Back Soon!

eyesSorry guys…having mucho problems with my eyesΒ  at the moment and can’t answer comments or visit my fave bloggers. I have some great blogging posts coming up including borrowing me for an upcoming Blog Surgery to ask any question about blogging or your specific blog in particular that might help you, all coming soon, eyes permitting!

See you all hopefully soon.

48 thoughts on “Back Soon!

  1. My dearest (anonymous) friend. Ever so sorry to hear that. Eyes are soooo important. I wish you a prompt recovery. Do take the necessary time off the computer to get back to a 100%. Yours ever, Reginald.

    1. Lol you know that isn’t possible! I came back at 70% ish ready – but that’s okay ish!

      I was pottering yesterday and remembered we hadn’t jousted for a while and was coming to check in / visit.

      Now you have visited moi, you’re going on the back burner as v busy today. (Don’t worry I’ll turn the burner down slightly to 8!)


      1. 70% is better than 50%. But don’t strain your eyes, please. Are you following all doctor’s orders? (on’t know why I suddenly thought you might be a terrible patient!) πŸ˜‰
        Get well soon, Daphne.

      2. Lol. Well I just watched Florence Foster Jenkins and it reminded me of our quaint relationship Reginald! πŸ˜€

        And yes she is wonderful isn’t she.
        Did you hear that they found some old footage of him saying how great /talented she is?

      3. Florence Foster Jenkins? The one who couldn’t sing? πŸ™‚
        And old footage of the twit contradicting himself? He doesn’t care. He is the ultimate Narcissist.

      4. These are weird times dear Reg. ‘I was hacked and spied on! Bad sick man!’ (i.e Obama) …Silence. No evidence with the accusation.

        And yes, it’s a great little movie. Fabulous acting turns from everyone including Ms Streep.

      5. Made a note of the movie. About the rest, we used to have to Twilight Zone, now we have Alternate Reality. Cross my eyes. I swear. Or was it cross my heart?

  2. Aah sorry Madam Ed, get better soon. If you can’t read this post, it’s so fine. Just wanted to send you love and courage x x

      1. now that’s what I love, see? You’re all heart, soul with the strength of a Warrior! Madam Ed Rocks!

      1. Just know that I had back surgery many years ago and every once and a while my back gets inflammed (from sittingLol too long at the computer!!!) and I need to stay in bed for a minimum of 7 days until it gets better. That means that there’s no curfew breaking and pretty much a very tough 7 days. So you have my full! empathy. The important thing is that your eyes are better and that is great.

    1. Thanks Ellen. It was the most hideous dry eye so it was like a ton of grit in both eyes followed swiftly by days of vertigo and all that comes with that. Both of which meant that my eyelids didn’t want to open much at all. The strangest affliction. But then if I insist on being glued to a computer…

      1. Lol. They’re just looking at everything excitedly! Isn’t it funny how we take them for granted though because normally they just work, beavering away for us in silence. πŸ™‚

        Anyone who has them in good working nick is blessed to have them.

      2. Totally…the best thing about being sick is the reminder of how great we have it when we are healthy. :))

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