meet you. Thank you for the opportunity to say hello. We are two sisters collaborating on our blog and a YA book series with a mission statement of empowerment. There’s drama, action, mystery, and last but not least, light and dark forces. We look forward to exploring your blog posts. Hope to see you around πŸ™‚

  20. Hello everyone, we are the brains behind runawaynunsandleprechauns. We are a wannabe writer and poet and her editor in chief/better half. Our blog is about four months old and we are truly enjoying this experience. We share poetry, stories, riddles, concerns and random thoughts almost daily. We even occasionally jump into one of the many controversial discussions and issues going on in society. Feel free to stop by and give us a browse. These “promote yourself’ opportunities give us a chance to meet and greet folks we’d otherwise never get to know… thank you Journal!

  21. I go by “She Traces” on the blog, or Trace, or just She. My blog is called “Globe tracer,” and although it’s primarily about my wander lust, I write about all aspects of my life. I write about my current life which is a young professional working as a speech language pathologist, my passions which include traveling, writing, and self-development. I also write about my road through improved mental health and dealing with depression and anxiety. I am an immigrant, a god-mother, and soon to be 30 something!
    One thing I don’t do anymore is connect with new bloggers, and I get kind of sad when people come and go, as they tend to do with blogging. I’ve been blogging for 4 years, and I don’t intend to stop unless I start focusing more time on this book I’m trying to publish!
    Stop by and say hello!

  22. Hey everyone!
    I am a writer (well of course) and I write for three magazines in addition to my own blog. My blog has been nominated for the most creative versatile award. Yeah I’m not bragging, this is because my blog really is versatile. I like DIY, Anime, Arts and Crafts, Music, Movies, Manga and thoughtful articles etc. and that’s exactly what you’ll find on my blog.
    I also try to keep in tough with my fellow bloggers and comment and like and visit their blogs very often. After all, that’s what we’re here for. Do pay a visit sometime:

  23. This is very very late but I’ll still have a go
    My name is Motola and I write about social issues, inspiration, poetry and some other random stuff. For me, writing a blog is really brave because I used to be a wallflower. I’m learning how to express myself unapologetically and it’s so wonderful.
    I’d appreciate it if you checked out my blog! Comments are welcome πŸ™‚
    Thank you.

  24. Wow! Missing out.. Never too late I guess, okay I’m Olayisade, been here a while but never taken blogging serious, gave up a couple of times, but now the Doc is back.. Your blog is amazing, been caught up reading so many lovely stuffs, I’m starving for your tips.. πŸ˜€
    A doctor, lover, writer, upcoming yogi, soon to be father.. I write about my life, short stories (fiction and non fiction) got loads of material I’m scared to post..😭 poetry, self development, and bits I pick along the path through life. Whew! Yeah so there you have.. Check me out, drop comments and let’s ride. ThanksπŸ™ŒπŸ™

    1. No! Don’t be scared! Choose one. Take a deep breath and post. It gets easier. Promise.

      Join in the community and get folk to support you and it will feel even better.
      And don’t give up again! ‘Changing the world’ requires at least a regular blog! πŸ™‚

  25. Hi everyone. I’m Emma and I’m a rooky blogger. My blog – Em’s Way to Go – concentrates on how to cope when injury compromises your exercise regime. I broke a boot in my foot 9 weeks ago which means I can’t go running!

  26. hi everyone, my name is Sylvia and I stared a blog years ago about my paper crafting, but now it’s evolved more into a journal about my life, ie travels ms big events really. I hope everyone is doing well!

  27. Hi, I’m Moses and I’m late to the party. Too much gibberish happening online these days. Oh well. I write on many subjects, usually concentrating my thoughts on (existential) philosophy, theology, religion, ethics, human relationships, ethics of love, etc. I studied theology, philosophy and biblical languages at Whitworth University. I will be studying moral philosophy and theology at Emory University this fall.
    Visit my blog if you like Soren Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Schleiermacher, or me (!).

  28. HI!! LOVE your blog btw! So glad I found it because it’s just what I needed to hear. I am new to blogging, I’ve been wanting to start for so long because I’m always told how funny I am but was scared my sense of humor wouldn’t be appreciated 😦 Anywho, my name is Kee and my blog is called TheLWorde ( Advocate of self love, love for others, and love of life, some through humor and some inspirational; my focus is to create a place where people can come to relate to real life problems whether its intimate relationships, friendships, family, etc. Promoter of Girl Power! If you guys get a chance check it out for? I love finding new blogs so
    I’ll probably
    more than likely
    9 times out of 10, be following on some of yours πŸ™‚

  29. I’m probably late for this. but I’ll just talk anyways.


    Now that i think of it, I have no idea what to type here.

    So here’s a haiku.

    One mic

    An audience in front

    Now talk.


    : )

  30. I am the Dad of Frankenstein. And I’ve created a monster.

    If you’re tired of parenting blogs that take themselves too seriously, check out

    Here is an excerpt:

    ‘Frankie’s shrieking is no longer a reactionary response to being tired, or hot/cold, or uncomfortable. It is now used as a beacon for attention. And it grows more and more powerful each day. She will sit there and let rip with all magnitudes of squeals and wails, until we get men in black suits from the military turning up at our door claiming they’ve just recorded a small object breaking the sound barrier, at the exact co-ordinates of the Jungle Gym on our lounge room floor.’

  31. Hi folks!
    I am Polina – a founder at food startup between San Francisco and Berlin. I write about food, tech and startup life. In case you want to find out how being an entrepreneur changed my life and nutrition, would be happy to see you on my blog!


  32. Am I too late for this meet and greet started in Feb? Anyway, better late than never.

    I am Alka and my blog name is Magnanimous Word.

    The URL continues in my name, it needs to change but till then…

    Here you will find my completely original poems, articles, random views, stories, anything – but my focus is on inspiring others through my words as well as deriving general philosophy of good life in every possible angle.

    Well, I started this blog last year but did not contribute to it for the whole year. Only around three months ago I came back with renewed interest and have been writing a lot while still learning about this blogging business. I never knew it is business but now I know though still believe it should not be so.
    I need your support. Please read my write ups and suggest or comment if you can. I will do the same.

    Thanks to the wonderful site ‘The Editor’s Journal’ for giving us a chance to introduce ourselves.

  33. Hey everyone. I’m Pete. Outside of family/friends, my two loves are soccer and helping people.

    My blog is principally about self-improvement. I’ve been writing it for about a year. For the most part, I use it as a checks and balances system for myself. I’ve been happy to get more readers in the past few months but I think I’d keep doing it if one person read. The blog is called “Fill Your Boots” because it was a continuation of my book.

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